Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Um Kalthoum I Got To Know...

El Sit :)

Um Kalthoum (for those who don't know her) is known as "the Star of the East". More than three decades after her death, she is still recognized as the Arab world's most famous and distinguished singer of the 20th century.

Throughout my life Um Kalthoum to me was just a woman that used to squeeze her tissue as she sang. She meant nothing to me.

Back in school days, we used to make fun of her and do the same "squeezing" thing as a joke.

It was only in my early twenties when I started to appreciate her songs and of course her lovely voice. I have to say: "She is in a league of her own".

I don't know what made me start liking her songs, but I remember well how it started...
It was on Thursdays (or Fridays) after a late night outing, I used to turn on the radio and listen to her as I drove around the city alone (as some people call it "carwaza", lol). I used to love doing that.

Now, i listen to her songs when i like to think of anything dear to me or a nice memory.

Here are my favorite Um Kalthoum songs:

  • "Inta Omry" (one of the best intros I ever heard).
  • "Hagartak" (the song that made me love Um Kalthoum's singing, and I think it's my number 1 Um Kalthoum song)
  • "Fat EL Ma3ad" (yasda7mad).
  • "Sert EL Hob" (Sha7tefny yam3alem…).
  • "7ayart 2alby" (aaaah ya 2asy !! ).

I now leave you with the intro clip of "Hagartak" song :

To listen to it online: (click the Real Player link).

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Jade said...

Not many people know this song.
It is beautiful. & very complicated.
I find it quite strange that it touched you especially that men dont really get songs like that...

You have great taste my friend I must tell you...
Thanks - you just brought back so many memories.
Great post!
(Where is be3eed 3anak? where is Fakaroony?)

Fadfadation said...

still didn't get to be3eed 3anak and Fakaroony?

fel 7'eta el alfeya ely gaya ISA.

Jade said...

Be3eed 3anak is my #2 for her...
It is spectacular.

Shimaa Gamal said...

It isn't common to find someone who appericiates Um Kolthoom's voice these days.
Everyone likes Abd El 7aleem but only few got the taste to listen for her divine voice singing for hours.

My all time favorite is Hazihi Laylaty next comes A3'adan Alkak, be3eed 3anak, seret el 7ob ... actually this woman didn't sing a bad song ...

Great taste :)

Fadfadation said...

mmm...2 recommendations for be33ed 3anak... i'll check it out :)

Thanks J & Shaimaa.

embee said...

Enta 3omri rules by a very far stretch. I love the words, the music, the ambiance! I love how can they express such complicated feelings in such refined language! It gets to me every time!

Fadfadation said...

Inta 3omri is my no. 2 :)