Monday, October 01, 2007

A Band In The Mosque!

This happened last night in the Mosque (Masjid) I pray Taraweh in (in Qatar).

Note: The following is in terms of "the meaning of" not literally said or done.

Between the Taraweh prayers (11 in total), the Imam (Islamic cleric leading prayer) stops for a 10-15 minute lesson. Yesterday, the lesson was very different...

As we finished praying, the Imam went up to the Mic and said that we have a guy with us in the Masjid that is from a charity organization and that he wants to make a few announcements.

The guy went up to the Mic and made a few announcements of the achievements done with all the money collected over the past 3 years and so on.

After that the shock happened…

The man:" O brohters and sisters, I have an announcement to make… I am thinking of getting a music band here inside the Masjid and have a nice music concert by a well known group. It will be here near the Minbar (where the preacher stands on and says his lessons, which is also part of the praying area)! What do you think?"

He stopped talking, and gloomy silence took over the place…

Faces started frowning, necks were twisting and turning with surprise and shock, and eye brows were being raised to the sealing. And i was like: " What the &*#^$ is that man saying?!!!!".

He then continued: "… I am sure non of you will accept this (even over his\her dead body)!"

Then, he fired at us all he had:" That is exactly what is happening in our Masjids these days!
While we pray, mobile phones belonging to people praying with us keep ringing with all sorts of music of bands and singers!

I ask you for God's sake… Music!! while we pray?!! Is that how we respect God?! Is that how we respect our Masjid and our prayers?!

… We should be ashamed of ourselves! And we call ourselves practising Muslims!
What have we left for the non-practising muslims out there if we
(the ones attending Taraweeh prayers in a Masjid) do not even respect our Masjid or God and let the music of whoever coy, provocative, sleazy singers go out load inside our Masjids, and to make it worse... DURING PRAYING!!!!

Do we not respect ourselves?! Do we not respect our Masjids?! Do we not respect Allah?!!

Can someone tell me the difference between the idea i suggested of getting a band here in the Masjid to play music (which shocked all of you), and the fact that some of us lets music (on his\her mobile) play in our Masjid and even worse, during prayer?!!!

How dare we come out from these Masjids and go after that and try to advise our Muslims brothers and sisters (who don't pray) that they have to put some effort into it and come pray in the Masjid with us if even we do not respect Masjids enough?!!!

We are not a worthy example to start with!

Before anyone of you goes out there to give advise about praying, you should practise what you preach and respect the house of Allah (Masjid)!

By the end of his speech, we (the people praying in the Masjid, about 400) were paralysed and in a state of shock and shamefulness.

I remember it took me a few seconds to snap out of it and get up to continue the prayers with the rest of the group.

Bottom line is, the guy mopped us to the floor "verbally" (masa7 beena el balaat), but he was %100 right about all what he said!

Mood: mitkaeyf min el bo2een ely seme23tohom :)


gjoe said...

ma7desh aam yes2af?

Jade said...

No no - never mind about el tas2eef - how many people after that took out their phones from their pockets to put them on silent?

Or was everyone dreadfully scared?? hm? hehehehe - I can imagine everyone reaching in their pockets & blindly trying to dislocate the battery so they never have to take it out & show to the people around that HE HAD HIS PHONE ON LOUD!!! hehhehe, good one!

كبر دماغك said...

nooooooooooo hahahahaha la2 akeed betharag!!!
i luv those speeches walahy begad!

once kona f strike fel auc w kol el nas mesh betsma3 el walad el hareee nafsoo kalam 3ala el second Palestinian entifada so he suddenly stopped and said with loud voice ALLAHO AKBAR EVERY 1 SAID AFTR HIM ALLAHO AKBAR THEN HE STOPPED AND SAID 2 minutes ago the prayer started and only few of u came and prayed and now u said allaho akbar after me cause its easy saying it without making any effort practicing it w rama el mic w meshy koloo seket w tana7 w fe nas sa2afet thrn ! nos el nas tel3et tesaly !

soub7an allah i luv people el 3andohom mobadraa and they fear no 1 but allah 7ata eza 7ad yetaryaa2 aw ye3mel ay sakhafa 3alehom they just wanna say kelmet ha2
masha allah begad 3ala el ragel dah

Fadfadation said...


No one clapped but a lot of people were dazzing for a few minutes (including me) after the man finished talking.

Kan gamed 2awy ibn el 2eeh :)

Fadfadation said...


Actually, that exactly what happened. people did it fel 7'abasa.

As for me, i didn't even have mine on me.
But i guess if i did, after such a speech, i'd make sure it was off (even if it was already off)

Fadfadation said...

Kabar Dema3'ak,

Some people just have the talent and beyatagalo fee mawakef mo3ayana.

Fe3lan it was a very effective way to make a point.

Om Luji said...

Hehehehe.. This guy is so clever. Wallahi the problem is everywhere now, not to mention mosques. In a meeting, you hear a baby laughing and then you discover that someone's phone is ringing. In a class, you hear Nancy and Hayfa. At the cinema, you can never watch a movie without such distractions. I've never seen this in foreign countries. Why on earth did mobile manufacturers add the silent option??
I wish I can do the same thing this guy did, amsa7 elbalat with all people who don't show respect to others.
Nice one ya Fadfadation.

Fadfadation said...

"I wish I can do the same thing this guy did, amsa7 elbalat with all people"

hehehehe...3awez 2a2ool 7aga bas balash ba2a... :))))))))

You are right, mawdoo3 el mobile daa zeyada 2awy

Om Luji said...

Opaaa.. Enta tele3t mn elnas elli by2oso elkala..
Ya 3am I said all people who don't show respect. balash t7'ally elnas tefhamny 3'alat :)

Fadfadation said...


Don't worry Om Lu

Your words are cle

i just was pulling you le


Lajuana said...

Keep up the good work.

Fadfadation said...

THanks Lujuana. One day i'll start again ISA.