Thursday, September 27, 2007

On The First Day Of Ramadan

This happened on the First day of Ramadan.

As I was driving our cleaning guy to the bus station, this conversation took place:
Note: his name is R. and he is a Protestant Christian from India.

R.: "Sir, the weather today is much better".
I: "Yes R., it dropped 7 degrees just today".
R.: "Sir when do you start fasting for Ramadan? When is Ramadan?".
I: "Today R., today is the first day".
R.: "Ohhhh God is Great Sir!!".
I: "What do you mean R.?".
R.: "Today is the first day of fasting (where you don't eat or drink), and the weather has dropped 7 degrees on the same first day! God is Great!"
I:"!!!...errr… hmm. Why R, you are right. I never thought of it that way… Sobhan Allah!"

Many times we take things for granted and do not notice these simple blessings that God provides us. It takes someone from outside our culture or faith to point out things we don't notice.

Sobhan Allah !

Mood: Thankful :)


Jade said...

Yeah it's true when you are outside the picture - you see things much clearer.
R's cool ;)

Om Luji said...

Ramadan Kareem ya Fadfadation :)
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Ra3d said...

sob7an Allah fe3lan :) we take the beauty of life for granted , the miracles of God and his Mercy. al hamdlillah
ramdan Kareem ;D

zandy said...

Fe3lan sob7an Allah!
we really take a lot of things for granted and get lost in all those over rated things like food invitations and places and ppl and we forget about the true essence of ramadan and think about the Greatness of our creator!
Ramadan Kareem

Fadfadation said...


Yes, he is cool. Someone else wouldn't even talk about it.

sobhan Allah meet mara :)

Om Luji,

I'll do it soon ISA.