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Book Review: Man In The Shadows

An autobiography by Efraim Halvey the former head of Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agency) and secret envoy for 5 Israeli Prime ministers.

The book covers specifically his time in Mossad and touches base with other duties he did (i.e. Israeli ambassador to European Union).

The book sheds light on the Israeli perspective on things in this part of the world and how involved they are almost everywhere in the Middle East.

Some interesting points in the book:
  • Jim Angelton (from CIA) to Efram Halvey: “Never go for an international conference solution”.
  • As long as the Iraqi-Iranian war lasted, Israel was the obvious beneficiary of this continuous blood-letting between two potential enemies (commenting on the Iraqi-Iranian war from early to late 1980s).
  • Israel’s involvement in general in Africa was reaching its climax (…), invested in the defense field, training and advising troops loyal to regimes generally considered dictatorial.
  • (…) Israel was allied with the white regime of South Africa. (…) policies were based on reading of its strategic interests, with minimal regard to human rights…
  • Israel played a very effective role in narrowing Egypt’s zones of influence in Africa.
    Comment: And Egypt seems to have surrendered to that fact and not do anything about it. 3amar ya masr !
  • (In 1980s), Israel launched a rescue operation in the Sudan. The Jews Of Ethiopia were encouraged to cross the border into Sudan to refuge camps around 500 KM from Khartoum (Sundan Capital). Twenty thousand were transported to Israel in 10 years.
    Comment: For 10 years and the Sudanese didn’t know of it?!!! Very fishy!
  • In 1989… Israeli presence on Moroccan soil and unique relationship between King Hassan-II and successive Israeli governments (Israel helped Morroco against Algria which was backed by Egypt).
    Comment: So much for thinking much of Moroccan Monarchy :S
  • Israel,…its most powerful adversary in the region, Egypt.
    Comment: Not anymore, we are totally submissive now. Darn Politicians!
  • Its (Israel) reputation had blossomed to such an extent as to permit it to reap benefits based on its growing legend.
    Comment: I was always convinced that Israel is not as strong as people envision it. He just said it here!
  • In 1990, …Iraq has won the war with Iran but had suffered tremendously both in loss of life…
  • The rain of missiles (shot by Iraq during the gulf war 1990-1991) wrought enormous damage to the morale of the population (of Israel). (…) public morale ran very low. (…) significant exodus of people leaving the country for the duration. This was an experience never encountered before in israel’s history.
    Comment: A note for the books.
  • Shamir (previous Israeli prime Minister), (…) given his previous experience both as leader of the prestate Lehi (Fighters for the Freedom Of Israel) anti-British Mandate fighting group (during the time Britain controlled Palestine and the Jew influx was occurring).
  • Oslo agreement”, (…) Rabin himself would later come to describe as a piece of Swiss cheese.
  • Of all the leaders of Israel only one voiced reservation over the anti-Serbian policies (taken by all other nations during the Balkan war crimes of Serbia in the early 1990s). (…) were not the Jewish people, of all people, the ones who were expected to be the first to speak out and unequivocally condemn actions similar to those it endured during WWII?
    Comment: Well, at least Efram asked the question!
  • The Sharon approach (to not taking an anti-Serbian strategy as others took), drew its inspiration from the basic concepts of Israel’s international strategy, to promote and cultivate understandings and alliances with countries and cultures that were non-Muslims.
    Comment: Why does media (International and US specifically) concentrate on Muslims not liking Israel and not the other way around? It is obvious here that they will do anything just to be close to anyone who is against us!
  • The now-famous Balfour Declaration, contained in a letter from Lord Balfour on behalf of the British government to lord Rothschild, in the year 1917, spoke of a commitment to grant the Jewish people a national home in Palestine.
    Comment: Till this day, I have no idea why the Brits gave themselves the right to give away land that is not theirs in the first place!!
  • So many emerging political figures in Palestinian camp had spent years in Israeli jails, it was well-nigh psychologically impossible for the Israelis to transform their way of looking at individuals from viewing them as prisoners to treating them as emerging equals.
    Comment: a quick look at what Israelis are doing to Palestinians on a daily basis, will confirm what Efram said :S
