Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Think You Are Having A Bad Luck Spell Recently?

Do You Think You Are Having A Bad Luck Spell Recently? if so, i suggest you read this...

Within the past 2 weeks or so...


Parked my car outside a restaurant for 5 minutes to come back and find that another car slammed into it and ran off.

To fix it i had to pay a few thousand Riyals and my Insurance company only paid 500 Riyals :S


1- Woke up at 2a.m with my wife panicking to find out that our baby boy is out of breath and turning blue. He could hardly breath. Imagine seeing your son running out of breath with the worse sound you can hear in your life...and you can not do anything about it!!

Rushed off to the Hospital (and each traffic light on the way tortured us by changing to red).
Turned out that the poor child's nostrils\throat were swollen which made him unable to breath. Went back home by 4.30am feeling that we have aged 10 years!

2- After a few days our other kid got very sick. Constant vomiting and crying.
When that was done. My in-laws (here on a visit) became ill too.

3- Then, just yesterday my baby boy started vomiting too.
Oh, and not to forget, since last night...i got a high fever and stomach virus.


1- Lost the job opportunity i was targeting for a long time (not to mention wanting to leave). Every manager i know was like:"We see this working out". It would have been the perfect thing for me and my family. Bas kadar Allah wa masha2 fa3al.

2- Thinking i would benefit from going to a certain (other departments) workshop.
It is a 3 days course that takes 9 hours a day.

I attended the first one yesterday and HATED it!
The subject was extremely dry. The topics were too much for my liking.
To the extent that at the end of the course day there was a case study, i actually looked at all three papers of the case study, put them down on the table and looked outside of the

3- After a very long 9 hours, i went to my desk to find out that my "modeer" left early leaving our new employee alone.

My colleague was panicking and said that moderna left without telling him. He said, he has been left alone with me in a course and our other two colleagues on leave.

After doing some reassuring, i sat down on my desk to find out that moderna el 3azeez sably sho3'l lel rokab and left.
What i find funny is that he knows that i finish the course late and i start it very early the following morning (yekrem aslak ya3ny).
I obviously stayed after hours.

4-Then, my colleague came to me complaining that his vacation to Egypt was refused by management and that moderna can not help (yeah, you guessed it... he is telling me about it because i am sort of his mentor).

Knowing that if i try to interfere with moderna, it will end up bee afsh. At the same time i want to help the poor guy out, i told him i'll see what can be done. So that's a discussion i am not looking forward to.

5- With all the pressure and frustration from that stupid course, i didn't notice that i was shaking...yeah shaking.
As i went into my car and drove off i started feeling strange, my hands were shivering on the steering wheel.
Back home i found out that i have high fever and then the bathroom visits started :S

6- Woke up in the morning and sent an sms that i'm not coming in (bala couse bala sho3'l bala beta3) because i'm still ill and felling like i have a dead cat in my stomach.

My wife woke me up:"Fadfad... mafysh kahraba ya fadfad"
I:"mmm (as in ok)".
Went down to check the fuses, they were fine. I just went up and dropped asleep on the bed.

I went to sleep again to find a phone call at 7.30. it was the new guy, there is a problem at work and moderna mo7'tafy again.
Got that sorted and tried to sleep again.

Then after a while my wife came:"Fadfad... the cars are stuck"
I:"Izay ya3ny?"
Her:"No electricity, no garage!"
Excellent, both cars are inside the garage and the door can not open (thanks to electrical door garages).

Told her:"No KG for our son today".
My son:"Papa!".
I: "ya na3am".
My Son:"I want to go to KG :(".
I:"7ader, i'm trying to call the electricity people and they will come and fix it".
My son:"Gedi, Papa will call the electricity man and everything will be ok".

Oh God :S maaa kan ye7la2 lel KG...3eyal eh ely 3ayza tero7 el madrasa dy?!

