Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ramadan TV Series Review - 2007

Here is my review for the Ramadan TV Series I watched:

Note: Order is from best to worse.

1- King Farouk (Al Malik Farouk):

Excellent acting, d├ęcor, direction, camera angles, costumes… I can go on!
This was an excellent series. And I can see that almost everyone agrees it was the best this year. Aaah fenak ya Gedi :)

A thought:

Maybe Syrian TV series gained momentum over Egyptian TV series over the past few years.
Maybe Egyptian TV series is getting better over the past 2 years.
But, one thing is for sure… the combination of Egyptian\Syrian\Lebanese\Saudi…etc talent and finance, we'll get a fatal equation!

Even if we unit in art, we excel. Aaaaah, I guess you know what I want to say :(

2- Sons of Nightlife (Awlad El Laiyl):

I think this was underrated gedan by people!
It had a very good story, very well written characters, very good acting (Ahmed Rateb "El Kan" was great so were the rest) , and for sure excellent direction and location choices. For heaven's sake, it was almost all recorded in open air! Since when do we have such a series?! It seemed very realistic.

I think the only problem was the main actor's Egyptian Arabic accent (Jamal Seliman, who is Syrian). I guess this is what put a lot of people off.

The ending was a bad. The shooting scene was awful! That was disappointing!

3- Tamer And Shawkiya Part 2:

My type of humor…haboli :)

I like that Ahmed Mekki (the guy called Haitham if I remember right, with big afro hair) a lot, he is very funny.
The way the guys joke and talk reminds me of me and my friends (I guess many people feel that).

Actually, I didn't watch Part 1 which was played last year. I think I should download it from the net or something.

I can see an obvious Part 3 next year!

4- A Man and Six Women (Ragel Wee Set Setaat):

Nice comedy series with Ashraf Abdel Baki, whom in my opinion is underrated as a good actor. I think he is good, especially in comedy series….and I repeat series! not movies!

I liked the character called Ramzy, who was supposed to be Ashraf Abdel Baki's cousin.

One of Ramzy's comment that I can not get off my mind is:" Yaaa Hal….?!!"….looool

7- Al Daly:

Ya3ny! But not up to my taste :(

Look I love Nour Al Sherif's TV series. But come on this was like a combination of Al ibrator (Ahmed Zaki), God Father, Zaman Hatem Mokhtar movies, and Mighty Mouse cartoon!

Here are a few flaws:
  • The mafia was ridiculous. Did you see that Mafia leader wearing a big round hat??? and his bodyguards with their toy machine guns?!!!!!!!! Come on people! That type of directing was way back in the 80s….lol
  • Another thing, who on earth (a muslim) would build a grave for his son in his garden?!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, muslims don't do that, no matter which social level they are part of! Except of course if they live in the grave yard area in the first place…lol
  • The actor that did the journalist character (don't know his real name, but I know he is in Rotana Cinema satellite channel), he is maybe ok as an actor, but he wasn't the right one for the dodgy journalist. They needed someone more…. 7erek…if you get what I mean.
  • QUIT THE "BAABI" word!
    The girl acting as Mahmoud Al Ginidi's daughter was going on and on saying to her father (in the series): "Baaaaaabi"….. !!!!! FOR %$&^ SAKE…quit saying that!
    If you can't say it…DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeef!
  • Salah Abdala:
    I had enough of that guy. He acts in the same way whether he is acting in this series or even as Mostafa Al Nahas Basha in another series. Same facial expressions, same tone of voice…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    This guy is becoming MOKARAR 3alena! He is all over the place, and he isn't that good aslan.
    El ra7ma ba2a!
  • The series was sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow!
    It took them 36 or so to get to the finale!
    For instance, that character that came out to confess that he is the one that shot Al Daly and his son… we wasted 2 episodes to find out he had nothing to do with it and that he was a loony!
    La2 wee eh…. He then committed suicide!

Enough said about this series, some of the good things were the sort of blond girl in the series (Sha2latni ya m3alem...lol), that hateful Khalid Character, and a few other things here and there.

6- Hamada Ezzo:

This one I'll differ with a lot of people (strangely enough!), I did not like it a t all.

