Sunday, January 20, 2008

Al Sha'arawy's Humility

Mohammad Metwaly Al Sha'arawy

Al Sha'rawy for those who don't know was a prominent Shaikh (Islamic Cleric) in the 1970 all the way till the 1990s.

I have previously mentioned him in this post: Sheikh Al Sha'arawy's Words To Mubarak

A while ago i came across this impressive story about him, i thought it would be worth sharing.

One day as he was leaving the Masjid (mosque) after his weekly Friday lesson, people gathered around him and kept cheering for him (he was very popular in Egypt).

People were so exited and pleased with him that they actually lifted his car while he was in it with his driver! (YES! lifted as in all the way in the air and shake it).

After this incident, on the way home (per the driver's story) he asked the driver to stop near a Masjid near his house ( i think it was Al Hussain Masjid).

Al Sharawy went into the Masjid and disappeared for a long time.

The driver got worried and went into the Masjid searching for him. He found Al Sha'arawy on his knees and wiping the floor in the ablution area in the Masjid (place where muslims wash up before prayer).

When the driver asked him with a shock what on earth was he doing, Al Sha'arawy answered:
"After that incident, i feared that vain and thinking too much of myself would start filling my heart. So, i decided to teach my heart a lesson in humbleness and humility".

Allah Yer7amak Ya Sheikhna... ameen.

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gjoe said...

I can see you are impressed by the
"humility" trait.

I hope by sharing it, people would learn!

(long time no post)

Fadfadation said...

Maybe becuase i lack that charachteristic... lol

Yeah, i know. I don't have the NEFS to write...

The thing is, i have at least 7 topics ready...bas mekasel wee maleesh nefs :\

Memo said...

allah yer7mo

thank you for mentioning all that good stories

i can see you have a religous storm covering your life
enjoy it

Fadfadation said...

Actually ya Memo, i'm not as good as i hope to be...7'ales :\

Jade said...

Dear Fedfad,
What a wonderful story... thanks for sharing... I cried when he passed away - I wish another Sheikh would follow in his footsteps, his simple, humble, father like figure footsteps... unfortunately though, all the new Sheikh's coming up seem to be "modernized" & showy... It makes me miss him even more...

As for you getting there... Dont worry - you'll get there & with that feeling never ending - you'll always be better... dont make it stop :)

Allah ye7fazak...

Fadfadation said...


It's all about trying...always trying :)

Thanks for the support :)

Anonymous said...

allah yehamak ya sharawy
really we need people who like him todays