Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ramadan TV Series Review - 2007

Here is my review for the Ramadan TV Series I watched:

Note: Order is from best to worse.

1- King Farouk (Al Malik Farouk):

Excellent acting, décor, direction, camera angles, costumes… I can go on!
This was an excellent series. And I can see that almost everyone agrees it was the best this year. Aaah fenak ya Gedi :)

A thought:

Maybe Syrian TV series gained momentum over Egyptian TV series over the past few years.
Maybe Egyptian TV series is getting better over the past 2 years.
But, one thing is for sure… the combination of Egyptian\Syrian\Lebanese\Saudi…etc talent and finance, we'll get a fatal equation!

Even if we unit in art, we excel. Aaaaah, I guess you know what I want to say :(

2- Sons of Nightlife (Awlad El Laiyl):

I think this was underrated gedan by people!
It had a very good story, very well written characters, very good acting (Ahmed Rateb "El Kan" was great so were the rest) , and for sure excellent direction and location choices. For heaven's sake, it was almost all recorded in open air! Since when do we have such a series?! It seemed very realistic.

I think the only problem was the main actor's Egyptian Arabic accent (Jamal Seliman, who is Syrian). I guess this is what put a lot of people off.

The ending was a bad. The shooting scene was awful! That was disappointing!

3- Tamer And Shawkiya Part 2:

My type of humor…haboli :)

I like that Ahmed Mekki (the guy called Haitham if I remember right, with big afro hair) a lot, he is very funny.
The way the guys joke and talk reminds me of me and my friends (I guess many people feel that).

Actually, I didn't watch Part 1 which was played last year. I think I should download it from the net or something.

I can see an obvious Part 3 next year!

4- A Man and Six Women (Ragel Wee Set Setaat):

Nice comedy series with Ashraf Abdel Baki, whom in my opinion is underrated as a good actor. I think he is good, especially in comedy series….and I repeat series! not movies!

I liked the character called Ramzy, who was supposed to be Ashraf Abdel Baki's cousin.

One of Ramzy's comment that I can not get off my mind is:" Yaaa Hal….?!!"….looool

7- Al Daly:

Ya3ny! But not up to my taste :(

Look I love Nour Al Sherif's TV series. But come on this was like a combination of Al ibrator (Ahmed Zaki), God Father, Zaman Hatem Mokhtar movies, and Mighty Mouse cartoon!

Here are a few flaws:
  • The mafia was ridiculous. Did you see that Mafia leader wearing a big round hat??? and his bodyguards with their toy machine guns?!!!!!!!! Come on people! That type of directing was way back in the 80s….lol
  • Another thing, who on earth (a muslim) would build a grave for his son in his garden?!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, muslims don't do that, no matter which social level they are part of! Except of course if they live in the grave yard area in the first place…lol
  • The actor that did the journalist character (don't know his real name, but I know he is in Rotana Cinema satellite channel), he is maybe ok as an actor, but he wasn't the right one for the dodgy journalist. They needed someone more…. 7erek…if you get what I mean.
  • QUIT THE "BAABI" word!
    The girl acting as Mahmoud Al Ginidi's daughter was going on and on saying to her father (in the series): "Baaaaaabi"….. !!!!! FOR %$&^ SAKE…quit saying that!
    If you can't say it…DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeef!
  • Salah Abdala:
    I had enough of that guy. He acts in the same way whether he is acting in this series or even as Mostafa Al Nahas Basha in another series. Same facial expressions, same tone of voice…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    This guy is becoming MOKARAR 3alena! He is all over the place, and he isn't that good aslan.
    El ra7ma ba2a!
  • The series was sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow!
    It took them 36 or so to get to the finale!
    For instance, that character that came out to confess that he is the one that shot Al Daly and his son… we wasted 2 episodes to find out he had nothing to do with it and that he was a loony!
    La2 wee eh…. He then committed suicide!

Enough said about this series, some of the good things were the sort of blond girl in the series (Sha2latni ya m3alem...lol), that hateful Khalid Character, and a few other things here and there.