  • The president (of the US) user over an hour of the time in an attempt to persuade the king (King Hussain of Jordan) to buy Boeing aircraft for his Royal Jordanian civilian air company and thus to replace the Airbus fleet that they had!
  • In order to secure water resources for some of these settlements, Israel had bored water wells quite deep into Jordanian territory.
  • We did not wish this branch of our economy (flower trade to Europe, flower planted on Jordanian confiscated land since the 1967 war) to be damaged by the impending peace treaty (with Jordan).
  • (As part of the Agreement with King Hussain of Jordan for peace) Thus did we secure a quarter of a century of continued exploitation of the land in the south (using in planting flowers) with the use of the water obtained from the wells (within Jordan).
    Comment: The amount of concessions that we (Arabs) do with Israel are unbelievable! Are we that pathetic?! (don’t answer…I know).
  • The successes of the international intelligence community in its battle against terrorism would not have been possible without the active support of Egypt. The cooperation that Egypt extended to the US in facilitating interrogations of major terrorist suspects.
    Comment: How honorable of us. I hope Hosni Mubarak and his security brutals sleeps well at night! 7aga te2ref!
  • Egypt, …encouraged a public vilification of Israel,…Whereas behind closed doors there was much mutual understanding and interest.
  • Egypt has withdrawn its ambassador from Israel in protest against Israeli activities in the region (Spring 2002), but the embassy was left to function with a big and active staff.
    Comment: In other words, it is all an act. Egyptian government and Hosni Mubarak just want to save face. DISGUSTING!
  • Israel was never capable of preventing the flow of information, commands, and instructions out of its detention centers.
  • An eminent Jewish Zionist thinker who had written a famous essay close to 100 years before entitled “Without Vision – the People Will Disintegrate”.
  • (About Arafat, Palestinian PLO leader), rather than remove him entirely (kill him) from the scene, the idea was to leave him with his title of president, but t devolve his powers in such a way that he would become a titular head of state.
  • (As part of the plan to clip Arafat off), the financial system of the Palestinian Authority had to be grouped under finance Minster subordinate to prime minister (Palestinian Prime Minister then was Mahmoud Abbas, the current Palestinian President and successor of Arafat!).
    Comment: This indirectly implies that Mahomud Abbas is their man, or at least aligned with their agenda!
  • (As part of the plan to clip Arafat off),this plan was presented in Washington, London, Cairo and Amman (Jordan), (…) it was received and adopted with enthusiasm.
    Comment: How nice… we are part of the dirty deal. Shame on us all.
  • In 2000, Mr.Sharon asked to visit the temple Mount in Jerusalem and Prime minister Barak authorized it. The purpose of the visit was clearly to assert Israel’s undeniable claim to the entirety of Jerusalem, including areas that housed the holy mosques of Jerusalem.
  • I recall that the first Gulf war (When American and ally troops pushed Iraqis out of Kuwait) came to an abrupt end and a cease-fire was hastily ordered when the Saudis let it be known that as members of the American-led coalition they could not stomach the capture of an Arab capital by Western forces.
  • In the aftermath of the disastrous Yom Kippur War (6th of October War in 1973)… an endeavor to set right a major failure that had been responsible for the loss of more than two thousand dead and several thousand wounded, let al ne the traumatic effect that the war had caused to morale of the nation. (…) shortly after the war, the government of Prime Minister Golda Meir resigned.
  • (Israeli retailation strategy against attacks on Israel) Targets both local and foreign, should be prepared in advance and they need not be related directly to any specific terror attack.
    Comment: Take a close note at the last sentence: “they need not be related directly to any specific terror attack”!!!!!
  • Khammas (Palestinian group Hammas) and possibly HizbollAh (Lebanese Shia group) are only two examples of the type of partner that the free world may be constrained to seek if it wishes to win the war against terror.

Fadfadation Book Scale: 6/10

Mood: Beysamo nafsohom “Part of the Free World” 2aal ! :S


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Interesting and disturbing!

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Have you read Gideon's spies by Gordon Thomas. It's also on the workings of Mossad-chilling in its ruthlessness

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