Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tagging: You And Your Blog...Why?

Well, i have been thinking of doing this tag for a while, but thanks to Jade...she gave me the push by asking me the same question in her blog.

So, if you are reading this, consider yourself TAGGED :)

Here goes...


Everyone in the blogging scene has a blog name and sometimes a blog photo (icon) too. Ever wondered where that came from and why they choose it?

Now is the time to know...

1- What is your Blog's name?



2- Why did you choose that name?


It has something to do with why i started my blog in the first place (check my first post: "The Beginning").

I started the blog to communicate and vent with the friends i left behind in Egypt. Instead of bombarding them with e-mails of various topics. one of them suggested creating a blog.

Since the purpose was a virtual chitchat and venting with my friends, the first name that came to my mind was "Fadfad" (Arabic word for chatting, venting, expressing yourself...etc.). i then added to it "ation" as if it was an English noun. This mix reflects my Egyptian (Arabic) and British (English) mixed genes.

Hence came the "FADFADATION"!

Beware of the Fadfadation, for he is noisy :)

3- What does your blog's photo represent to you (if any)? Please post your Blog's photo below..


The photo is of Salah EL Din\Mohammed Ali Palace\Fortress\Citadel in Cairo, Egypt. This is an old illustration of how it looked like a few centuries ago.

I fell in love with this photo as soon as i saw it. It illustrates everything Egypt stands for and how i envision it.

The photo itself, represents the beauty of the past...our history.

The Palace\Citadel, represents the greatness of Egypt and how it always should be.

The fortress around it, represents the strength of Egypt and it's protection over the Arab and Islamic worlds.

The Masjid (Mosque) at the far top, represents the very heart of Egypt...ISLAM. For Egypt has always been the center point of the Islamic world, and It should always act as such!

وَقَالَ ادْخُلُوا مِصْرَ إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ آمِنِينَ

(اللهم إنصرنا علي من عدانا و بارك لنا في أوطاننا)


insomniac said...

thanks for the tag! all done :)

i always loved the citadel and the view from there... which reminds me, i wanted to take my son there to see a full view of Masr el Adeema where all the old mosques are (he has some serious appreciation for mosques, and their architecture, let alone how happy he gets when he hears el adan!!)

Fadfadation said... iny

thanks for reminding me of the word (indirectly).

If he likes the azan and Mosques so should take him to EL 7arameen... although the are very posh and newed\refurbished (unlike our as is 1000 years mosques in Egypt), the feeling there is out of this world.

insomniac said...

well, ay khedma!!

i already took him to KSA a couple of months ago, we went on omra with my folks... HE WAS EXCITED!!!

he was dressed in Ihram wear and kept jumping up and down out of excitment, eventually fell asleep while baba was doing the sa3y tho!! Good days :)

now every time he sees a photo of el ka3ba, he'd point and say "daddo" and try to explain by signals that he'd been there :)

Fadfadation said...

lol...that's sweet.

God bless him.

Om Luji said...

LOL.. I thought "Fadfadation" means enoh fad beek khalas zayena kolena ya3ni :D

Ya3ni what am I supposed to write in this tag? I don't have a picture. And my nickname means the mother of Luji.. hahaha.. Eih elmalal dah? First time for me to realize that there is absolutely no creativity there :) Thanks ya Fadfadation from fadfad, yofadfed, f howa fadfadation. lol.

Till next tag!

Fadfadation said...

Lol... well, regardless of being all what you said.

Hoep she is doing fine :)

Ra3d said...

i like the tag, thanks for tagging ,
ur image of citadel fascinated me, i never thought of it that way, that amazing. u made me now, whenever i pass by, just stare and admire the collective meanings it carry
thanks for giving me this Fad

Shimaa Gamal said...

"Instead of bombarding them with e-mails of various topics. one of them suggested creating a blog."

wade7 en our friends are the reason for most of us to have a blog ... 3ashan ner7amhom mn el e-mails :) :) :) :)

Fadfadation said...

Dont' mention it Ra3d :)

Fadfadation said...


Wade7 enena naas mesada3een so7abna.

God be with