Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Even In The Heat Of Battle...

About 1400 years ago in a battle called OHOD this happened...

In the aftermath of the battle where the Muslims were defeated, bodies of the deceased martyrs and many wounded Muslims were all around the battlefield.

One of the Sahaba (Followers of Prophet Mohammad) seeing the wounded laying on the battlefield with the sun up in the sky on such a hot day, he brought a bottle of water and went off searching for the wounded to give them some water.

As he was walking, he heard a Muslim in agony. He ran to him to find 3 very badly injured Muslims. They were all laying on the floor relatively close to each other. It was obvious from their injuries that they were not going to make it.

He went to the first one to give him some water. The injured Muslim looked at him and said: "No, give it to my brother in Allah over there!" (pointing to one of the other two badly injured Musilms).

The man with the bottle ran off to the second injured man and tried to give him some water to drink. But, the injured Muslim said:" No, don't give it to me, give it to the injured man over there !" (pointing to the third man laying on the ground).

The man with the bottle ran off to the third injured man, but he found out that he had already passed away.
He turned back to go to the first two men to find out that they too have passed away.


It is amazing how different the Muslim at the time of the might of Islam were from many Muslims we have these days.

Many people nowadays have become so selfish and self centered, unlike those mentioned in the story above.

Those Sahaba favoured other Muslims over themselves... even while they were dying!
I wonder if such a generation will ever exist again in the foreseen future!?!

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K said...

LOOL I wonder what's the "metsa7ar" mood feels like!!?!?

Compare that image to people nowadays trying to get on/off the bus downtown Cairo.

Mohaly said...

ya Allah!
These people knew the reality of life and they knew clearly what is their mission in it, and that is why they succeded.
ya rab ehdeena we eg3alna men 3ebadak el salheen.

Jade said...

Unfortunately Fad, with the decline in cultural standards & social ethics - I dont see a generation like this coming by abadan :(

Om Luji said...

It wasn't a whole generation. They were men who had strong faith and united in battle. Ya3ni enta 3ayez tfahemny ya fadfadation that this age had no bad people? Whose hands were cut then? Who got thrown with stones? Who got beheaded? If they all were saints.
Every generation has the good and the bad. Ya3ni there are many stories of sacrifice who heros were soldiers in 1973. Remember Abdel Moneim Riad for example.
We are not a sinful generation. We have the good among us. We only happen to focus on the bad.

كبر دماغك said...

om luji
i agree on part of what u said BAS its not because we are not focusing and highlighting it ..its because these situation are very rare now and the bad bel habal w 3ashan there are no big sacrifices there are hagat baseta ( am talking about the 80s till now)awe....people wont sacrifice there life for another brother in allah!!and the bad examples ba2a keteer
what about
1- a man kills his father for 8 or 5 pounds
2- a guy try to rape a women in ramdan morning
3 sexual harassments all day long everywhere
4-torture in police station and TAPING IN IT
5-rashawey in all org and departments belongs to the government
bla bla bla

i agree there were alot of good examples at that time because of the there new status( new religion invading the world and seeking for justice ...and dnt forget the prophet between them also the end bardo kan nas MONAFEKEEN AND WITH VERY BAD ATTITUDE YES I AGREE BAS NOT AS MUCH AS NOW ...put three guys togather now in this same situation w ouleley ra2yeek haty wa7ed men el badw fe sinai w wa7ed men alex w wa7ed men el menia i bet they will start killing each other for water aslun...maybe in war it differs bas allaho 23lam

Fadfadation said...

Om Luji,

You have a point tab3an. But, Kabar Dema3'ak wafaretly kalam keteer by saying:


Another point, maybe at those days there were good people and bad and nowadays there aer good people and bad...
But, the people of thoses days were able to make a difference, change things to the better... kaan lehom ta2seer 3ala el a7daas... unlike the good ones of these days..

ALthough bardo i think in crisis el ma3dan meta3 el naas beyezhar. Ya3ny, i think if there will ever be another War aw karsa maslan fel mostakbal el kareeb... many things will differ and people might change.

If history tells us something, it tells us that we unit in crisis. But i mean REALLY BIG CRISIS!

Om Luji said...

Wenabi 3ayza 2arod..

