Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hajj - My Journey Of A Life Time

Due to the fact that Hajj (Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi) is about to start on Monday 17th of December 2007 (starting with the overnight stay in Mina on the 8th of Thu Al Hija ), I thought i'd share my experience with you all.

It was in January 2006 when God blessed us to perform Hajj .
After i came back i wrote the below e-mail (I added a few photos to help you visualize what we went through).

Note: I edited parts of it to make it more understandable.


The Holy Mosque In Mecca (Al Kaaba)

Well, we are back safe and sound as they say.

Hajj was very tiring, yet very rewarding.

The best things would be the MANASEK (the acts of worship during Hajj) itself. The worst thing is the people (lelasaf!).
Now I know why we are at the tail of civilization. A lot of Muslims are so bad mannered. It is really a pity.

Of course, a lot of people were very good, clean, pleasant…etc but as you know, one usually notices the bad things not the good.

I saw a lot of people who were either aggressive, or irritated, or dirty, or even selfish…. Lelasaf!

Mina (near Mecca)

The amazing part was seeing all these millions doing the same thing at the same time… sob7an Allah.

I remember a sight when I was going back from MINA to Makkah (Mecca) on foot alone and the road was full of cars and people all going to the same direction. I felt like we were going to the same destiny together.

And on another occasion, we were in the bus going out from 3arafat (Mount Arafat) to Mozdalefa and on the side of the road there was this long white line of people all the way as far as my sight can see heading towards Mozdalefa… it was amazing!
Al Jamarat

As for the accident, we arrived at the JAMARAT just after it happened (note: in 2006 pilgrimage there was a big accident where a lot of people died in a stamped at the Jamarat area).
They blocked the way to the bridge (JAMARAT bridge) and we just stood there while tens of ambulance cars went in and out to pick up the dead and wounded. It was around 1.15PM when we arrived there.

We left at 2.15PM with no hope to throw the JAMARAT on that day. I had to go back again alone at 4PM and do it alone.
The reason for going alone is that it was very rough and crowded when we were on our way there. I was concerned about my wife. So, I threw Jamarat for both of us instead.

Mount Arafat (3arafat)
The best part about Hajj in my opinion is 3arafaat (Arafat) with no doubt!!!
It can get very very emotional there. No wonder, since God descends to the lower sky and accepts everyone's pleads…. Sob7an Allah.

I never felt so close to something so powerful as I did on that day at that place.
There is a Hadeeth (saying of the Prophet Mohammad) that goes: "Hajj is Arafa".
I always understood from this Hadeeth that it is the most important Manasek in Al Hajj.

After what i experienced during the stand in Mount Arafa area, that Hadeeth now has a totally new meaning to me. Becuase, the feelings i sensed during that day in that area... were out of this world!!

For me... HAJJ IS ARAFA.
Tawaf in "Al Kaaba" (the direction of all Muslim Prayers)

We are both back now. I have a strange sense of calmness I never experienced before…amazing!

I know that life will pull me back to the DONYA problems…

I can not tell you how much pressure the Shitaan is doing on all the people who come back from Hajj. I never had so many WASAWES like now. He is trying hard to spoil everything we did… but with God's might, the shetaan will fail … I hope haha!

Anyway, I hope you all go do Haj and gain all the best rewards out of it, in this life and after...
Every time i remember Hajj or read this e-mail...
I have to say, Hajj is really "A Journey Of A Life Time".
Mood: Reminiscing :)


Nag said...

i remember our common friend being touched with your encounter and feedback.. rabena yektebhalna and yataqabal from you isA

Fadfadation said...

Ameen ya Nag.

Begad was something "else".

I can not explain.

Only thing is, one has to start getting ready mentally before going. Becuase if your not, the negative thigs around you will spoil it for u.

embee said...

My father, who is a severely family-oriented man said about Hajj "I was sitting in El 7aram el Makki and didn't think about money, or health, or your mother, or even you and your brothers. I was there where I felt the utmost peace in the world. I wanted to stay there forever."

Rabena yekteblena el Hajj gamee3an w 3o2bal el 3oda ya Fad :)

Fadfadation said...


You father is right. At some points you do feel very alone and peaceful.

Actually, when you are in the Ka3baa, you need to sit down somewhere and just gaze around you and specifically towards the ka3ba (whether in Haj or just Umra) is a view and a feeling that makes you mezmerized.

Sob7an Allah, the feelings there are really "SOMETHING ELSE" :)

Rabena yektebhalek ISA.

Jade said...

Wow... What a beautiful Post.
Kol sana wenta tayeb ya Fad & to your Entire family.

You are so right about Gazing at the Ka3ba... I will never forget how I felt when MY fell upon it for the first time (it was Umrah though) It is really magical.

Did you get the feeling that it was smaller than you imagined? Like really cozy & majestic - not how you expected it to be?

Fadfadation said...

Wenty Tayeba Ya Jade,

Yes, i seem to remember that the first time i saw the Kabaa (back in 1992 i think) it seemed smaller than in TV.

Rabena yekteblek el 7eg ISA.

Ra3d said...

you're tagged :)

Mohaly said...

I just came back from Hajj. It is an amazing expeirence, I feel like I am reborn, and nothing is bad..I am good but can be better.. I hope this feeling lasts.

It is not easy specially mozdalifa (overnight) and menna (bathrooms), but it really worth it.

Fadfadation said...

7amdelA 3al salama ya 7aj Mohaly :)

7aj mabroor waa zanb ma3'foor ya Haj :)

Yes, i know what you mean belzabt.

Nerro said...

alf mabrook ya 7ag, rabena yektebhalna.

Fadfadation said...

3o2balek ya Nerro ISA

Talat said...

I was lucky to meet a friend before performing the jamarat ritual to remember that throwing the jamarat is symbolic of getting rid of and not repeating one’s past bad deeds and habits

Fatima said...

You have great work.
May Allah give you ajjar.

Fadfadation said...

THank you Fatima for your kind word, GOd bless you too :)

Zahid said...

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