Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome To Palestine

These are parts of an article by the famous Robert Fisk from the Independent saying much of what i wanted to say...

How troublesome the Muslims of the Middle East are. First, we demand that the Palestinians embrace democracy and then they elect the wrong party - Hamas - and then Hamas wins a mini-civil war and presides over the Gaza Strip. And we Westerners still want to negotiate with the discredited President, Mahmoud Abbas. Today "Palestine" - and let's keep those quotation marks in place - has two prime ministers. Welcome to the Middle East.


No one asked - on our side - which particular Israel Hamas was supposed to recognise. The Israel of 1948? The Israel of the post-1967 borders? The Israel which builds - and goes on building - vast settlements for Jews and Jews only on Arab land, gobbling up even more of the 22 per cent of "Palestine" still left to negotiate over ?


And so today, we are supposed to talk to our faithful policeman, Mr Abbas, the "moderate" (as the BBC, CNN and Fox News refer to him) Palestinian leader, a man who wrote a 600-page book about Oslo without once mentioning the word "occupation", who always referred to Israeli "redeployment" rather than "withdrawal", a "leader" we can trust because he wears a tie and goes to the White House and says all the right things. The Palestinians didn't vote for Hamas because they wanted an Islamic republic - which is how Hamas's bloody victory will be represented - but because they were tired of the corruption of Mr Abbas's Fatah and the rotten nature of the "Palestinian Authority".


So what will we do? Support the reoccupation of Gaza perhaps? Certainly we will not criticise Israel. And we shall go on giving our affection to the kings and princes and unlovely presidents of the Middle East until the whole place blows up in our faces and then we shall say - as we are already saying of the Iraqis - that they don't deserve our sacrifice and our love.



Anonymous said...

فى الوقت الحالى كل الفلسطينيين متفقين على ان حماس هم اللى ممكن يصلحوا الوضع بالنسبة لهم وده راى الجميع والحكومة الموجودة ماهى الا حكومة عملا
وكلا الجانبيين اسرائيل والحكومة الفلسطينية كلاهما بيعملوا على الايقاع بحماس باى طريقة بس حماس معاها التاييد الشعبى
وده ان شاء الله كافى انه يقلب الموازين

Fadfadation said...

I wish you are right.

But the odds are too many against them :(

Even Egypt's gov. are against them :(