Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Morcus Aziz... The Fanatic!

Morcus Aziz

I've been wanting to write for a while about this "thing" called a person. His name is Morcus Aziz the Priest of the hanging Church in Egypt (Al Kanisa Al Mo3alaka).

If we as Muslims have fanatics and we condemn them and disagree with them, i haven't heard any copts in Egypt condemning this "person".

Why do i say that?
Well, this "person" has came out on different news agencies over the past year and said things like the following:
  • "We (Egyptian Christian known as Copts) are the original Egyptians, Muslims (Egyptians) are invaders and they will eventually disappear over time and we will stay".

  • "This our our country not theirs (Muslim Egyptians)".

  • "We have been always oppressed (by Muslims) and it was an exception when we were treated well".

These are just a little sample of what he said over the past year.

For heaven's sake, even a 8 year old would label that as extreme fanatic nonsense!

For such hatefull speach to come from a Priest of the Egyptian Church that is shocking! This type of talk does nothing but increase fanaticism on both sides.

Now, i know someone might come and say: "Well there are fanatics on both sides". I'll agree, but there are many Muslims who condemn Muslim fanatics and outcast them.

What worries me is that i haven't heard a single Copt (Egyptian Christian) condemn this guy for these fanatic hateful words!

We see things like that CD that was distributed about 2 years ago that had a play that was in a Church's theatre and it had very bad things about Islam.

We hear about bad things said behind the closed doors of Churches.

We see and hear about some Copts living abroad (Akbaat Al mahgar) requesting boycotting of Egypt and maybe even using military force against Egypt to save Copts.

And now, we find this "person" and his likes coming out in media to say such rubbish.

What do you think even moderate Muslims will feel when they hear that??

Don't give me that argument about there are Muslim shiekh's saying same things in public because...

First, now the Police arrests them or at least stops them one way or another (remember Sheikh Salama Hijazi, Moahmmad Imara amongst others).

Second, we (Muslim general population) condemn such things (watch any TV program and the comments said and you'll get my point).

Can't help but think, if that guy says such things in public... you can only imagine what he says behind the closed doors of the church!

For a Priest to talk like that i find that so... rrr... non Christian if i may say.

The Priest should be an example to others. unless of course he decided to turn into a politician, then that is a total different story.

Take for instance an excellent example of a priest, Anba (father) Basanti. Now that is a guy to respect and listen to. The way he talks, what he says and how he says it are an example to follow.


Finally, a question and a poem to our Government (yes! a poem!) and their security forces...

The Question: "How come anyone who crosses the line from Muslims gets punish (eventually), yet nothing happens to the likes of Morcus Aziz?".

The Arabic Poem : "Asadon 3alaya... waa fel 7arbi na3amaton"!!!!!!!!

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Rain_Drops said...

what u say that Marcus Aziz said is agreed upon by many Copts ; how shall we think they should condemn it from their hearts ! hasbona Allah

gjoe said...

I fortunately never heard this Marcus Aziz. But I want to tell you that as long as there is ISLAM, there are going to be enemies inside and out. As a matter of fact I think there are more Muslims talking rubbish out of ignorance about Islam more than there are non-Muslims.(which is something I don't understand)

People would always have opinions about Islam, very wrong and shallow opinions. I think we should have as much and as strong Muslims who represent Islam well, so that we would have done our duty in front of Allah.

Fadfadation said...

Rain Drops,
I seriously hope you are wrong about "many copts".

We are both on the same page exactly.

ZeRoCoOl said...

A succinct comment does not exist when it comes to the clash of fanaticism albeit Copt or Muslim.....but you mean to tell me that all of them were invaders....

Ra3d said...

i agree that such fanatic speeches must be condemned,, el mashra7a mesh na2sa 2otala begad.
we ba3din what's wrong with copts here ? as if they'll have royal treat living in western countries
seems they forgot the big difference betweenn west christians as protestants who consider the eastern catholics as inferiors and nothing.
offff, im fed up of this victimization

Fadfadation said...


The talk about "ALL" being something, is wrong from the start. Regardless of what this man and his likes say.... we really don't need such talk!

Fadfadation said...


Walahi i am fed up with a lot of things. I guess we all share that :(

ZeRoCoOl said...

truly I think you misconstrued my comment. I did not give collective blame on either group as I would never say such a thing, I was just merely pointing to the fanatics within the respective groups. And even at the end of my comment I tried to point out that how could they all be invaders????? as it does not make sense and belittle's a great religion.....anyway it's a touchy subject for most and I'm sorry if I offended you in any fashion.

ZeRoCoOl said...

Ok ..now i know where our communication break down occurred :D...

".....but you mean to tell me that all of them were invaders...."

it was a rhetorical question pointing out how outlandish and ludicrous Marco's claims were.......

anyway obal meet sana :D

Fadfadation said...

No, no ya Zero Cool...
It seems another miscommunication happened.

I am not offended by you, i am offended by him.

What i meant is that this so called Person says that we (muslims in Egytp ) are "ALL" invaders and that is what annoys me...not your words ya Zero Cool :)

Safya Laban?

Gypo said...

Well, if you allow me to express my opinion, I'd say that it's not about Islam and christianity. It's all about the Egyptian culture which has changed from bad to worse over the years. Now all Egyptians live under oppression and they all need to justify their hatred, they need an outlet for their depression, anger and frustration.
So you can say that"maskham men seedy ella setty". We are all a produce of our environment, but I just didn't like the way of generalizing it, at least not on all levels, so if you take our level of life for example(if you can read and write english then definately you belong to at least the upper middle class), people of both religions condemn fanaticism at the same level, so just please don't generalize your comments on all people. I tell you that I'm a christian who lived my whole life in Egypt and had more muslim friends than christians.
I read the article and was not offended by the replies(as I don't like that priest or his speeches) but what really offended me was just thinking that all christians are supporting this behaviour. Ya gama3a ana mesh fahem fe3lan, I never evaluated a person according to his religion, since when religion was a part of a personal evaluation?
People are good on both sides and bad on both sides, bass fee moshkela that needs to be solved, and this problem is the muslims' or christians' it's a national crisis that eats the akhdar and the yabess.

Fadfadation said...


I agree with you.

I just am not sure where in my post did i say anything about "ALL" copts??!!


You being here is an example of where they are...being quiet or ignoring the likes of that priest.

In other words, you have indirectly answered my question.

THanks for that.

And let me repeat again...i didn't generalize about any copts :)

Gypo said...

I'll tell you where they all are (Muslims and christians). They simply left the country. I live now in Australia (not because of the religion thing and being a christian in an Islamic country and all this crap), all I was looking for was my peace of mind, better life and future. Life is too short to waste mate.
And don't get me wrong, I didn't mean you at all when I talked about generalizing, I just wanted to show you the picture from another perspective.

Fadfadation said...


Awalan, i'm gald i talked to you...ana batkalem begad :)

saneya, it seems iny 7a7asalak...lol


Gypo said...

Enta 3ayez el 7a22?
masr dy 3al wad3 dah 3ayza el 7ar2 el awwel( we ba3den nebniha men gedeed). bass bardo 3ayez el 7a22 kaman marra?
ba3d ma sebtaha, 3ereft en elly bana masr kan 7alawany fe3lan. howwa bass sabha fel 7arr leghayet ma 3affenet.
bass bardo ba7ebbaha.
tenawwar Australia kollaha laww geet.

Fadfadation said...

El 7aree2a gaaaya gaaya..shaklaha keda lelasaf.

7anefdal ne7ebaha mahama 7asal ya Grypo ya 7'oya :)