Monday, January 14, 2008

Roberto Baggio and I

The One...The Only...Roberto Baggio

For those who do not know who Roberto Baggio is, let me give you a hint...

He is among the most technically gifted and popular players in the world throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.
He played for the Italian national team in three World Cups, and is the only Italian player ever to score in three World Cups.
He was the best Italian player of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, carrying his team to the final, but was one of the three players who missed a penalty in the final which contributed to Italy losing the trophy to Brazil on penalties.
He won both the European Footballer of the Year (Ballon d'Or) and the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 1993.
He played for teams like Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan among others.

This guy is an Italian legend. Let me tell you to what extent...
In Torino, home town for the notorious Juventus team which he played for… whenever traffic police men saw Roberto Baggio in a traffic light, they actually stopped all traffic and let him pass.

YES, HE WAS THAT POPULAR! He was a magnificent player!

For me, Roberto Baggio was\is the best player that played during my generation (90s). He is my favorite player.

I remember the 1994 World Cup final (played in the USA) when Italy played against Brazil. I was so split in half. on one hand I loved Roberto and cheered for him and on the other I loved Brazil. It was hard watching those two clash against each other.

I will not forget how disappointed and bad i felt as Roberto Baggio missed his penalty during the penalty shootout :(

Putting that aside, I have a very funny story about me and Roberto Baggio, the stories goes…

In 1992-1993 at the peak of his performance, I was still in High school.
I was so fond of the guy that I decided to imitate his ponytail.

If you look at the photo well, you'll notice that it is not a normal ponytail. It is like he had a few long hair at the back of his head and the rest was short.

I grew my hair for 6-8 months and then decided now was the time. I went to the barber's shop and explained to the Turkish guy what I wanted to do.

They guy did a perfect job. I had my hair exactly like Roberto.

When he was done, I tucked my long hair (the bunch left at the back of my head) behind my polo shirt and went out of the shop. To tell you the truth I tucked it away fearing my Father's reaction. I wanted to gradually break the news for him.
My father knew I liked Baggio very much (he too liked him a lot), but this might be over the top! lol.

Anyways, I waited for my father to come pick me up.
As I entered the car my father was talking to me, and then as I was bending to clean my trousers, he saw my long hairs.

He shouted at me and kept telling me off that this is ridiculous. He ordered me to go cut off that bunch of long hairs left at the back of my head.

I went down with a big sulk, went inside the barber's shop, but couldn't do it…
I went out again to the street and was about to talk to my father and ask him to let it pass, and then…the incident that I will never forget…

My father went out of the car as I was coming towards him with a furious look on his face and shouted: "7'osh gowa i7la2 sha3rak weee balash 7arakaat el 7'aw@!#& dy!" ("Go inside, cut your hair and stop acting like a f@#!").

I will never forget those words.That was the first time in my life that I ever hear my father say such words! And he was talking to me!

I was stunned. I turned around went in, sat on the chair, got my hair cut off ,and went back home with my father without a single word.

Funny thing is, as we were watching TV later that day, my father wanted to break the silence…check what he said...

My father looked at me and said: "You know what, I think that ponytail would've looked good on you...".

I looked at him and we both burst into laughter…. :)

Anyways, I now dedicate this following video to my favorite player …the one…the only… Roberto Baggio (yamhazany ya Roberto…lol).

Mood: Cheerful :)


Nag said...

LOL.. hilarious..

but i dont understand.. you grew ur hair for 6-8 months.. didnt he notice it? (before u remove all but the ponytail)

Fadfadation said...

He did notice tab3an. But gorwing all my hair looked like i was putting on the afro look, so he didn't really comment about it.

But being in Saudi and having that do the

Jade said...

Your father is a pretty cool guy!

embee said...

This missed penalty is the first & last time I cried my eyes out over soccer. Damn that hamstring. It screwed up everything.

Fadfadation said...


Thanks, he's the best ALlah ye7fazo.


Note: It's called Football not soccer. Kefaya 3alaya el amrican fel sho3'