Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog Anniversary… My 1st year :)

Well, well, well...what do you know! It has been a year already.

On a day like today, on the 27th of August 2006 I decided to enter the blogging world.
It all started with this post: The Beginning

Now, a year has past. With 14,849 Internet visitors and 140 posts (including this one), my blog is still out there.

During this first year, visitors' favorite post has been My Friends And Girl Scandals!! (I never thought people would like it that much).

Now, the blog scene…

I entered this blogging world with no idea who or what I will face.
After a few encounters and searching about within the Egyptian blog scene (thinking I will find a lot of people who think like me), I found out that I am almost alone.

People who think like me don't seem to be part of the Egyptian blogging world.

There are about 1,600 Egyptian blogs out there, and for almost a year I couldn't find a blog with the same directions, interests or way of thought that match mine. But over time, I found a couple.

When I started reading blogs, I was all over the place. I was reading blogs that offended me or blogs that were ridiculous (to say the least).

After a few months, I sort of cocooned into a comfort zone. That zone consists of the blogs or bogglers I connect to and like reading for.
This zone has been in constant change, yet for a while now it has been static.

My comfort zone is as follows:

K - One of my real life best friends. We have a lot in common when it comes to our view about life. He is far away now in another continent starting up his dream. I miss the guy :(

Ra3d - Arashanation club member, outgoing, contradicting, passionate (emotional), angry, charity oriented, very active, moody, … and much more!!!! I have rarely seen or heard about people like her.

MAK - Arashanation club member, exactly like my real life friends. I ask again: "haven't we meet before?" :) (which reminds me, hows your friend Radwa ya Medhat? Nihahaha! Arashanation in the works!).

Jgoe\Gjoe & Nesrina - We seem to be on the same page entirely (how a muslim should view things). I am really please that there are Muslim women like them out there on the blogsphere.

Sara Scripts - reminds me of my school friends (mish 3aref leeh!). I feel that I listen to her blog, not read it (howa da el i7sas belzabt).

Juka - The novelist with a very joyful spirit. I like how she thinks and how she expresses herself.

Nousha - El mosakafa! A passionate Muslim girl that loves cultural events. Following\attending Culture events is a side I never had. I like following up on it through her. We both seem very attached to Islamic idealism.

Nerro - Reminds me of some of my university friends. Seems to have the gift of easily being anyone's buddy.

Nag - The virtual friend. Lately, known as The philosopher! She is a friend of my friend that I never meet. Doesn't make any sense, does it???!!! lol

Myra - Having the same experience (Saudi) in our teens made me connect to her blog.

Asrar Al Banat - They spill out how women think… some inside stuff here guys!

Om Luji - My favorite adversary. Also known as "The Hitler of the blogsphere". The one with the "out of space" intepritations ;p

Nora - El Politics wel bahdala ely fel balad.

Mystery - Besides the common factor between us (being of mixed blood), she gives me "The girl next door" feeling. She has disappeared lately though.

Baheyya - Politics written in style.

Zenobia - we share the same points of view about politics, religion and people.

Al Waay Al Masri - Just to catch up on the dark side of Egyptian politics and tourture! :S

Note: I might have missed someone out, that might be because I don't have my favorites list with me.

Besides those (and a couple more), I rarely check any other blog. Yet, who knows… by next year a lot can change :)

Thinking of the whole blogging thing... I have to say, I am not as enthusiastic as when I started.
The first 6-8 months I was treating it like my baby and now I can barely drag myself to write something on it.

This seems to get worse every time i travel or stay offline for a while.
In Egypt there is a saying that goes:" The one that is distant from the eye is distant from the heart". I guess this applies on everything, not in all cases though ;)

Anyway, it was a nice year Al 7amdo lelAh. The question remains…will we (bloggers) still be on the blog scene by next year?

We'll have to wait and see :)

Mood: Cheerful :)


Ditto said...

Happy birthday Fadfadation :) Doing a great job of communicating ur way of thinking, it's been & continues to be very interesting.
But i must ask, what's the secret that your "comfort zone" is all females blogs, i wonder? must be very comfortable fe3lan (no offense intended to anyone)LOL... poor Mak is the only guy there LOL... so is there a hidden little girl in fadfadation? ;););)

Fadfadation said...


Thank you ya moftarey\a! lol

howa mish kolohom banat...maho masalan 3andek "K", he's a guy :)

maa te7'aleek\y ma7dar 7'eer wee balash tawlee3?!


Tarek said...

Happy anniversary, 3o2bal your blogging millennium :)

Fadfadation said...

THanks Tarek, bas i barely write these days. I doubt it will last that

Om Luji said...

That's the Hitler of blogsphere wishing you a happy anniversary. lol.. Thanks for thr scary title, dana 3'alban ana :(
Yet, it was a pleasure to find my blog included among your favorites. It's so flattering and it proves that different views don't always have to be clashing. As long as there is a respectable and rational dialogue going on, people with different views can still be friends and learn from each other.
Well, cause it's your first year blogging and you already seem to need a strong push into the second, you deserve a long comment.
I like your blog so much, and I am so interested in your posts. For although I might seem to be on another camp, yet we are both against extremes and fanaticism. I may be too liberal for your taste and you too conservative for mine, yet we both stand on the same ground. It is normal that we both don't meet at the end of the road. But what makes me respect your blog is that it is balanced and has got real ideas to respond to, unlike the majority of other blogs who claim to be open-minded while they're anything but that. And that's exactly why I think you should cast any laziness or lack of enthusiasm away, and continue enriching your blog. You already have got many fans, and they are looking forward to reading more from you.
Happy first year blogging.