6- Hamada Ezzo:

This one I'll differ with a lot of people (strangely enough!), I did not like it a t all.

Come on, Yehia El Fakharani's (I love Yehia El Fakharani) character was so daaaah! The series was so silly.

The one that irritated me a lot was his cousin the woman that came back from Germany with her 3 kids. First of all, I really dislike the actress aslan! Second, the conversations between them were so unrealistic. And last but not least, the whole story of her having a nuclear secret and all…. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The only nice thing about the series was Karima Mokhtar (the best one to act as a mother character in Egyptian and Arab media for the past 30 years). Seeing her act again was great. She was very good in her part.

Bottom line is, this series was a big disappointment to me :(

Finally, as El Kan character from Awlad Al Layl series said: " Ye7'reb beet dy 7ekaya!"

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Colleague Was Sexually Harassed!

Laaa, Qatar is changing a lot. What a pity :(

My colleague (British Female) was back from an outing at 1AM. As she was parking her car under the house, she notices a man in a car behind her just sitting there.

The man was starring at her. She felt uncomfortable and waited a bit till he left.
Five minutes passed and he stayed there. She thought he might be waiting for someone.

She went out of the car, went towards the building's main gate to open it (note: no security in the building) and heard steps behind her.
She looked behind her to find an Arab guy (per her description) in his late 30s very close to her. She got paralyzed.
He then touched her body, she screamed with all her power and moved back.
She kept cursing him and he freaked out.

The interesting part is that ibn el @#$# actually threatened her as he was moving away. He said:" From now on you better watch your back!".

Do you believe that?!!!!! not only is he a sick #$%% but he is also threatening her?!!!
The stranger thing is, with all the screaming she did, no one from the building or the surrounding buildings came out to see what is going on?!!!!!!!!!!

The girl is a mess. She hates Doha. She says she feels safer in London than here in Doha.

Problem is she didn't get his car's number. Obviously, she didn't file a police complaint.

Today, we are going to try and escalate this with management ISA. We need to get her out of that flat... quick!

Regalet eh el zebala dool...eeeef! Allah yel3ano!

Rabena ye7fazha!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tagged: 5 Reasons Why I Wish I Was 3

I got this tag from Um El Luj...

These are the 5 reasons why I wish I was 3:

1. No responsibilities what so ever! any working married man with kids will know what i mean :)

2. Play again with my favorite toys: Playmobile, Matchbox cars, Army soldiers and planes, and Action men. I miss playing with my cousins (mother and father's side). We were very close back then :(

3. I could be playing with my  kid, that would be nice :)

4. Having my mother and late brother feeding me porridge (like cereal but it is made of wheat) while i sit on my high chair. And eating Dada K's lovely egg and cheese every morning (God i always loved Egg and cheese).

5. Going to hotels for a night every month with my family. I used to love that.

A story for the record:

Once my family and I ( i was between 3 and 5 i think) went to one of the Hotels to spend the night there (eating, sleeping and going into the pool).
In the evening we went to the open-buffet to eat. There was all sorts of food out there... meat, chicken, rice, Macaroni, appetizers...etc.

My father told me:"Yalla ya fadfadation go fill a plate for yourself" (my real nickname was used of course).
I went for a while and came back with a big plate full of Black olives...and only black olives!

My parents spent the rest of the night trying to convince me to eat something else.
They failed...lol

As a kid i used to love olives..black one especially. I still do, but much less than before.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ya Trafficic Ya Qatar!

La2...7aram...mish keda... we are in Qatar not Cairo or Dubai to face such traffic!

What usually takes me 12-15 minutes of driving (to get to work) took me a whole hour... leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?????????!!!!!!!!

eeeeeeeef! lol

Not exactly how i wanted to start my post-vacation blogging...but what can i say.

The problem is the area i live in now is full of schools. And what makes things worse is that they are doing a lot of road works all over the place.

