Sunday, September 30, 2007

Israelites And Prophets

One might wonder why God sent to the Israelites specifically so many Prophets (some sources say 70 prophets over the history of mankind).

One might ask, why not just send them one prophet and they follow him and that's it?! they were the chosen ones, so why so many?

Think of it this way...
When you have a body that is ill, you call a doctor to cure it. When the body is full of all sorts of illnesses, you need a lot of doctors!

- Sheikh Khalid El Gindy

Thursday, September 27, 2007

On The First Day Of Ramadan

This happened on the First day of Ramadan.

As I was driving our cleaning guy to the bus station, this conversation took place:
Note: his name is R. and he is a Protestant Christian from India.

R.: "Sir, the weather today is much better".
I: "Yes R., it dropped 7 degrees just today".
R.: "Sir when do you start fasting for Ramadan? When is Ramadan?".
I: "Today R., today is the first day".
R.: "Ohhhh God is Great Sir!!".
I: "What do you mean R.?".
R.: "Today is the first day of fasting (where you don't eat or drink), and the weather has dropped 7 degrees on the same first day! God is Great!"
I:"!!!...errr… hmm. Why R, you are right. I never thought of it that way… Sobhan Allah!"

Many times we take things for granted and do not notice these simple blessings that God provides us. It takes someone from outside our culture or faith to point out things we don't notice.

Sobhan Allah !

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Worship You...

"O Allah, I do not worship You because i fear you, i worship you because non but You deserves being worshiped".

- Rab'aa Al Adaweya

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Porphet's Brothers

I can not explain the feelings that come over me when i read or hear this hadeeth...

From Masnad Ahmed (the meaning of):

During the last days of the Prophet's life, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) became very ill and was in bed almost all the time.
During those days while laying in bed, the prophet started crying (PBUH) and said: "I wish i could see my brothers."
His followers who were with him near his bed said:"Aren't we your brothers O Prophet?"

The Prophet answered:" You are my friends and followers. My brothers are the ones who believe in me without even seeing me...".

Yaaaah ya Rasol Allah... what a word... "my bothers"... how lovely :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Heart and The Tongue

From the Radio:
One might come to me and say:" This guy may be vulgar and rude, but he is kind in his heart!".
I'd answer that and say:"No, that is incorrect. You need to reconsider such a judgement".

There might be some goodness in him, but never say his heart is kind... full stop!

To explain that, i'd say: "The heart is like a jar and the tongue is like a spoon.
If the jar is full of honey, the spoon will only bring out honey. Yet, if the jar is full of poison, the spoon will bring out nothing but poison".

- Sheikh Omar Abdel Kafi

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Monday, September 17, 2007

My Childhood Reading Material

I was never a book worm and never liked reading that much.
Only a few years ago i started taking reading seriously and actually liked it.
It started with Religious books and then went into the other area which i like most... Politics (especially, (auto)biographies).

As a child (till my late teens) i used love 5 specific books. They all had pictures (that's why i liked them).

Here are the 5 books i always liked (and still have in my store somewhere in Egypt):

1- Ladybird:

I think all children have some of these. Since i can remember existing, these books were around me. I think they belong to my brother (Allah yer7amo).

I loved "Chicken Licken" and "Country Mouse and Town Mouse" (which now i gladly read to my son).

I still remember the winter nights when i used to sit with my grandmother (Allah yer7amha) on her bed in our Heilopolis house and she reads me those books.

2- Tin tin:

I loved the places he used to go to for his adventures.
I loved the one when he went to the "Aztec city". I also remember the one he went to "Arabia", i hated it because it showed us (Arabs) in a very awful way.

My favorite Character was his white little dog (although i liked them all).

3- Mickey:

This one specifically i have a whole cupboard full of. Actually, i found out that i have one that is dated back to 1977!
I have all sizes, Mogalad Mickey (very large magazine), Mickey Geeb (small pocket booklet)...etc.

My favorite was always the Mickey Geeb. I remember reading this every morning on weekends when Dada K. used to make me her lovely Egg and Cheese HUMMY! :)
My favorite Character was Donald Duck (batoot) and his three nephews. I hated Mickey because he was a typical case of "I know everything". lol
Has anyone noticed that the old versions (till early 90s) were much better than the newer ones?
They are not that funny anymore :(

4- Lucky Luke:

Aaah, one of my favorite characters. Lucky Luke 7abibi :)
I always wanted to be a knight or hero that saves the day (typical boyish thing) just like this guy.

I felt so sorry for this hero, he was always alone.
I remember the story when he joined the indians camp and wore their clothes :)
The best part was when there was a gun shootout and he used to fire his gun while pouring his drink (this is how fast he was).

5- Astrix and Obelix:

Last but not least, my favorite cartoon ever... Astrix and Obelix!

The environment they lived in, the life they lived, the food they ate, the powers they had and the places they went were fascinating!

The story i loved most was the "Cleopatra" one (there were many others too). Obviously, because they went to Egypt. Also, the one they went to Rome...kanet gamda moot!

I also remember the one the druid lost his memory and couldn't remember how to do the magic potion. That was very funny :)

I just love them all!

My favorite character was Obelix (the huge man above). He was strong, simple, kind and very faithful... what not to love? :)

Aaaaah, zekrayat gamila :)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramadan Kareem :)

Kol Sana Wento Tayebeen! Happy Ramadan.
Thursday 13th of September will be the first day of Ramadan in Egypt and Qatar :)

And because of this lovely and pleasant occasion, I'd like to share with you something "pleasant" from Qatar.

