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In Memory Of The 6th Of October War (Yom Kippur War)

It has been 34 years since the 6th Of October War (Yom Kippur War).

If anyone searches the Internet for info about the war or asks a foreigner what they know about that war, the result is one thing... The Israelis won!

As for us Arabs\Muslims, we believe we won (at least us Egyptians won on our side).

Why Foreigners think we lost the war?

On the 14th of October a little gap happened between the Egyptian 2nd and 3rd army. That gap was utilized by a little group of Israeli forces. The Israeli forces seize a bridgehead and crossed the other side of the Canal (into the Egyptian front, the West side of the Canal).

By the 22nd more Israeli forces were able to make it on the other side of the Canal (West side).
When there was a seize fire issued by the United Nations (which Egypt and Israel agreed upon) on the 22nd of October… Israel broke the Seize fire and made a maneuver that made it cut off the Egyptian 3rd Army's supply line.

Regardless of Israel not abiding to the UN seize fire (which doesn't shock any of us), the fact was… Israeli army trapped the third army.

The war stopped on the 28th of October with this status.

To summarize their (non-Arabs) point, Egypt's third army was besieged, Israeli army was in a better position… Israel won, Egypt was defeated!

Our Response?

Lets take it in parts..

1- "The forigners think we lost the war because Egypt's third army was besieged"

I ask a question…

What about the 2nd army?
If Egypt had only the 3rd army out there, I might understand your point.

But for heavens sake, Israel cornered one part of our army so you decide that: "Hey! you're beaten…I cornered part of your army!".

It's as if we are playing chess and you say:"Hey! I cornered your Queen!"… Anyone would answer:" Yeah! What about all the rest of the pieces?! Have I surrendered? Have you finished off everything I have? Has the game finished?".

2- "The foreigners think we lost the war because Israeli army was in a better position"

Better position eh?! OK, check this out…

The Israeli forces wanted to capture a city to be able to make a propaganda launch of its success. They tried invading Suez city, but were beaten to a pole by the civil resistance and Egyptian army commandos… the blown up Israeli tanks' still stand near the dessert of Suez city till now!

So, Israeli army was unable to capture a city with only commandos and civil resistance troops and you want to convince me that they could win the whole war?!!!

COME ON!!! Do you actually believe that?

Another thing, the Israeli army was about 400 Kilos from Tel Aviv (Capital and main supply line).

That long stretch (strategically wise) is very difficult to maintain. I mean imagine if the war went beyond the 24th of October… do you think it wouldn't be easy to maintain that long line of supply????

Another fact of life, in all wars (even before they start) there is one side that has an upper hand (by numbers of troops or the battle field situation), does that mean that they have won the war just because they are in a better position at a certain point of time??

There are many examples of wars where a mighty army of one side lost against a smaller (and in a worse position) army! READ HISTORY FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE…lol

Who knows what might have happened if the war was to go on!!

There was a seize fire and disengagement at the end of the war! Israel neither demolished the Egyptian army, nor did the Egyptian Army surrender!

OK, another point..
3- What is defeat? Please define it!

Here are some definitions:

  • an unsuccessful ending

  • get the better of: win a victory over;

  • match that is lost, the opposite of a win.

  • the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

  • demolish, destroy
In other words, to defeat me... you have to either destroy me… or make me fail achieving my goal…. Or stop me from having a successful ending.

To decide if Israel "defeated us", we must ask...What was Egypt's goal from this war?

Obviously, as we all know. Israel invaded Sinai in the 1967 war. Unsuccessful to get out land back by any peaceful means (I wonder why…lol), Egypt had to do something drastic!

Anwar Al Sadat (Egypt's President) said it very clear to his Army commanders before the war:" Put me 12 soldiers on the other side of the Canal (East Side, Israeli front), and I will get Sinai back by negotiations!".

The goal was clear… it was not to destroy all the Israeli army, nor to free Jerusalem.

The goal was to put some troops on the other side of the Canal and do well from then on. After that, Diplomacy!

That was Al Sadat's goal before the start of the war.

To prove the success of this war (for Egyptians), what Al Sadat wanted actually did happen!

We (Egypt) got back our land a few years later through negotiations and a peace treaty. This was never to be possible without that great war that happened in 1973!

Even fair foreigners say this (although I refrain): "Israel won the war military wise, and Egypt won the war strategically!".

Bottom line is, whether you believe Egypt won or not...