Come on, Yehia El Fakharani's (I love Yehia El Fakharani) character was so daaaah! The series was so silly.

The one that irritated me a lot was his cousin the woman that came back from Germany with her 3 kids. First of all, I really dislike the actress aslan! Second, the conversations between them were so unrealistic. And last but not least, the whole story of her having a nuclear secret and all…. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The only nice thing about the series was Karima Mokhtar (the best one to act as a mother character in Egyptian and Arab media for the past 30 years). Seeing her act again was great. She was very good in her part.

Bottom line is, this series was a big disappointment to me :(

Finally, as El Kan character from Awlad Al Layl series said: " Ye7'reb beet dy 7ekaya!"

Mood: tararam :)


gjoe said...

I have to say that i didnt watch one single series and I dont regret not watching any execpt of course King Farouq. People from different backgrounds really liked the series and I wish I could see its rerun sometime..

Yettraba Fe 3ezzoh was also very famous among my friends. As a matter of fact, bringing up Yehia El Fa7'arany in many conversations reminded me of that old movie i blogged about.

I dont know how many know this fact, but The writer of King Farouq (Lamees Gaber) is actually the wife of Yehia El Fa7'arany.
They better enjoy the fame, success and appreciation for quite some time :D


Fadfadation said...

YA Gjoe,

I can not tell you how irritating it was!!!!

ana kont 7armi el TV bee el shebsheb! lol

insomniac said...

it's strange it only bothered you in that series, it's been getting on my nerves in almost every single tv series since i can remember!! i seriously appreciate "abaa" more that "baaby"

on another note, i am watching the reruns of king farouq and i like i very much!

i thought al daly was overrated and barely followed it anyways...

liked yetraba fe 3ezzo, because of the outstanding performance of both yahia and karima (whom ur absolutely right about her being the best to play the egyptian mother role)... the show had a lot of flaws (the nuclear thing was a major one of course), but ppl like hamada exist and they are far more irritating and less funny in real life...

Fadfadation said...


Wade7 inek 2abelti such a character in real life...lol

insomniac said...

my favorite uncle was a good example of that character... loved him as i was growing up, until i outgrew him and realized he's messing up ppl's lives including his own kids'... my late nana (Allah yer7amha) never found it in her heart to get mad at him and everyone blamed her... i blamed my late grandpa (Allah yer7amo) cause he was never there to be the tougher parent..... sad sad story

Fadfadation said...


Yeah, i can only imagine how diffecult it is for the parents :S

embee said...

I generally abstain from TV. Been on a dry streak for 14 months now. However, after all the hype about El Malek Farouk, I thought maybe I should bend the rules for that one. An hour ago I watched exactly 12 minutes of the re-run series. And I got smacked in the face with the following:

Queen Nazly sporting dark red nail polish almost crimson on long square-cut nails.

Queen Nazly talking to her heir son "enta kom wel donia deh kollaha kom tani 3andi"

I might have stumbled on two ugly bits. But please... Monarchy sporting those nails and talking using such terms ?

/me keeps up with the dry streak !

Fadfadation said...



it is obvious for anyone to guess why you don't watch tv anymore. If one gets to critical about things, there is no way you will last...lol

Of course there are many mistakes (if one is as articulate as you are). The thing is...this series compared to others, is way much better.

Are you a perfectionist?

Nag said...


I seem to disagree with you in some of your reviews and agree in others.. altho, i didnt watch ANY of the series intensely, but i saw bits and pieces of some and here is what i think..

* King Farouk:
i couldnt bring myself to watch a single episode of this series for two very simple reasons:
1) the ad or trailer itself was a MAJOR turn-off for me and showed that whoever wrote and/or directed the series knows absolutely nothing about monarchy, royalty, or even high-class families in Egypt.. you would NEVER see a king shouting at his wife telling her something like "enti sawwedti 3eshti"!!! (as he does in the trailer!) Kings dont talk like that, well brought-up ppl dont talk like that.. and no matter how much you like or dislike King Farouk, you cannot deny that he probably received the best bringing up in Egypt.. if you want to know how royalty would shout at someone or hazza2 someone, you can always see how Ahmad Mazhar does it!! :D before 1952, the class segregation in Egypt was very severe, the high class and the commoners didnt even use the same cursing language! tab3an now its not the case fa now a "current" King Farouk can use this language...
2) Linking to the first point and to embee's comment, Queen Mother would NEVER be wafaa amer for God's sake!!! is it just because she is "beida w eshta" that she can play a queen??? LOL eih el ay kalam da?? she looks soooooo vulgar yanhar abyad!! she doesnt have the dignity of a queen khaless!!

