Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tagged: 5 Reasons Why I Wish I Was 3

I got this tag from Um El Luj...

These are the 5 reasons why I wish I was 3:

1. No responsibilities what so ever! any working married man with kids will know what i mean :)

2. Play again with my favorite toys: Playmobile, Matchbox cars, Army soldiers and planes, and Action men. I miss playing with my cousins (mother and father's side). We were very close back then :(

3. I could be playing with my  kid, that would be nice :)

4. Having my mother and late brother feeding me porridge (like cereal but it is made of wheat) while i sit on my high chair. And eating Dada K's lovely egg and cheese every morning (God i always loved Egg and cheese).

5. Going to hotels for a night every month with my family. I used to love that.

A story for the record:

Once my family and I ( i was between 3 and 5 i think) went to one of the Hotels to spend the night there (eating, sleeping and going into the pool).
In the evening we went to the open-buffet to eat. There was all sorts of food out there... meat, chicken, rice, Macaroni, appetizers...etc.

My father told me:"Yalla ya fadfadation go fill a plate for yourself" (my real nickname was used of course).
I went for a while and came back with a big plate full of Black olives...and only black olives!

My parents spent the rest of the night trying to convince me to eat something else.

As a kid i used to love one especially. I still do, but much less than before.

Mood: Reminiscing :)


Nag said...


I have a similar story :D

I was @ beit jeddo and at 3 am i came up with the idea that "i want zatoun" too!! but it was green olives.. and i started crying because they had none.. funny thing is, i was only TWO!

Fadfadation said...

wade7 ino kaan fy na2s olive iol fel geel beta3na.

Although i am much older than you tab3an.

Nag said...

aiwa tab3an enta geel tani khaless :P

Fadfadation said...

lol...mashy mashy.

el madam said...

forgive me honey, i can't help correcting u, i'm sorry lol: porridge is made of OATS, which is a CEREAL other than wheat :)
u can easily sit next to ur kid & be spoonfed ur porridge just like him, i'll be more than happy to make u some :)
and since u loved doing that, we'd love to go spend a night in a hotel every month, shakhshakh geyoobak :) dabest nafsak ya gameel :)

Fadfadation said...


Fadfadation said...


7telbes fel 7eta!

el madam said...

keda! ya ragel ya moftary!

Fadfadation said...

Bahazr tab3an


phewww...that was close!

insomniac said...

LOL, it sounds like something my 2 year old would do, LOVES black olives :)

Fadfadation said...


Yeb2a tale3 waad beyefham wee coooooooooooool :)

Om Luji said...

Hehehehe.. I can now understand why you wish you were three :D

Really, your wife is 3asal. I like women who know how to seize opportunities like these. Take them out once a month ya ba7'eel. Ya3ni hya mratak malhash nefs takol mn elopen buffet hya kaman? Revive your parents' tradition ba2a. 3alashan te3raf ahaleena kanet 2deehom fertah ad eih. ya 3eeny 3ala 3yalna.

K said...

Dude, I keep imagining your father actually calling you "fadfadation" and it really cracks me up ... Like "efta7 el bab ya wad ya fadfadation" LOOOL.

Oh and btw black olives ROCK !!!

Nag said...

LOL @ K!!
I imagined the same thing..

el madam's hotel comment cracked me up :)

Mohaly said...

what is wrong with doing 2,3,5 now :)

K said...

Ok, here's my "black olive" moment in history. It involves me, my sis and my mom sitting in the living room like 20 years ago or something. My mom squeezing out the seed out of the olives and making small dip-sized-ear-shaped bread things with feta cheese and black olives. Hours later we find out the wall behind us was almost covered in olive oil from the squirting. Needless to say a paint job was in order.

el madam said...

Ya Om Luji thanks for the support, 2oolilo ya okhty :) homma el ommahat eli me2addareen! :)
but to be fair - & 3ashan maye2ta3sh masroof el beit! - he does take us to open buffets... waiting to spend the night :(

Ya mohaly, regarding 2,3 & 5... still trying to get him to play with his kids more & aho waiting for #5 & a night in a hotel once a month :)
As for #2, he's playing with soldiers, planes & action men on his PC dorretty 7abibty, it's a lot less clutter & no tidying up needed when he's done alhamdullah! so pls lets keep his old toys in his memory, don't encourage him, i've got enough on my hands already ;)

Fadfadation said...

om Luji,

itla3y minha wee heya te3mar! balash tawlee3 ya wela3!

Tab3an inty asdek tehady el nofoos :)

i was just thinking (after i wrote this post), it would be really weird to hear my father saying "yaad ya fadfadation yaaad!"

As for the oil on the wall story, is that the wall which you had to cover with cigarette boxes?


2- i dont have them with me in Qatar. Although i do play cars with my kid.
3- I do but not as much or as "habal" as i'd want to, el sen ba2a wee
5- i do it but no spending nights.

Fadfadation said...

Om el 3eyal,

Aseeela ya 7arami al masson ;)
daa el 3asham bardo.

Daa i7na lesa rag3eeen min Fish market. Talking of which the Salmon was gamed mooooooooooooooot :)

7ekayet spending nights dy... manty lesa 2oltely mish 3awza teasafry lel far east aslan!

ba2a mish 3awza tesafry lel far east bas 3awza to3ody fee qatar in a hotel?!

weee ba3deen eh ely ana wenty bena3melo daaa.... mish na2es 3'eer nesha3'al el Web CAm 3alashan el naas fel blog yeshoofo betna wee ye3rafo tafaselna 7ayatna ra2eyk ba2a iny 7a7'dek inty wel 3eyal lel hotel fel makaan el gedeed in the north of Qatar!!

wana aho wenty aho... next month we'll go ISA.

huuuuuhhhhhhhhhh :)

el madam said...

ba2a ana 3ayza awafarlak yabol 3eyal, wenta mesh 3agbak... khalas, yala far east :)
we ba3dein eh eli inta 3amlo da! el nas khalas mesh me7tageen web cam LOL
3omooman, leena kalam ba3dein when we are sitting on the same couch & dorretty is shut down 3ala ganb ;)

Nag said...

looooooooool... this is the funniest comments part ever!

we're all hereby witness your promise..

my toys moment of the day: i was in toys r us today.. saw the biggest r/c motorcycle ever!! built on 1:4 scale! i loved it.. there is something about radio controlled cars that attracts me keda..

Fadfadation said...

Ya Nag,

Were you a tom boy when you were a kid?

Old school friend :) said...

Really you and your wife have a great sense of humor:)

Let your wife comment on all your topics ya..Fadfadation...oops..I was going to tell your real name :)
It seems that they like her more than you ;)

Fadfadation said...

Old School friend,

Seems i should give my wife the blog and let her do the blogging :)

some of the ideas in it are from her in the first

But which old school frined are you?

i have 4 old school friends who know about this.

Old school friend :) said...

Guess who Fadfadation???

It is easy ;)

well,, I am the last one that you found from the 4 friends :)

Old school friend :) said...

This will be right if the people who I guess that they know about the blog are the expected people from my point of view ;)

Fadfadation said...

eh el la7'bata dy ba2a??!!??!

You are a she...that's for sure. But, which she are you?

Old school friend :) said...

I am :)
3ereft wala lesa???

Fadfadation said...

Give me a hint