We got our land back… that is what counts :)
We have all the right to celebrate...and if you have a problem with it...EAT IT :)

I leave you now with a final illustration of what happened on the 6th of October War (Yom Kippur War)... ENJOY :)

Hey Israelis, I wonder what you were running from...lool!


HAHA.. God bless our martyrs!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha...the photo is hilarious!

Good post :)

Mohaly said...

Great post ya Fad..Actually I wrote yesterday on my blog wondering what happened to this Egyptian vision and spirit?!

Zeinobia said...

@Fadfadation , I am so happy that I found another one who is thinking in the same way like me :)

Fadfadation said...


I didn't know you read my posts. Welcome to my

I said almost the same thing about you on my Anniversary POST.

Daa Sharaf leya ya fandem :)

Om Luji said...

Well, I don't think the West claims that we were defeated in this war, they merely think that the war was balanced.. Which means that we didn't achieve the outstanding victory that we propagate.
Of course the reason for this Western view is that, as opposed to our shallow view of history, they tend to evaluate events as related to their final outcome.
I believe the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, with the terms it involved, comes to enforce their claim.
When we teach October War in our history books we totally dismiss what happened to the third army, as if it didn't happen. And what we say about the peace treaty is so ridiculous. We need to face facts to be able to see our faults, this doesn't take away anything from our victory. We had our land back and we did achieve a miraculous victory in the beginning of this war. There was a lot of heroism. But there were minor mistakes. And if we erase them from our history as if they never happened, we are forsaking the young generations who can buy what the western books say about our history.

Fadfadation said...

Om Luji,

You said:" don't think the West claims that we were defeated in this war, they merely think that the war was balanced"

seems to me you didn't talk to many about
Of course they (vast majority) do think we lost ya Om Luji and i do mean military wise not treaty wise and it's aftermath.

As for what you said about us teaching bits of what happened within that are totally right. We should teach it all not just the first part.

And especially we should teach children what and why we made mistakes in that war (el sa3'ra...etc).

As for the peace treaty, i am a one that can help but say it load and clear... "although it gave us our land, but the amount of give in (tanazolat) that we did for it is way too much".

Some people will come out and say: "Sadat did this to save our land and blood".

I think the answer should be more like: " Everything comes with a price, and this treaty's outcome is good in terms of getting the land back...but not in many other aspects.".

For heavens sake, we can't even deploy moer police forces in Sinai without telling the

Not only that, we also lost our status as an arab\muslim leading country and preferred to just go for the slogan..."Egypt first" (since Sadat era).

I personally don't think that is correct for Egypt! Egypt is bigger than that.
Look around you, we (Egypt) lost our status amongst arabs since our political agenda turned spinless!

Om Luji said...

It's good that we agreed on something here :)
Now concerning the western evaluation of the war, I insist that the majority don't consider it a defeat. All the major books didn't deny our initial victory. The first strike was a success by all measures, and the Israeli losses were huge on the first days, they all confess.
But what happened after that, the mysterious pause and the negotitation process which took place while the war was on, that's also a part of the war. It doesn't cancel what was won on the first days, but it lead to some serious losses on our side which turned the whole thing up-side-down.
Some anti-Arabs, Zionists and extremists, who had louder voices after 9/11, came out with all false tales, but they are a minority.
Now the question remains, why do we hide facts? Why forsake our children who can listen to those false tales and think they were true? Why do we insist that the war ended in the same way it started?
Criticizing a treaty does not cancel it. It just teaches lessons for the future. Why aren't we allowed to criticize this peace treaty? 7agat mesh mafhoomah!

Fadfadation said...

YA Om el Luj :)

when i said that majority consider us defeated it was becuase of the folllowing:

Yes, the beleive we did great (at start) against all odds.
And yes we beat the hell ou of Israelis (at the start specially).

But, they do not consider that a win. They say "wars are won by the outcome"...

the outcome was our 3rd Army being cornered...hence their clam we lost.

They say:"You (Egypt) doing well at the start does not mean you won anything. Germany won almost all of Europe at the start of the war, yet it lost at the end. Hence it is to be judged as lossing the whole war".

THat's their view... and that is why i posted this post to counter argue that line of thought.

Convincing them or not... that is not an issue to me of course :)

As for the teaching part...7'alas all of us seem to know exactly what happened (internet, Al Jazeera programmes, documentaries, books, autobios...etc.)

Nothing is hidden anymore, our children will know the same.

But of course i agree, it should be tought in it's entirety...not only the first 8 days (when we were kicking @#$).


hesha3000 said...

man i really cant stand people keep saying that israel won

atleast they could say no body won its much better than israel won the war!!

