Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Football: Zamalek Beaten by Rivals Al Ahli 4-3

Yesterday Al Zamalek football club lost in an agonizing game against rivals Al Ahli 4-3.

Just a few comments:

  • Everyone (including myself) thought Al Ahli with his fully loaded team would wipe the Zamalek out. Actually, most of Zamalkaweya hoped they didn't score a high score during beating us. But i have to say.... we did very well!
  • The Second equalizer by al Ahli in the last minutes of the original time ( min 88 i think), reminded me of Al Ahli team back in the late 80s early 90s....they ALWAYS USED TO SCORE IN THE LAST MINUTES! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeef!
  • I can't believe it that for 3 times in the game we take the lead and then we loss it, mish momken el fa23 dah!!!!!!!!!
  • Tarek El Said (Zamalek left winger) SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! i never saw a player step on the ball while running 3 times in one match!
  • Zamalek seems to have some very good young players i never heard of before (El Safti, Ahmed Ghanem although he sucks in defence).
  • Al Ahli were on fire...which is the usual (to the extent of BORING!).
  • I am sick and tired of Ahlawiya bragging! and i am sure Al Ahli will break down very soon. Becuase when you are ma3'roor (air head) God will not leave you like this for a long time.... faaa maa tefra7oosh fena 2awy keda wee ta3melolna fyha abu 3adalaat... lol :)
  • Bravo Ahli :)

The bright side of all this....

If Zamalek team keep playing like they did yesterday, i think we have a good chance of winning a trophy next season ISA.

There seems to be hope :)

Mood: Maf2oo3 min tadee3 el fooz!


Ra3d said...

u r right, i was amazed by the result yesterday. seems Zamalek is very soon back on track,, the typics curve of everything in this life is applaicable again in soccer. up, down, then up again.
i guess u zamalkaweya deserve a mbrok for the rise :)

Fadfadation said...

I'll hold on to my horses till i actually see a win...then i will really celibrate :)

Bas there seems to be a rise coming ISA :)

greyscale said...

all in all, it was the best match i've seen in a long time.

congrats to ahly and thanks to zamalek for being such a tough opposing team.

Fadfadation said...

Bas kaanet na2sa el zamalek howa ely yefooz...

Ma-3lina said...

The match was very powerful especially from zamalk side " I'm zamlkwia" and that was the best match ever for us since long time

about ahli bragging fa it's become like sickness or something and one day they will realize that they r not that good

liked ur notes on the match

Fadfadation said...

Merci :)