This is a photo of a poster in one of the Malls here in Qatar, check it out...

Anything strange??


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Attitudes and Influences of Adolescence

This is sooooo true!
I can related to almost all comparison notes (for all 3 generations).

I am a Generation X :)

Note: Click on the image to enlarge.

I guess the next generation will be called the "NO" generation...Rabena yestor!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Book Review: Mein Kampf

Hirler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle)

This book is the Autobiography of Adolf Hitler. The man who changed the face of the 20th century.

In this book Hitler talks about his beginnings and how he started the National Socialist German Party (the Nazis).

The Nazi's Flag

One of the things that annoy me is that many people consider this man to be a crazy nut case and that's it (period).
This type of thinking undermines what this man was.

Yes, he was brutal, a racists and caused a war that ended by killing 46 million (directly and indirectly). But, one has to be balanced when reading or doing a research about anyone (as much as possible).

This was not just a crazy man (yes he was but...); he was much more than that!!

Think of it, his nation was bitterly defeated in World War I by 1918 (mainly because of an internal strike in Germany that demoralized the German army and stopped ammunition production). He was a simple soldier during that war.

In 1919, he with 6 others founded a new party called the National Socialist German Party (Nazis).
He fought against all rivals (communists and democrats) who were dominating the political scene, and in 1933 his party (which he became the head of) became the ruling party in Germany.

One of Hitler's Lectures In The Early Days

Hitler's Nazi Party

From then, within 6 years he changed the German nation to a European giant, and invaded all of Europe (except UK, Spain, Switzerland and Italy) by 1942.

Not to forget, the scientific military outbreaks his army did. From the V2 rockets to the advances automatic weapons and so on.

Hitler's German Army Demonstration During A Celebration

This man was a brilliant leader… there is no doubt about it!

Reading his book, the first thing that came across my mind is that :“This man makes Micaville proud!”.

Hitler: Brilliance, Greatness, and complete Craziness in one mind!

Hitler’s ideology was built on a simple, yet shockingly racist idea: “Germans (white people) are the elite and God’s chosen people in this world; everyone else is below them and should work as slaves.”.

The German Army Pride

Here is a sample of the ideas he had that were mentioned in the book. It will give you an idea of how and why this man acted in certain ways (especially, his terrible hatred towards Jews, not that it is acceptable!):

Note: This is from a translated version, so the wordings might not be exact.

  1. I used to consider Jews citizens like us, what goes on us goes on them. But, because of me mingling with anti-semits, I became more hardcore judging our nations enemies.
  2. Jews used to gather together and not mingle a lot with other people, they even had their own neighborhoods.
  3. I noticed in my early days how Jews (although of few numbers) controlled all aspects in the German life, especially arts, literature and acting. All this involvement in the culture and propaganda areas was like cancer to this nation.
  4. Marxism ideology was supported by Jews. Even prostitution, most people working behind it and gaining from it were Jews.
  5. Almost all newspapers in my country had editors or CEs whom were Jews.
  6. We should not by any means label a religion any label just because some of its followers did something wrong.
  7. Schopenhauer said that "Jews are great professors in the art of lying".
  8. During WWI (World War One), the Jewish newspapers kept talking about peace and that we have to stop the War. That was during our young lads were on the lines fighting to defend Germany. And also, while those same people (the Jews) were running almost all the prostitution activity inside Germany pulling this great nation into the gutter!
  9. Early marriage is one of the best ways to defeat or protect against adultery.
  10. We should forcefully end the capability of intercourse for anyone who has a disease. This is the only way for our people to be totally healthy and diseases within control.
  11. Communists, Marxists and Jews did their best to defame our great leaders and culture idols Sheeler, Gaeta, Hegel and others… everyone was criticized to make German people de-motivated and non attached to their nation. (excuse my spelling!).
  12. We should not marry from lower races; we have to protect our pure blood.
  13. If Jews don’t have a common target, they start fighting between them and trying to grab the spoils of life.
  14. If one day, Jews were able to create their own nation… there will be no specific national borders for it (at least from their perspective), because to have sovereignty and boarders a People should have morals and ethics to stick to. Also, they should have a rational mentality to deal with others which Jews ideology lacks.
  15. One might notice that there is nothing called Jewish art or architecture. Simply, they don’t have such things!
  16. No wonder Jesus used the whip to get those people with low materialistic nature out of the temple. (i am not sure what he is talking about here?!)
  17. Because Jesus fought against their materialism, they (Jews) put him on the cross.
  18. Jews love acting like "the oppressed" people. They love acting like victims.
  19. For a political party or movement to succeed, one has to count on the masses not the elite! We were attacked and criticized all the time by the elite, but it was the masses that made us get to where we are.
  20. A revolution is not a success just because it overthrows its predecessors. It is a success only when the nation becomes more prospers and of better status.
  21. Just like Mecca is of magic effect on Muslims and Rome to Catholics, we must have a sacred place. This makes our people attached to something that represents the idea.
  22. Our ideology is built on fanaticism. Christianity did not survive by making concessions with others, it survived because its followers were fanatic about it and they sacrificed their life for it.
  23. One can only ask himself, why is it that Jews (regardless who they live amongst), were oppressed. Surely, not all People in History were of bad or ill characteristics!!!!

Link to an online version of the Book:

This is a very interesting book to read. I'd recommend it for those who like history and politics.

Heil Hitler!

Fadfadation Book Scale: 8\10

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