Egypt took the land back
israel lost the land they stole

so how in hell did ISRAEL won?!

just i wanna say that is what we could expect from the west..people who keep trying to steal our lands allover the time

plus who r the good guys and the bad guys..

and why the west is supporting the bad guys

Fadfadation said...


They say Israel won becuase of the reasons i mention.

Mainly it's the Military outcome...the SA3'RA and all.

In all cases, final outcome..we got our land back by war and then peace... faaaa Ishta!

Problem is the peace treaty is not really in our favor to a great extent. That's how many arabs see it.

Rabena yensorna...ameen

Anonymous said...


what a selective memory! lol. you just forgot to mention what happened to Syria!

Not to mention that to score a "victory", the attacking forces had to appeal to the lowest level of ethics it could reach. Attacking a praying country during their highest holiday and scoring an initial victory isn't what I can describe as noble.

I think that this is the main reason why the West still see the Yom Kippur war as an Israeli victory no matter what Arabs claim or believe, even when the Arab armies used such a low artifice they did not achieve an Israeli defeat and although latter Egypt recovered the Sinai with the peace agreement, the Syrian loss of Golan still echo till this day.

Good try anyway...

Fadfadation said...


Well, if you want to call me selective then be my guest.
But, i wonder what you'd be called....mmm... maybe "changing the subject" type of guy\Gal?!

I am an Egyptian and i was talking about the Egyptian side...daaaah! lol

Oh...and please drop the "attcking on a holy day" thing.

Or maybe you wanted us to send a notification to the Israeli troops of when we will attack.
Oh...oh.... and at the same time attack only when the Israeli army was fully ready.

What type of thought\strategy is

And please don't try to lecture us about ethics and nobility...

You are talking about the "Israeli army"... wake up and smell their gunpowder...

Maybe you need to check History of the Arab-Isreali conflict to know how "NOBLE" israelis are.

if not....check the news and what they do to Palestinians. Maybe then, you'd have a more REALLISTIC view of them.

What a pity :\

Anonymous said...

I'm an egyptian.

@ anon, you got your behinds kicked in 73 and ran crying to mother America so she can wipe your nose! The egyptian army seized tanks that did 17kms only!!

@ Fad, this is my first time on your blog. Nice topic. Keep up the good work.

Fadfadation said...

THanks anon the egyptian :)

beep beep masr :)

Anonymous said...

Israel won.

Fadfadation said...

Good for them, and we ended up with our land :P


afi portugal said...

My father participated in that war, he was posted with his unit in a station called Budapest, when the attack started they lost a lot of soldiers, by a miracle he could make it out of there and was rescued by the crew of another tank. Him, like many other Israelis, do not think we won the war, I don't think Egypt won either, both sides lost a lot of soldiers, Egypt had its chance to go further and they did not, Israel had its chance to avoid the surprise and missed the chance too. Politicians think differently, they don't care how many soldiers died, they will always say "we won", regardless.
Salaam Aleik.

Tertium Quid said...

As an American alive at the time, this is what I remember:

The Egyptians won the first phase through good tactics, good planning, and the element of surprise. So long as Egyptian forces stayed near the cover of their surface-to-air missiles near the Suez Canal, they held their ground against Israeli counterattacks. The Egyptians, encouraged by their early successes, sent much of the 3rd Army too far forward, and the Israelis, having air superiority, managed to cut the 3rd Army's main supply route.

Up north, the Syrians won some initial successes on the Golan Heights, but the Israelis counterattacked successfully.

The Soviets mobilized forces to intervene. The U.S. mobilized the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne Divisions. Saner heads prevailed, and a truce was put together that eventually led to Israeli withdrawal from Sinai.

Both sides get to claim victory, and both sides get to brag of heroism and outdoing the other.

Fadfadation said...

Afi Portugal,

You are right, politics tends to illiminate the human factor.

Makes you think... what next? when will this conflict be solved and people can move on with their lives.

THanks for sharing :)

Fadfadation said...

Tertium Quid,

very well put and said.


Anonymous said...

hey you filthy arab, Egypt's goal was the complete and utter destruction of Israel, and they failed that miserably. Israel only lost 2,656 killed troops compared to the combined forces of your filthy arab armies losing almost 8000-15000 men.

you lost, face it, faggot


Anonymous said...

filthy arab

Fadfadation said...


You can say what you want, but fact is Egypt's goal was what i mentioned in the post, don't want to believe it, that's your problem.