I wonder what i will do if i go to work in Dubai!!!??!!!! a nervous breakdown is more like it. Although, maybe because i already know traffic is bad there i will just surrender.

On an lighter note,

My colleague (British female) asked me (just now) if i am going to the company outing next week...

I said: "No, i have in-laws coming in from Egypt".
She said: "Can i take a friend to the outing?"
I said: "I don't know."
She said: "I think it is only for spouses or children."
I said: "Then you can't."
She said: "I'll tell them she's my girlfriend. I'll tell them i'm a lesbian!"

I burst into laughter.

The reason is, that my colleague is not a lesbian.
Not only that, she is a Muslim. And moreover, she has opinions that are more strict than the ones i have about life and Islam!

So, imagine that she (of all people) would say that. looooooooool

She said: "I am dead serious i'll say that! I don't care what people will say. I just want my friend to come with me! i hate going to places alone.".

I will not be amazed if she does say it... lol

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Farewell Ramadan :(

As always, Ramadan month just whizzed away :(

It is amazing how those 30 days just tend to fly!
It is as if Ramadan is telling us:"Catch me if you can!"

Note: with all due respect to Ginger Bread Man from the Ladybird stories...although it was "You can't catch me! You can't catch me!".

Yesterday, after praying the late night prayers in the Masjid (Mosque) i just rested my back against the side wall of the Masjid within the praying area and sat there for like 10 minutes.

I looked around me to see all those smiling, calm and cheerful faces greeting each other for the end of Ramadan and beginning of Eid (Eid should be on Friday, so last night was the last of Taraweeh...tentively).
Everyone was either shaking hands, hugging, or kissing on the cheeks (which is OK for people of the same sex in the middle east, part of our culture).

As i looked around, i could see that everyone else was looking around doing the same thing i was doing.
Even though not everyone knows all others, we all know each other by face.

I saw a long line of people gathering around the Imam (man who leads the prayers and gives religious lessons in the Masjid). They all just wanted to congratulate him for this occasion.

It is strange how in this Holy month and inside these Masjids people become so relaxed, welcoming, and warm to each other.

I'll miss that nice feeling one gets after prayers.
I'll miss having enough time to read Quran.
I'll miss this consintration mood i am in... as in: "controling my eyes"! lol
I'll miss Taraweeh prayers, even though the last 10 days are very tiresome.
I'll miss having Iftar (breaking fasting) at dusk, when all the family gathers together.
I'll miss eating eastern sweets (7alaweyat shameya) which i never do except in Ramadan.
I'll miss watching Arabic TV series which are a complete waste of time usually :)
I'll miss seeing all those comforted, pleasant smiles around me.
I'll miss seeing the Masjid full during Isha and Taraweh prayers, as if it was a Friday prayer.

And i know for a fact that Masjids will surely miss a lot of us (people who attended prayer in the Masjid during Ramadan), for a lot of us will go back to the habit of not praying in the Masjid.

Aaah... i miss Ramadan already :(

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

In Memory Of The 6th Of October War (Yom Kippur War)

It has been 34 years since the 6th Of October War (Yom Kippur War).

If anyone searches the Internet for info about the war or asks a foreigner what they know about that war, the result is one thing... The Israelis won!

As for us Arabs\Muslims, we believe we won (at least us Egyptians won on our side).

Why Foreigners think we lost the war?

On the 14th of October a little gap happened between the Egyptian 2nd and 3rd army. That gap was utilized by a little group of Israeli forces. The Israeli forces seize a bridgehead and crossed the other side of the Canal (into the Egyptian front, the West side of the Canal).

By the 22nd more Israeli forces were able to make it on the other side of the Canal (West side).
When there was a seize fire issued by the United Nations (which Egypt and Israel agreed upon) on the 22nd of October… Israel broke the Seize fire and made a maneuver that made it cut off the Egyptian 3rd Army's supply line.

Regardless of Israel not abiding to the UN seize fire (which doesn't shock any of us), the fact was… Israeli army trapped the third army.