* Tamer and Shaw2eya
i saw very few parts of this one this year and last year.. Weirdly enough, this series doesnt remind me of MY friends, but rather of yours :D it really reminds me of the very few gang a3dat that i witnessed @ pottery and elsewhere :) the same type of humor and i even map the characters keda to the guys..

* Ragel w set settat
I loooooved this one!! LOL i used to watch it whenever i find it showing.. "ya hal" di cracks me up!!! LOL Ashraf 3abd el ba2i himself has very natural humor keda, like he is one of our friends.. i liked this one, shallow and light keda..

* Al daly
i only watched one episode.. altho i dont like Nour el sherif, but i thought his acting was good.. esp when it came to dealing with his son in law..

* hamada ezzo
I was so excited to watch this one, i usually like youssef ma3aty writing and fakharany acting, but after 2 episodes, i discovered that this one is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG disappointment in spite of all the hype associated with it.. i hated it 3al akher.. very shallow and no i dont think it represents egypt or anything.. i dont know.. it failed me awi..

enough with the TV review :)

bass king farouk ya Fad? you failed me!! :P You out of everyone know how old Egypt was..

Fadfadation said...

belra7a 3alya ya Nag :)

Yes you identfied two of the biggest flaws:

1- Wafaa amer being the queen (althgouh the director made her do a generally good job).
2- The language used by the royal family.

And if we want to get really critical..

I hated the way Salah Abdala impersonized EL Nahas basha. he made him so YUCK! and glanf.

Also, Hassanein basha (Ezzat abu ouf) was not as bad as in the seires. The man was a 3alem kibeer.

I can go on...

But, when i said it's the best i was looking at all the bright sides:

1- decor was very realistic (compared to the usual).

2- it was a veyr fair series.
For the first time in our history (which mentions the monarchy) someone didn't show the king as just a bad person.

IN reality there were good sides to him.
THink of it, when was the last time you saw a arab drama being fair with that era like this?

THat was the biggest plus for the seires.


On another note, why do you think that Tamer & Shawkiya group were similar to me and my friends?

Oh, and thank you for telling everyone where we sit. Now i know that Amn El Dawla will know where to pick me up from....lol

embee said...

Eugh.. Not quite the perfectionist. However, I've been dubbed as anal before. So that might be it.

Although I guess me abstaining from TV has more to do with it being a one-way entertainment thing, rather then being online which is a two-way thing !

Om Luji said...

I seeeee.. So even those series which we both watched get opposite reviews on our blogs. What do you call that? lol
King Farouk, bingo.. That's a good one artistically.
The others are no no no.
Dali may have had a bit of problems related to production. The production was generous, but in order to reach a certain level of perfection with such a big project you should be more than generous. There should be a huge production.
Ezzo is more complex than the story on the surface. I agree with many critics that it has many symbols, and only when you figure those out that you are able to appreciate it fully.
This year was not a big disappointment, compared to the previous years. I wish you had watched one of the really bad ones.. I would have liked to know what you have to say about those.

Fadfadation said...

I thank God i didn't watch the ones you mention... i don't want to have a heart attack at such an age :)

Nag said...

i dont know why it reminds me of el gang.. just a general feeling..

and LOOOOOOL @ the second point.. funny thing is, right after i sent it, i realized this fa i thougt of deleting it, but thanks to comment moderation, i couldnt! :P

LOL... i am sorry ya Fad.. 7aneb2a nezoorak :P

Nag said...

eih da.. there is no comment moderation!

Fadfadation said...

Belzabt ya day3a...i removed it a while ago...lol