Monday, September 24, 2007

The Porphet's Brothers

I can not explain the feelings that come over me when i read or hear this hadeeth...

From Masnad Ahmed (the meaning of):

During the last days of the Prophet's life, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) became very ill and was in bed almost all the time.
During those days while laying in bed, the prophet started crying (PBUH) and said: "I wish i could see my brothers."
His followers who were with him near his bed said:"Aren't we your brothers O Prophet?"

The Prophet answered:" You are my friends and followers. My brothers are the ones who believe in me without even seeing me...".

Yaaaah ya Rasol Allah... what a word... "my bothers"... how lovely :)

Mood: Touched :)


ditto said...

beautiful... ow3edna gamee3an ya rab ro2yet 7abebna el naby(PBUH) fel ganna

Fadfadation said...


Redzo said...

I think (Aw kama qaal (PBUH)) Prophet mohammad said my lovers (A7baby) ... not my brothers ... I'm not sure ... anyways gazak allaho khayran 3ala el 7adeeeth

Fadfadation said...

Yes, i too was sure i saw it as My loved ones. But when i was searching the ahadeeth i could only find this one i mentioned here from Masnad Ahmad Ibn i put what i found.

In both cases, the words are lovely :)

gjoe said...

Allahoma Sally w Sallem 3ala Sayedna Mohammed!

Redzo said...

yes in both cases it's beautiful :)) ... rabena yekremak