Sunday, August 19, 2007

Akhbar Al Youm WebSite... Disgraceful!

Check this out...

Last week ( i think it was Wednesday) i was logging on to Akhbar Al Youm newspaper website (second biggest news agency in Egypt and one of the biggest in the Arab world), and then BANG!

I was hit by a virus (downloader virus).
I thought maybe it was another Site. So, i clean my machine and forgot about it.

Second day (Thursday) same story again and SLAM! another virus!

I noticed they had a virus on their mainpage!!!!!!!!!! lol
So, in other words... our second biggest news agency has a virus for (at least) two days on its mainpage and they did nothing about it.

To add more fun to this, i tried and Googling (typed "Akhbar Al Youm") for their website page and got this result...

"This Site may harm your computer"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disgraceful!!! yala Al 3aaaaaaaaaar!

Mood: Ashamed :(

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nousha said...

what a shame !