As for hating arabs and cursing us as you are genorously doing, it shows what type of person and level you are.

What i find strange is that i as far as i know people in Tonronto, Canada are more open minded and don't tolerate hate speech... go figure what i mean...

Anonymous said...

if you are so expert as you want to show, you should know that the tank in the photo is a merkava tank, that in 1973 didn't exist. That accident took place in the 80', and was not a combat accident. As for the Yom Kippur war, all you said is false.
Long live israel!

Fadfadation said...

Aaah anon, the typical Zionist WISE MOUTH that we have to live with in these times....

You said: "if you are so expert as you want to show"

Nowhere in my post have i said i am an expert. Let me check again...mmm..nope, sorry matey...not here.

It doesn't take an expert Mr.Wise Mouth to know the "FACTS" if you read enough and not one side of the story.

OH...WAIT... you only read "YOUR VERSION" of incidents in the middle east... yes, very convenient isn't it?

You said: "merkava tank, that in 1973 didn't exist. That accident took place in the 80'"

Yes, thank you for your valuable unseeked for knowledge which is accessible via Wikipedia (with photos may i add).

And i ask you: "Where in my post have i stateed that this accident happened in 1973?".

Come on... where? tell me...

Here's exactly what i said:

I leave you now with a final illustration of what happened on the 6th of October War (Yom Kippur War)... ENJOY :)

[Photo]Hey Israelis, I wonder what you were running from...lool! .
HAHA.. God bless our martyrs!

If your "SMART" mind hasn't noticed it and i have to "Literally" say it in your face MR. SMART MOUTH, I AM MOCKING THE ISRAELI ARMY.

And I did not state that this happened in 1973 or even did i put it on the photo, hence the words "illustration", and "enjoy".

Get your facts right before lecturing us please!!

Oh, wait...i forgot yet again... lecturing "their version" is what the Zionist propaganda is used to doing all the time... daaaaaaaaaaaaah :P

And by the way, what i mentioned in my post, is facts... don't like it...EAT IT!


aaah what can i say...typical your answer is sooo..... typical :\

arik said...

Ah yes, you (the egyptians) just wanted back the sinai. You(the Egyptians) wanted to kill as many jews as possible and if it would have worked out to destroy that whole state of israel. Thats what you (egyptians, syrians, hamas, plo, hezbollah-freaks) always wanted.

Fadfadation said...

Actually Arik or S., no! do not want all jews dead.

Shocker, isn't it?... for a mind set like yours!!

Anonymous said...

I ejoyed reading this post-well written and reasonably balanced;) I am a Christian, and a history teacher in Canada. A book I just finished on the conflict by an Isreali reporter for the Jerusalem Post concluded by saying, essentially, that Egypt won the strategic victory (the Sinai, and control of the Canal) while the Isrealis won the tactical war - significant forces inside Syria and Egypt when the ceasefire was called. Sadat comes across as a world class statesman. In all, peace between Egypt and Isreal was the greatest outcome. Salaam/Shalom

Anonymous said...

i would recommend you to read about Operation Nickel Grass, you can find it on wikipedia, massive amount of supplies and almost 40 fighters per day was deleivered to Israel. meanwhile read about what Kesinger did without the knowledge of Nixon on the war. learn about the american attitude during the war, how DEFCON was raised to nuclear threat level just to save Israel.
then come back nd tell me Israel won the war..
On intelegence behalfs you can read about the achievments the Egyptians made.
On Political behalfs i guess we are here and you are there and that's enough.
On military basis, we were 12-20 km inside Sinai along a shore of 200 Kms and you had a GAP.
You won the "GAP" yupiiii lol.
and actually americans won the GAP for you, and pushed Egypt to accept cease firing, Israel was already begging for it.
You can see a movie called 50 years of aram-israel conflict a documentary. if you find it watch carefully
Thanks man for the blog, and the open sidcussion is awsome

Fadfadation said...

Thanks anon for the points you pointed out :)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to see how the arabs believe their own propaganda! Poor fools.

Egypt returned Sinai not as a result of the Yom Kippur war but because they decided to make peace with Israel. They could have gotten Sinai without a war.

Just looking at the map [] makes you wonder how can they possibly claim they've liberated Sinai. All they had at the end of war a sliver of territory + their 3rd army was trapped without food and water.


Fadfadation said...


Why of course, how dare we believe our own propaganda!!

We should believe your Propaganda. Because you are always right. you are always righteous. And for sure you are the only ones who have the full truth, eh?