Tried calling Electricity company but no luck. Then after an hour of trying the electricity came back by itself.
Turned out the whole of Doha had a blackout. My wife said the Radio was not on and the guy came on the English channel to apologize that the Radio station had no electricity :S

She said that all the Villas around us left the same time she left...all cars were stuck inside till the electricity came

"Aaaah now i can rest, i am so exhausted" i thought...


Another call at 9.30, my colleague again:"I am sorry fadfad, i know you are ill but moderna mo7'tafi and we have a problem".

After sorting that one out i then tried to sleep again, but then... i remembered, my in-laws are leaving today. So, i dragged myself up and went down to say goodbyes and all.

The day is still young... i wonder what else will happen now?

So, i ask you again: Do you think you are having a bad luck spell recently? think again!

I know i will think again, because surely someone out there has worse luck.

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insomniac said...

ok, i see your bad luck spell, and i raise you driving through Egyptian traffic, not being able to sleep at all between both of my kids (who are having some kinda viral flu-no antibiotics)and my mom who always has something to say (God bless her), never ending headaches and blurry vision AND a number of pending lawsuits and the feeling that my phone could be bugged!!


I really hope both of your kids are ok though... i know how helpless one can feel in similar situations :s and your KG boy is so adorable mA, he wants to go to school, in his age, i would have jumped up and down with excitement, kan yeb2a 3eed!!!

well, hope ur day gets better and all of ur family members including u recover

God bless!!

Deeeeeee said...

Well, initially what's going on with you is keteeer awiii, but el7amdulellaah nothing of it is serious/dangerous (well, except the time your baby turned blue...even I panicked reading that)! Momken tekouno ma7soudeen... Rabena ye7fazkom!

Fadfadation said...


Yeah tell me about the no antibiotics thing... we have that too :(

You find my kid wanting to go to KG adorable, i find :"mish ibny...dana kont lama asada2 my father telling me don't go"

Well, yeah. It is cute :) that's why i didn't sleep and tried calling the elec. company.


THanks ya fandem.
KOl ely fel reesh ...mafysh (or something like that).

Nag said...

Allah ma3ak.. let us know how the day treats you..

Fadfadation said...

Thanks Nag, Rabena yestor :)

insomniac said...

i can count the days my dad actually let me stay home from school without being sick... ONCE when my fav uncle visited from germany!! i even remember back when grandpa passed away and no one was home with us to comb my hair (i had long frizzy dafayer back then), he -my dad who doesn't know how to comb his own hair- combed my hair and sent me to school!!!!!!

he would have taken ur son walking if he had been there :D

jessyz said...

Well at least your little boy thinks you can fix everything ::
"Gedi, Papa will take care of it and everything will be ok".

Hope your day gets better.

gjoe said...

alf salama :(

bass begad i had to laugh a couple of times when you refer to urself as fadfad..LOL

i agree with dee..yemken tekoono ma7sodeen..el7amdolellah there is a solution for that..(el mo3awzateen)

Fadfadation said...


THanks. Rabena ye7faz el gamee3.

Ra3d said...

no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay: mesh aktar menak ya FaD no matter how deeply i thought. the good thing about u rstory is it shows me how blessed and "lucky" i'm having the shit i do around recently. di wla 7aga beside urs ya m3alem:)

ma3lesh ya Fad,, better day will come soon.

the worst part was family members coming one after another with problems,,, i hate that gedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. bas they have excuse, ur the savior here ;)

concerning work: if i were u. i'd have switched the mobile totally off.. ur sick btw and no one should blame u for that. if el modeer ghayeb, so he should bear it all. not u ya fandem

Cesario said...

Well, life is a B****.
I'm sorry to use bad language, but it is. Anyhow, after reading your post, I realized that maybe I don't have that many problems. Hope you and your kids feel OK. All I can say is Hang on and the curve has to change from down to up. It's only natural.Maybe after all those nasty events, you will get something exceptionally good.Best of luck.

Fadfadation said...


Thanks, i guess we all have such luck now and then.

Problem is, things are still going down, even after i wrote this post :(

Deeeeeee said...

Exactly..."Elli yeegi felreesh ba2sheesh!" :)