Kabar Dema3'ak:

Thanks for addressing your comment to me. I don't want to have the impression that my comment was more attractive than Fadfadation's post. Anyway, I was flattered by the attention, and I want to reply to some the things you mentioned.
It is not a problem of which generation had more good people. Think about the difference in population numbers. Of course the bad people will be more, and the good people also will be more in number.
If you are talking about the percentage. Well, for a start, let me remind you that the percentage of those who don't believe in God is rare now. As a nation we are all believers, and (from a religious point of view) all other sins people commit can be forgiven.
As for the examples you mentioned, I'm sorry to tell you that the same things used to take place in the early Islamic society. (Of course with the exception of governmental institutions which were not there.) But remember Osman Ibn 3afan, who favored people and considered "wasta" in the modern sense when he was choosing men to hold different offices in ruling the nation.
I wish you to reconsider how you evaluate our times.

Om Luji said...


You youself admitted that people show their best when their true natures are tested. People in battle react in a unique way, in which they won't probably react at times of peace.
Remember the earthquake which hit Egypt in the early 90s. Police stations didn't record a single violation on that day.
The good and the bad will always be in people, in every age all around the world.
What we can criticise are the current social values which makes our society, in spite of its relgious and moral appearance, suffer from many illnesses.

Fadfadation said...

Ya Om luji,

I am confused...
are you trying to prove that people nowadays are better than the prophet followers in numbers or even just becuase we have more believers (regardless of all the sins types and amounts) ya3ny wala eh?

It is a known fact that people of that time scarificed a lot to save, protect and introduce this religion. And also, for you and I and the rest 1.5 biilion to become muslims (eventually ya3ny).

May i also remind you of the many Hadeeth and Quran verses mentioning them with high praise and that they were of high value...etc (which per Quran no one will reach their status).
I am sure you know those verses and hadeeth more than i do.

You said:"The good and the bad will always be in people, in every age all around the world."

Non of us said anything that contradicts that. We all agree.

A last thing:
I think you need to read Ali Ibn Abu Talib's answer to the people who came to demonstrate at Madinah (and eventually kill Osman Ibn Affan) when they (those people) accused Osman Ibn Affan about being biosed amoungst other things.

Ya 3eny 3aleek ya Saeydna Osman... it2atalt zolm wee 7ata delwa2ty beyezlemook :)

Note: I know you don't mean anything bad about him.

Om Luji said...

Eih ya Fadfadation.. enta 3ayez twadeeny fi dahya? :D
I didn't talk about sa7abah at all. What I mentioned was about the generation that existed during this time in history. Da7'alteny f 7ewarat 3ageeba :)
Wba3deen the fact that Osman was biased and favored certain people is well documented in all Islamic history books. What Ali said was a compliment to calm people down. Makanshy mazloom wala 7aga. But this doesn't mean that he wasn't a good man. All people make mistakes. Even the prophet himself made mistakes that he admitted and he asked God's forgiveness for.

What I am against is the common thought that there was a time when angels roamed the world and that now we are sinners. It is like what the puritans tried to do in the Middle Ages. We are all human and you can't compare two times in history when you only lived in one of them. Every time has its vices.

Matwadeenash f dahya allah y7'aleek. Kol sana wenta tayeb :)

Fadfadation said...


Now i understand your point. You are not comparing today's poepl to el're talking about the rest (non followers etc.).

Bas ya Om El Lujluj... Sayedna 3ali mish 7ay2ool bo2een yesaket beehom el 7'al2 while he doesn't beleive in what he says... da sayedna 3ali. He is no hypocrite (i know you didn't say

Sayedna Ali said what is true from his prespective.

Think of this...
In Osman's defence...
If Osman ibn affan was biased as some people like to say (putting aside Sayedna Ali's good words about him and his defence for Sayedna Osman), where were the rest of the shaba from these biased actions?!

ya3ny think of it...
The Sahaba (the baseline ones sepcifically) who were very honest, righteous, tell the truth, do not take any injustice...etc...
you want to convince me that they saw Osman being biased and just said:"Wana mali" or "ib3ed 3an el shar wee 3'anelo" and just stood to watch??

Osman lived in al Madinah where the core of the Sahaba were...non of them went against him and critisized or tried to demonstrate against him.

So these idiots from Iraq and Egypt (who eventually killed him) think they know better and came to demonstrate, then kill him?!!!

come on ya3ny!

As for angels then and sinner now, la2 no one says that tab3an... we are all human.

Yes we can not compare 2 times becuase each have their own characteristics, but you can say that Every time has its vic(from stories mentioned...etc.) things were better. For instance, between muslims... vertues, values, morals were much better than now.

That's my point.

Wa al salam 7'etam ya om el Luj ya mazloma ")