Monday, September 17, 2007

My Childhood Reading Material

I was never a book worm and never liked reading that much.
Only a few years ago i started taking reading seriously and actually liked it.
It started with Religious books and then went into the other area which i like most... Politics (especially, (auto)biographies).

As a child (till my late teens) i used love 5 specific books. They all had pictures (that's why i liked them).

Here are the 5 books i always liked (and still have in my store somewhere in Egypt):

1- Ladybird:

I think all children have some of these. Since i can remember existing, these books were around me. I think they belong to my brother (Allah yer7amo).

I loved "Chicken Licken" and "Country Mouse and Town Mouse" (which now i gladly read to my son).

I still remember the winter nights when i used to sit with my grandmother (Allah yer7amha) on her bed in our Heilopolis house and she reads me those books.

2- Tin tin:

I loved the places he used to go to for his adventures.
I loved the one when he went to the "Aztec city". I also remember the one he went to "Arabia", i hated it because it showed us (Arabs) in a very awful way.

My favorite Character was his white little dog (although i liked them all).

3- Mickey:

This one specifically i have a whole cupboard full of. Actually, i found out that i have one that is dated back to 1977!
I have all sizes, Mogalad Mickey (very large magazine), Mickey Geeb (small pocket booklet)...etc.

My favorite was always the Mickey Geeb. I remember reading this every morning on weekends when Dada K. used to make me her lovely Egg and Cheese HUMMY! :)
My favorite Character was Donald Duck (batoot) and his three nephews. I hated Mickey because he was a typical case of "I know everything". lol
Has anyone noticed that the old versions (till early 90s) were much better than the newer ones?
They are not that funny anymore :(

4- Lucky Luke:

Aaah, one of my favorite characters. Lucky Luke 7abibi :)
I always wanted to be a knight or hero that saves the day (typical boyish thing) just like this guy.

I felt so sorry for this hero, he was always alone.
I remember the story when he joined the indians camp and wore their clothes :)
The best part was when there was a gun shootout and he used to fire his gun while pouring his drink (this is how fast he was).

5- Astrix and Obelix:

Last but not least, my favorite cartoon ever... Astrix and Obelix!

The environment they lived in, the life they lived, the food they ate, the powers they had and the places they went were fascinating!

The story i loved most was the "Cleopatra" one (there were many others too). Obviously, because they went to Egypt. Also, the one they went to Rome...kanet gamda moot!

I also remember the one the druid lost his memory and couldn't remember how to do the magic potion. That was very funny :)

I just love them all!

My favorite character was Obelix (the huge man above). He was strong, simple, kind and very faithful... what not to love? :)

Aaaaah, zekrayat gamila :)

Mood: Nostalgic :)


N said...

lol i hate Mickey toooo!! even his tone of voice is annoying! and this laugh.. grrrrrrr

gjoe said...

sob7an Allah ya fadfadation..i would have a very close list. I used to love Tin tin too..although i didnt have except abt 3 issues..and i re-read them a hundred times..

ah btw, i found a site that downloads PDFs of tin tin.I bookmarked it but didn't download any yet..i would send u the link..if you don't mind of course :D

Fadfadation said...


Yes, Mickey's voice is very irretating. But i here am talking about books.

Actually i rarely saw Mickey cartoons

Fadfadation said...


Ya sob7an Allah. Takarob fel tofola :)

I had a lot of Tintin stories...about 25 maybe.

Plz plz send me the link.

Thanks :)

Mohaly said...

I havent almost missed 1 issue of Mickey in the past 25 years (i.e. since i was 7!)

Fadfadation said...

gamdeen moot :)

Om Luji said...

I loved Ladybird stories! Thanks for bringing all the nice memories. Ramadan Kareem :)

gjoe said...

Following is the link of tin tin's stories..I didn't download any fa matgehash feyya law tela3 ma2lab wala 7aga :)..

gjoe said...
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Fadfadation said...

Don't Mention it Om Luji. I enjoyed going through those memories too.

Thanks Gjoe, i'll check it out.

Fadfadation said...

Don't Mention it Om Luji. I enjoyed going through those memories too.

Thanks Gjoe, i'll check it out.

nousha said...

at last i had some time to blog from home! :)
Just wanted to say that I totally and absolutely love the whole reading material!
My father used to collect Tintin's in arabic and french, but unfortunately we lost half of it.
But i was so excited when i found a guy in down town who has the whole collection of tintin in arabic AND 3 issues of Asterix! I was soooooooooooo happy!! :)

Fadfadation said...

i can imagine how you felt :)

sara said...

awwwwwww :)

Fadfadation said...

Hi Sara,

Did it strike a cord?

Anything smiliar to what you read in your childhood?

sara said...

somehow.. it's mostly the whole childhood "thing" :)