Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Colleague Was Sexually Harassed!

Laaa, Qatar is changing a lot. What a pity :(

My colleague (British Female) was back from an outing at 1AM. As she was parking her car under the house, she notices a man in a car behind her just sitting there.

The man was starring at her. She felt uncomfortable and waited a bit till he left.
Five minutes passed and he stayed there. She thought he might be waiting for someone.

She went out of the car, went towards the building's main gate to open it (note: no security in the building) and heard steps behind her.
She looked behind her to find an Arab guy (per her description) in his late 30s very close to her. She got paralyzed.
He then touched her body, she screamed with all her power and moved back.
She kept cursing him and he freaked out.

The interesting part is that ibn el @#$# actually threatened her as he was moving away. He said:" From now on you better watch your back!".

Do you believe that?!!!!! not only is he a sick #$%% but he is also threatening her?!!!
The stranger thing is, with all the screaming she did, no one from the building or the surrounding buildings came out to see what is going on?!!!!!!!!!!

The girl is a mess. She hates Doha. She says she feels safer in London than here in Doha.

Problem is she didn't get his car's number. Obviously, she didn't file a police complaint.

Today, we are going to try and escalate this with management ISA. We need to get her out of that flat... quick!

Regalet eh el zebala dool...eeeef! Allah yel3ano!

Rabena ye7fazha!

Mood: disgusted!


el madam said...

OMG!!! unbelievable!!!! maybe the guy was under the influence of something... she's got to get out of that place!
remember we talked about this before, how there's no police (or even pedestrians)anywhere in the streets, wala 7atta 3and wezarit el dakhleya! if anyone has an emergency, the best bet is calling the emergency hotline & if u r lucky, someone who can actually communicate in english will pick up after hopefully the 3rd ring & send u to the correct department u need!
satrak ya rab!

Old school friend :) said...

It seems that no one rescues any girl in the street any any country..even here in Egypt..what a pity..

From many years I was walking in my street at 7:30 in the morning to wait for my work bus and then a car stopped and inside it were 3 boys..and they stole my bag from me...I shouted on them..and the strangest thing is that the street was full of people..the bakery..the grocery man..the men who were eating foul and taamiya..and no one thought to come and help me :(

Hope all the safety for the girls in the streets..because they are not safe any more to walk alone in it :(

Fadfadation said...

Old School Friend,

I think we Egyptians lost "el na7'wa" :(

It is rare now to find someone who has "Shahama". It is not like before.


Jade said...

Erm... You are sad about the girl being touched in Qatar? What about all the girls being Harassed & raped in Egypt? What about el mo3aksat - isnt this a kind of harassment?

It's a shame how as we become a more religious society, a more diseased one evolves.. & the more girls are covering up - the hornier the men are getting.

Rabena ye7faz kol el banat. But anyways, her wanting to move back to London cause its "safer" is just an illusion - she just forgot where she came from. It's not that safe to be out alone in London at 1am either...

Fadfadation said...

If she was in Londond there is no way she'd be going home at even 11PM