ZeRoCoOl said...

Congrats on your first year may you have many many more :D........I just started blogging about a month ago myself but it's kinda hard though being a medical resident and all............again congrats

Fadfadation said...

Ooooooooooo Um Luji!!!
You are good! you are really really good!

I should have added into my description about you that you are very... "VERY" clever with words.

Darbet ma3alem! you cornered me and scored a goal kaman :)

Since you are being so open, i'll do the same...

i too respect.

Yes, maybe we do not agree about religious interpretations specifically (and even that i think it is only about 4 or 5 issues bas).

But that aside, as you said: "we are both against extremes and fanaticism".
I have to add something as important ya Um Loji...

"We both love Egypt!"

Ya3ny in other words, we have more in common to agree about than to disagree about.

3omooman, I thank you very much ya Hitler beeeh on your encouraging words. Wee noradahalek fel afra7 :)

Sadekak El Ladood, Fadfadation :)

Fadfadation said...

Zero COol,

Merci ya fandem geda. Kolek zo2 :)

You do understand arabic? don't you?

Fadfadation said...

Just one more thing ya um Luji,

i never viewed you in another camp. on the contrary, we are in the same camp but looking in different direction ;)

Juka said...

Kol sanna wenta tayeb! Wow. I'm touched, I got called a novelist and lived to see the day! :) you are too kind. Keep blogging ya fandem

nesrina said...

I am really thrilled to be on your list.
I do respect your blog and it's on my Google reader list, I too have a comfort zone and special few blogs that I can't stay away from, ur blog is one of them of course.
Keep writing Fadfadation and keep sharing your positive thoughts and witty posts with us.
Happy anniversary, all the best...

Fadfadation said...

Thanks ya Juka,

Bas begad you are good at this whole blogging thing...fe3lan.


Thanks ya fandem, daa min dawa3y el sharaf :)

gjoe said...

It's all been said: The happy blogging year , the thanks, and the keep blogging u've got many fans. I agree with all that but i have to say that I had a big wide SMILE on my face to read my name being mentioned in that list of urs. I thought, "Wow! Fadfadation's comfort zone marra wa7da w ma3 meen ..ma3 Mak w Juka w Om Luji w Nesrina!"
I have to say that I like and respect every post. You are much more expressive than me in discussing Islam and Muslim issues. I read a lot of posts and i think "exactly..howa dah el kalam".
My fave post is not that girls scandals though. It's the
Sheikh Kishk's
post. :)

Again Fadfadation: Happy Blogging Year, Thanks and keep Blogging u've got many fans!

Fadfadation said...


You said it "exactly..howa dah el kalam" is what i go think too.

Bas fe3lan i mean what i wrote about all of you.

Shokran 3ala el tashgee3 it is really appreciated :)

Nerro said...

Am flattered big time begad. Happy blogging anniversary, and plz keep posting..

Mohaly said...

Congratulations for the anniversary... I have went through your blog and let me say that you may add a 3rd blog to your list coz I see many common stuff between our topics, writing styles and even know when i celebrated my 1st month of blogging i wrote a very similar article with statistics and friends contributions (that was in Marhc 07)...when I read through your blog, I can easily be confused for some paragraphs that I feel I have written myself or said it or even wanna say..

Anyway, I like it a lot, and after your permission I will add a link to your blog on mine, and definately feel free to do the same if you liked mine..

BEST OF LUCK and keep posting :)

Mak said...

hmmm... Is this just another "7araka" of yours???... just throwing any name keda hoping it will hit something?? Which Radwa are you talking about?? maybe we do know each other... I wouldn't be's a tiny world... ya ARASHAAAAN... lol

Fadfadation said...

Thank you very much :)

Ya basha...daa sharaf leya tawarod el afkaar dah :)
Glad to find another person who has the same mentality. Kont fyn ya 3am inta min zaman :)

Oh, beleive is not a 7araka yam3alem :)
Tayeb, 7'od dy... Radwa from the AUC...


Beware of the Arashanation lord ;)

Sagacious Sara said...

I AM HONORED! Eih dah, I am finally over being too-busy-to-scratch-my-nose, and decided that I missed your writing (I must admit, I did learn a thing or two from you today). As I went back through the blogs, I find my blog mentioned! Thanks a million. Begad, I'm touched.

Any happy anniversary! Yalla 3o2baly. I haven't been a dedicated blogger lately, but I'm trying to get back at it.

Ramadan kareem!

Fadfadation said...

Allah Akram :)

Ana 2olt inek fy 3edaad el mafkoodeen fel blogs...long time no writings.

nousha said...

kol sana wenta tayeb (kol ta`khira w fiha khira)
first of all, I'm so grateful for ur words about my blog :) I'm very flattered.
Insha allah insha allah we'll celebrate the 10th and 15h anniversary of blogging ;)

Fadfadation said...

Yaaah, 10 and 15

keteer 2awy. I doubt i'll be still doing it.