First of all, we never said that the War “ALONE” got us our land. I never stated that in my post (that’s if you read well in the first place).
What we are saying (and will say) is that if it wasn’t for the 1973 war, we would’ have been in a position to get anything out of the Israel’s.


1- In my post I already stated:
“Anwar Al Sadat (Egypt's President) said it very clear to his Army commanders before the war:" Put me 12 soldiers on the other side of the Canal (East Side, Israeli front), and I will get Sinai back by negotiations!".”
2- You said that Egypt got its land because they decided to have peace with Israel(as in, “only because of peace), well I ask you a question… why didn’t the rosy, butterfly peaceful Israelis not accept Anwar al Sadat’s peace proposition in 1971 or any other peace effort?

I’ll answer that for you: “They had the land, they thought they were the strongest, and they didn’t care for peace”.

To summarize my point, check Henry Kissinger’s autobiography and you’ll find this:
He actually told the Arab ambassadors that meet him during the war that (meaning of): “Before it was difficult dealing with the Israel’s for arab demands, but now they know that Arabs are strong and things will be different”.

If it wasn’t for the sting the Israelis got from that War, most probably Israelis would be still sun bathing in the Canal till this date!

As for who won the war, and claimed the victory and all that, I already answered in my post… I won’t waste more time there…

Anonymous said...

you israelis are not grateful..
you never were
israel without america is nothing!
our great support in 1973 was the only reason that stopped the egyptian forces from deleting you from the map.
you guys go by the torah at home and you go out and kill palestinians in the streets and you have the nerve to actually call palestinians terrorists...
israel without the british mandate in palestine wouldnt even exist..
you guys are so ungrateful..
and i dont know why does our governement still support you..
i know one day you will turn your back to us when you dont need our support anymore..
God bless America

Anonymous said...

i def agree with the last post..
America should stop supporting israel.
God bless our nation
the only key for arabs to achieve their goals is to be united.

p.s. that egyptian singer..ruby?
yeah shez hot

sayedhamoto said...

western media propaganda myth : the 3rd army was going to surrender ....when did an army surrender when the enemy cut its main supplies road ?? knowing that the enemy recieved most of the supplies (to the west bank of canal) by helicopters ... the 3rd army was in strong position and it advanced and gained more territory in the east.

moonsmile said...

As Big Lies go this is a whopper. Despite its auspicious beginning for the Egyptians and their Syrian allies, the war ended with massive Israeli armored forces on the west bank of the Suez Canal, within striking distance of Cairo and with the Egyptian Third Army totally encircled. They were saved from annihilation only by the good graces of US secretary of state Henry Kissinger. Egypt's Anwar Sadat was the one who sued desperately for a cease-fire, not Israel's Golda Meir.
I was in Sinai which was under Israel in 1980, and he was heading a mobile missile unit for the Egyptian Army. I remember how surprised he was, even then, that Israel recovered so quickly. He felt that if the Egyptians had accepted an early cease fire, or at least had not continued to lie to the troops in the field who felt they would soon pick out houses in theTel Aviv area, the outcome would have been different. Anyway, a great guy, an officer and a gentleman.
You know what an Arab mentality is? If an Arab has a fight with a Jew, the Arab pulls the Jew a hair out, the Jew than knock him out and the Arabs is unconscious. What will the Arab say after he wakes up? I won; I pulled him out a hair. Funny or? This is why the Arabs won the war they pulled out a hair but been unconscious for few years do not count. You see how smart an Arab is and why they have so many less Nobel Prizes as the Jews? Yes because they are knockout!

Fadfadation said...

Thank you moonsmile for reminding us all why with such mentalities as yours there will never be a chance for true peace.

When someone is so arrogant, they are bound to be stepped over one day.

Just keep working on humiliating people...and your day will eventually come..

enjoy while it lasts :P

Tarek Refaat said...

