Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yom Kippur War (1973 War): An Amazing Egyptian Pilot

This is what heroes are made of.
This is why nations name squares and streets in the name of its heroes.
This is what makes nations proud!

The following footage is from a documentary interviewing an Israeli pilot (during 1973 war).

The Israeli Pilot was chasing an Egyptian Plane for 5 minutes (in air battles that is a very long time). After that, the Egyptian pulled off the most amazing stunt done with a Soviet Plane.

Fellow Egyptians, watch this with pride......

I do not understand how on earth can such an event happen and we as Egyptians don't even know about it.
I mean this material is what legends are made of. If this was in any other country, they'd make a statue of the Pilot that pulled this stunt.

Seriously, the Egyptian governments never knew how to capitalize on the heroism of the Egyptian Army. To them the only 1973 war hero is Hosni Mubarak.

The least i can say to the unknown Egyptian pilot: "Whether you lived after that battle or not, God bless you wherever you are. You made Egyptians proud!".

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bb_aisha said...


embee said...

What would you say then about someone who did miracles during the '73 war and died years after because he couldn't afford to have a liver transplant?

3abdel 3ati Sa2id El Dabbabat died of a liver disease in '01. I got to meet him once in '00 by absolute chance and he was the sweetest most humble person EVER!

This man single handedly destroyed 23 tanks & 3 bullet proof vehicles in the span of 48 hours!

If only he knew, he would've become a pilot instead, and headed the air-strike and things would've dramatically changed for him then!

Jade said...

Yeah you are right we dont know how to capitalize on anything... It is trully sad - I do not blame them in the documentary for saying "the Egyptian" cause it was our job to actually market this hero so that everyone knows the name...

But unfortunately - as Embee said - Our heros grow old & die alone, broke or whatever because their own country finds them cheap & it's true the ONLY hero is Mubarak...

Matez3alsh ya Fedfad... el ro7 fe masr rekheesa awy!

Fadfadation said...


I saw that now everytime i remember this vedio :)


Yes i know the guy God bless him.
I even saw him on a documentary on Al Arabiya news a year ago.
THe guy died with nothing on him (money wise).

But rest assured...he's reward is in Heaven ISA.

Our country's rulers have no idea how to make idols out of such heros for the new generations.



El bany2admeen mafysh ar7'as minhom fy baladna :(

dr.zizo said...

It is a wonderful video, really amazing.
I was sad before watching this video but i got very happy, proud and full of power to work after i watched it.

thank you fadfadation for this nice video, ur posts are always nice and helpful.

can u tell me how can i get it to put it in my blog too ?

Fadfadation said...

YA Doc.Zizo,

Ya ahlan ya Basha...menawar :)

Bos, before you play the vedio that is on my post, there is a buttom called "MORE" at the top right corner of the vedio.

CLick on that button and then another window will open.
In that new window you'll find something called "EMBEDDED", copy the code next to it and then PASTE it into your blog new post.

Bas keda yam3alem :)

sherif said...

Best post I ever read...Keep it up and give us story that we can tell people here in the US when they tell us that the Israelis are actually the ones that won this war...

Keep up the amazing work..

I think this what blogs should be about, interesting stories...


Fadfadation said...

Eh el o7rag da ya Ostaz Sherif,

a7'galtom tawado3na ya Basha :)

Thanks MAN :)

Mohaly said...

I am surpized at your surprize ya Fad. Give me a reason why the government should pay tribute to anyone other than Mubarak ... It is Masr Mubarak, wala neset?!

Fadfadation said...

lol... tesada2 3andak 7a2!

Anonymous said...

Watch how it ended:

Fadfadation said...


My posts ending words are in place then...

The least i can say to the unknown Egyptian pilot: "Whether you lived after that battle or not, God bless you wherever you are. You made Egyptians proud!".


solidsnake said...

bythe way there was another israelian pilot on a chinees chanel said that he was chasing 2 egyptian ( mig ) but htey dont see him , once he had a fire on them on plane is partially damaged , but can fluy back to egypt , the israel pilot saw parts of the plane damaged toward him , but suddenly nothing happend and the mig continue suddenly up toeard the sky , the israelian pilot in mirage followed him leaving the other mig , he thought the egyptian want to rais the chasing to another level , he was flying fo long and decided finaly to take a close look at the mig , he was astonished when didnot see a pilot in it , the surprise was that the egyptian pilot ejected early and left the mig toward up to the sky

mn el akher keda sabto foo2 fe el sama w2eda forsa l zmelo yrga3 3ala masr la2en keda keda el mig mesh hatkamel

solidsnake said...

here is the link

Anonymous said...

watch the next 15 seconds of the episode and the Mig gets shot down easily...sorry to burst your bubbles..but cant touch the israeli pilot's skill. Mozzle Tov

Fadfadation said...


read the previous comments. I already answered a similar comment.