Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Worse Qatari Experience!

Well, I back. Back on the blog scene, and back to Doha, Qatar.

Talking about Qatar, we had a very bad experience when we came back.

Below is part of an e-mail i sent to my friends. I think some people might be interested to see how "different" laws are from one place to another!

Note: I edited some names to keep it anonymous.


I think you'd be interested to know about this, it is quite interesting…

We (my wife, kids and I) arrived Doha on Saturday at 10.30PM. We made it back at the villa at 11PM.
I paid the taxi and off it went. I got my house gate keys and tried to open the door but it wasn't fitting in.
I asked my wife to give me her keys to try out, no luck either!

As I was attempting to open the door using different keys (thinking I forgot which one is the right one), I noticed a paper stuck on the door (it is dim in the street).
This is what I read:
"This residence has been evicted by court order no. xxxxx, anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access will be punished by law"!

Yes! the house has been confiscated with all our belongings inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was like:"What the ……..!!!!!!!!!". I noticed that all 10 villas (including mine) had that same paper.
As I was about to make a few phone calls, a Qatari man in a car stopped and opened the window...
To cut a long story short, this was the man who raised (and won) the law suite to gain access on ALL 10 villas.
He won the law suite from the from the company that was renting the flats.
He said he will make the villas rent more expensive. If we (my company) agree on the new price, then I can stay. Otherwise everyone must leave.

I called our Administration Manager (who was asleep), after him being speechless for a few minutes, he said:" There is nothing we can do now. Try to find a way to go to a place called xxxxxx, we have a couple of empty flats there. Tell the security guy you are from our company and they will let you in."

So, here I was... with my wife, 2 kids and in an area that barely has any traffic (not to mention no taxis) at 11.30PM.
My car was parked inside the Villa, my money, papers, our clothes…everything was inside and I had no way of getting to it!

Just out of chance our other car was parked outside the Villa. It was being fixed and one of the guys working here picked it up from the garage while I was on leave and gave the keys to another co-work of mine.

I called the guy with the keys and he thankfully brought me the keys. I had to wait in the street with my kids and wife sitting on our luggage till he arrive (seeing that, I felt so humiliated!!!).

After getting into the car i realized, I had no Qatar ID on me, no car registration papers, and no driver's license. Obviously, because all those are inside the villa which I can not access.

So, I drove the car to the place called xxxxxx, hoping that nothing will happen that would require any papers or ID.
I arrived at xxxxxx residence and then another painful experience of trying to go into one of the flats.
To cut a 1.5 hours story short, we made it into one of the flats at 1.30AM.

On Sunday, we got the keys for the Villa from the court. We were given one week max to move out or anyone in there (as in "I") will be arrested! (I find that funny…I don't know why! lol).

our Admin manager is in contact with a lawyer and they are checking what can be done.

Thinking of it, what type of law gives someone the right to chuck out a tenant who already paid for 1 year lease?!
Even if it can be done, what type of law doesn't give a pre-warning before taking over a house people live in?!!!!!
I mean the law suite was won on the 1st of August and they confiscated the villas on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!

Bottom line, I was bored in Qatar…now I am really irritated!

Thanks Qatar Very Much!

Mood: Pissed Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gjoe said...

First Of All, 3awdon A7mad..

Second, mesh 3arfa a2ool eh essra7a..I thought that surreal legislations were only here in Egypt. Apparently I am wrong.
I am disappointed from the way they dealt with your situation and how inhumanely they made you and many other families "deal with it".

Eshteekohom lel Gezeera..

Fadfadation said...

Thanks gjoe :)

Walahi fekra 7ekayet el Jezzera dy. Bas i doubt they'll do anything about

Om Luji said...

Hey, 7amdella 3lsalama ya Fadfadation. I was so sorry to learn about this ordeal you faced with your family. Must have been very hard to find this unfortunate surprise after the journey. Hope all turns for the best.
On the other hand however, I find the idea of being able to retreive your rights at once very appealing. Our justice is slow, but that doesn't mean that a quick justice is bad. It was your bad luck to get involved in this though. And it was cruel of them not to give prior notice to the tenants. But I find the justice system there very effective.

Ra3d said...

ya Alllahhhh, i'm speechless too ya Fad. what is this S***?.
you've evryright to feel as such & more. mesh 3arfa what to say, but ..... 7aga te2ref

greyscale said...

i'm pretty sure you can sue someone here..either the company you rented the villa from or the new owner that took over the one has the right to take your personal belongings like that.

rabbena ma3ak.

Fadfadation said...

THanks All very much.

The latest...

My company is suing the renting company. We'll wait and see what evolves from that.

Mak said...

WTF?? Khalas ya3ni 7aymoot..... I wouldn't mind if s/th like happens to me alone but not with wife and kids.... hope things are settled now....

Fadfadation said...

Thanks Mak, we are fine now.

Bas makdibsh 3aleek...keda kefaya 3al makan dah. Me7tag ta3'eer ba2a ISA.