Well number one i'd like to say that I loved this main post.. simply very well said and correct. On the other hand regarding the last about what we call the Defressoir encirclement which you all are calling the surrounding of the 3rd Army.. Yes the Israeli forces were 91 Km away from Cairo but if they couldn't take Suez which is a mere mere fraction of Cairo.. Can you take on Cairo.. Seriously guys.. you have to be kidding me.. Mechanics will dismantle the tanks and sell them scrap metal for free.. you wouldn't be able to even try to match this to stalingrad if you think you an pull this out you're greatly mistaken :) not to mention its enough to release Local police and they'd still outnumber the israelis

I firmly believe it was a complete victory just not having the cherry on top. And by the way Anwar Sadat refused to have the 3rd army Massacred even though he could have and massacred the Israeli forces in the process because the situation was there were 3 circles.. the tiny one in the middle.. the 3rd army, the outer circle, the israeli forces and the outer outer circle the remaining of the egyptian army.. so i don't think this is a victory for israel by any means :)

scandinavian_armor said...

im not an arab nor a jew but i have had questions regarding this matter.

you guys said that the 3rd egyptian army were in top fighting form, then why wasn't the 3rd egyptian army able to broke out of encirclement as the 1st US marine division did in in korean war?

also, what happened to the egyptian 2nd army up north? were they just sitting as sharon ad adan entered africa, trapped the 3rd army and israelis continued to pour into the 'gap'?

and somebody said that if the war would have continued....
well, i guess if it continued, 3rd army would have been history, and sharon would have paraded in streets of cairo. ( no offense pals)

regarding the us airlift of military suplies and the recon flights, they were afraid that israel would result to nuclear bombs.

but the way i see it, egypt can claim a victory because it proved that it can dictate the war and can fool all of the intelligence agencies in the world and the MOSSAD.
israel can claim it too, because it shows that they can adopt to changes and still can turn the tides of war.

Fadfadation said...

Hi Scandinavian,

I'll try to answer your questions by bits...

"you guys said that the 3rd egyptian army were in top fighting form, then why wasn't the 3rd egyptian army able to broke out of encirclement as the 1st US marine division did in in korean war?"

2 things...

- Obvious managerial errors:

1- starting day 12 when the administrative cission was taken to attack beyond the 12K defense coverage the Egyptians set in the first few days of war to the east of the Canal...which devastated our armors as they went out of the Air Defense coverage).
The army was totally encircled on the 22nd when the Israelis broke

2- Days between 16-19 when the Army General wanted to pull back the Armor from the east to the west to end the Israeli forces that crossed on the West of the canal.

the FULL encirclement of the army happened when israelis broke the siege on the 22nd (which surprised us... although i think we should have predicted they would do such a thing...). And then there was another seize fire which made us stop trying to break out.

"also, what happened to the Egyptian 2nd army up north?"

Two reasons:
1- The Israelis occupied them with counter attacks from the East of the Canal.
2- Another managerial mistake that Sadat took not to withdraw men or armour to the east side (fearing that would affect the moral of the army). And the ridiculous reports that the Israeli army that crossed to the West side were low in numbers (at least that report was said in the first few days).

"and somebody said that if the war would have continued....
well, i guess if it continued, 3rd army would have been history, and sharon would have paraded in streets of cairo. ( no offense pals)"

Again i answer with two points:

1- You never know because (and i quote from the post):
" in all wars (even before they start) there is one side that has an upper hand (by numbers of troops or the battle field situation), does that mean that they have won the war just because they are in a better position at a certain point of time??

2- Israelis counldn't enter Suez (which is a fraction of Cairo), and you want to convince anyone that he could parade in Cairo streets!

As you said and as it is a fact... Egypt and Israel both think they won the war.. each for their own reasons and per their point of view.


Faisal said...

Sa7 keda! Enveloping the third Army didn't mean jack shit because the 2nd Army was right next to the Israelis.

Ive heard it being said that they were 101km from Cairo and there was nothing in the way to stop them. BULLSHIT. The 1st Army and the Republican Guard were there to stop them...

Besides, they should have entered Cairo... they would have been slaughtered just by the Egyptian Civil Defense.

Israeli (and Western) propaganda has managed to convince most of the western world but answer me this: WHEN have the Israelis ever given back land to anyone? Answer: Only to Egypt. Reason: We fucked them up.

Rose said...

just a note...u said us Egyptians at least...have you not known that Syrians were also fighting side to side with the Egyptians? I find this to be annoying since A LOT of Egyptians do not know or have not studied it in their history that Syria was equally fighting during this war. Anyways God Bless Syria, Egypt and the Arab World.

Fadfadation said...


Of course Egyptians know that Syrians fought alongside us. Only an iggnorante person would claim otherwise.

The thing is that Syria did not get any final achivement (land for instance) out of it.

But when it comes to sacrifice... Syrians are known to be ones that are always ready for it... no doubt there!

God bless all arabs and muslims :)

Masraya said...

I realy like the post "God bless the one who wrote it".But as an Egyptian I recomend that those who believe that Egypt didn't win the war to listen to Sadat Speech in the "Israeli Kenist" and that will end all this mess.