The war stopped on the 28th of October with this status.

To summarize their (non-Arabs) point, Egypt's third army was besieged, Israeli army was in a better position… Israel won, Egypt was defeated!

Our Response?

Lets take it in parts..

1- "The forigners think we lost the war because Egypt's third army was besieged"

I ask a question…

What about the 2nd army?
If Egypt had only the 3rd army out there, I might understand your point.

But for heavens sake, Israel cornered one part of our army so you decide that: "Hey! you're beaten…I cornered part of your army!".

It's as if we are playing chess and you say:"Hey! I cornered your Queen!"… Anyone would answer:" Yeah! What about all the rest of the pieces?! Have I surrendered? Have you finished off everything I have? Has the game finished?".

2- "The foreigners think we lost the war because Israeli army was in a better position"

Better position eh?! OK, check this out…

The Israeli forces wanted to capture a city to be able to make a propaganda launch of its success. They tried invading Suez city, but were beaten to a pole by the civil resistance and Egyptian army commandos… the blown up Israeli tanks' still stand near the dessert of Suez city till now!

So, Israeli army was unable to capture a city with only commandos and civil resistance troops and you want to convince me that they could win the whole war?!!!

COME ON!!! Do you actually believe that?

Another thing, the Israeli army was about 400 Kilos from Tel Aviv (Capital and main supply line).

That long stretch (strategically wise) is very difficult to maintain. I mean imagine if the war went beyond the 24th of October… do you think it wouldn't be easy to maintain that long line of supply????

Another fact of life, in all wars (even before they start) there is one side that has an upper hand (by numbers of troops or the battle field situation), does that mean that they have won the war just because they are in a better position at a certain point of time??

There are many examples of wars where a mighty army of one side lost against a smaller (and in a worse position) army! READ HISTORY FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE…lol

Who knows what might have happened if the war was to go on!!

There was a seize fire and disengagement at the end of the war! Israel neither demolished the Egyptian army, nor did the Egyptian Army surrender!

OK, another point..
3- What is defeat? Please define it!

Here are some definitions:

  • an unsuccessful ending

  • get the better of: win a victory over;

  • match that is lost, the opposite of a win.

  • the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

  • demolish, destroy
In other words, to defeat me... you have to either destroy me… or make me fail achieving my goal…. Or stop me from having a successful ending.

To decide if Israel "defeated us", we must ask...What was Egypt's goal from this war?

Obviously, as we all know. Israel invaded Sinai in the 1967 war. Unsuccessful to get out land back by any peaceful means (I wonder why…lol), Egypt had to do something drastic!

Anwar Al Sadat (Egypt's President) said it very clear to his Army commanders before the war:" Put me 12 soldiers on the other side of the Canal (East Side, Israeli front), and I will get Sinai back by negotiations!".

The goal was clear… it was not to destroy all the Israeli army, nor to free Jerusalem.

The goal was to put some troops on the other side of the Canal and do well from then on. After that, Diplomacy!

That was Al Sadat's goal before the start of the war.

To prove the success of this war (for Egyptians), what Al Sadat wanted actually did happen!

We (Egypt) got back our land a few years later through negotiations and a peace treaty. This was never to be possible without that great war that happened in 1973!

Even fair foreigners say this (although I refrain): "Israel won the war military wise, and Egypt won the war strategically!".

Bottom line is, whether you believe Egypt won or not...

We got our land back… that is what counts :)
We have all the right to celebrate...and if you have a problem with it...EAT IT :)

I leave you now with a final illustration of what happened on the 6th of October War (Yom Kippur War)... ENJOY :)

Hey Israelis, I wonder what you were running from...lool!


HAHA.. God bless our martyrs!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Even In The Heat Of Battle...

About 1400 years ago in a battle called OHOD this happened...

In the aftermath of the battle where the Muslims were defeated, bodies of the deceased martyrs and many wounded Muslims were all around the battlefield.

