Monday, February 04, 2008

Ahli Club Fans Burn Alive A Zamalek Club Fan!!!!!!!!?!!!!!

The craziness in Egypt hit another high!

From Al Ahram newspaper (

تقدم مجلس ادارة نادي الزمالك أمس بمذكرة عاجلة لاتحاد كرة السلة لبحث ماتعرض له جمهور النادي في المباراة التي فاز فيها الفريق علي الأهلي‏67/68‏ في الدوري سواء قبل المباراة أو بعدها‏.‏
وينتظر الزمالك نتيجة التحقيق لردع المشاغبين‏.‏وأكد ممدوح عباس رئيس النادي ان الأحداث المؤسفة تكررت بين قرارات اتحاد كرة السلة الضعيفة عقب فوز الزمالك علي الأهلي في نهائي بطولة القاهرة‏,‏ وحصوله علي اللقب والقت جماهير الأهلي البلي علي اللاعبين في الملعب وتعدت بالضرب علي أكثر من لاعب واداري بالفريق‏.
‏وأضاف عباس بان ماحدث من جماهير الاهلي ضد أحد المشجعين كارثة بكل المقاييس بعد ان قامت بكسر قدم لمشجع وحرقه بالصواريخ بعد القاء مواد حارقة عليه‏.‏

I heard of club fans clashing, throughing things at each other, cursing each other ...etc.

But, I never thought the day would come when Egyptian fans from one club (Al Ahli) would burn alive a fan from the other club (Zamalek) just becuase THEY LOST A STUPID BASKETBALL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!

I think this is the first time in Egyptian sports history that such a thing happens.

Egyptians are changing and it isn't looking good.

EL naas itganenet! Ya Rab istor 3al balad.

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gjoe said...

This is exactly why my father hates soccer (i know in this case its basketball, bass you know the craziness is all the same)

I believe that a "fan" has become a short for "fanatic".A crazy person who is a zealot for an arbitrary cause. Many have lost their sanity, their well being, family ties, friends and even their relationship with God for sports..If only people were as half as jealous on maybe more important things. They are plenty issues out the.. ma3lesh ana neseet nafsy, el comment alab post.
Yalla Rabbena yatwalla el gamee3.

Just me said...

ya Allah bad is it...wallahi although i am not that old but i can c how bad Egyptian has became ...we lost much of our ethics and morals even when we r more eduacted and open to the other world than the old generations ....begad Rabana yoster

dr.zizo said...

eh ya gama3a ento lessa wa5den balko delwa2ty that we are going down hill with the max. speed !!!

it is more obvious that to be mentioned.

Unfortunately fanaticism, hostility and selfishness became the main characteristics of the Egyptian society now days :((

embee said...

There's an ever-increasing rate of violence. 3arabeyetein beyekhbato ba3d fil share3 and it's nothing major wel nas betenzel takol ba3d darb hesteeri. No questions. No argument. Nothing. Just stupid blind violence. It's only natural that it would affect sports I guess.

Rabena yatawallana isA.

Fadfadation said...

Fe3lan ya7'wana... the image is getting darker by the minute :(