One of the Sahaba (Followers of Prophet Mohammad) seeing the wounded laying on the battlefield with the sun up in the sky on such a hot day, he brought a bottle of water and went off searching for the wounded to give them some water.

As he was walking, he heard a Muslim in agony. He ran to him to find 3 very badly injured Muslims. They were all laying on the floor relatively close to each other. It was obvious from their injuries that they were not going to make it.

He went to the first one to give him some water. The injured Muslim looked at him and said: "No, give it to my brother in Allah over there!" (pointing to one of the other two badly injured Musilms).

The man with the bottle ran off to the second injured man and tried to give him some water to drink. But, the injured Muslim said:" No, don't give it to me, give it to the injured man over there !" (pointing to the third man laying on the ground).

The man with the bottle ran off to the third injured man, but he found out that he had already passed away.
He turned back to go to the first two men to find out that they too have passed away.


It is amazing how different the Muslim at the time of the might of Islam were from many Muslims we have these days.

Many people nowadays have become so selfish and self centered, unlike those mentioned in the story above.

Those Sahaba favoured other Muslims over themselves... even while they were dying!
I wonder if such a generation will ever exist again in the foreseen future!?!

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Monday, October 01, 2007

A Band In The Mosque!

This happened last night in the Mosque (Masjid) I pray Taraweh in (in Qatar).

Note: The following is in terms of "the meaning of" not literally said or done.

Between the Taraweh prayers (11 in total), the Imam (Islamic cleric leading prayer) stops for a 10-15 minute lesson. Yesterday, the lesson was very different...

As we finished praying, the Imam went up to the Mic and said that we have a guy with us in the Masjid that is from a charity organization and that he wants to make a few announcements.

The guy went up to the Mic and made a few announcements of the achievements done with all the money collected over the past 3 years and so on.

After that the shock happened…

The man:" O brohters and sisters, I have an announcement to make… I am thinking of getting a music band here inside the Masjid and have a nice music concert by a well known group. It will be here near the Minbar (where the preacher stands on and says his lessons, which is also part of the praying area)! What do you think?"

He stopped talking, and gloomy silence took over the place…

Faces started frowning, necks were twisting and turning with surprise and shock, and eye brows were being raised to the sealing. And i was like: " What the &*#^$ is that man saying?!!!!".

He then continued: "… I am sure non of you will accept this (even over his\her dead body)!"

Then, he fired at us all he had:" That is exactly what is happening in our Masjids these days!
While we pray, mobile phones belonging to people praying with us keep ringing with all sorts of music of bands and singers!

I ask you for God's sake… Music!! while we pray?!! Is that how we respect God?! Is that how we respect our Masjid and our prayers?!

… We should be ashamed of ourselves! And we call ourselves practising Muslims!
What have we left for the non-practising muslims out there if we
(the ones attending Taraweeh prayers in a Masjid) do not even respect our Masjid or God and let the music of whoever coy, provocative, sleazy singers go out load inside our Masjids, and to make it worse... DURING PRAYING!!!!

Do we not respect ourselves?! Do we not respect our Masjids?! Do we not respect Allah?!!

Can someone tell me the difference between the idea i suggested of getting a band here in the Masjid to play music (which shocked all of you), and the fact that some of us lets music (on his\her mobile) play in our Masjid and even worse, during prayer?!!!

How dare we come out from these Masjids and go after that and try to advise our Muslims brothers and sisters (who don't pray) that they have to put some effort into it and come pray in the Masjid with us if even we do not respect Masjids enough?!!!

We are not a worthy example to start with!

Before anyone of you goes out there to give advise about praying, you should practise what you preach and respect the house of Allah (Masjid)!

By the end of his speech, we (the people praying in the Masjid, about 400) were paralysed and in a state of shock and shamefulness.

I remember it took me a few seconds to snap out of it and get up to continue the prayers with the rest of the group.

Bottom line is, the guy mopped us to the floor "verbally" (masa7 beena el balaat), but he was %100 right about all what he said!

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