Monday, February 11, 2008

Egypt Wins African Cup Of Nations - 2008

For the second time in a row (last time 2006), Egypt wins the African Cup Of Nations!
This is our sixth time ever (closest teams are Ghana and Cameroun with 4 times).
Thanks to Abu Terrika's goal (and Zedan's assist) in the second half, the Egyptian team achieved what a lot (including I) thought impossible (winning 2 cups in a row).
After the win: The Egyptian Super Star "Abu Terrika" (Left)

In my opinion, througout the tournament...

Best Egyptian Players:
  • Amr Zaki (Attack - 4 goals).
  • Abu Terrika (Attacking Midfield-4 goals).
  • Mohammed Zedan (Attack - 2 goals, 2 assists).
  • Hosni AbdRabo (Midfielder - 4 goals) - Won tournement's best player!
  • Sayed Moawaad (Left Wing Defender - 1 assist).
  • Hani Saeed (Defender).
Worst Egyptian Players:
  • Ahmed Hassan (terrible passes, lossing the ball a lot).
  • Shady Mohammed (except the Final game, he did well).
Worst Luck Trophy:
  • Emad Motaeb (Attack - not a single goal in all matches, many misses).
Special Trophy and Recognition:
  • Hassan Shahata yam3alem (Egyptian Coach - 2 time winner of Cup of Nations as Coach). El ragel da gamed GEDAN (masha2 Allah)!
And now a photo from the Corniche after the Final macth...

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Ma 3lina said...

Imagine the streets in Cairo b2a :))

I think Zidan participated in the goal more than abo trika coz he fought bravely wiz 2 huge cameron's players to pass the ball to treka.

Mabroook nd nice photo :))

Fadfadation said...

I agree, but the goal wasn't easy either.

Abu Trika slipped it in a very narrow corner.

3omoman mabrouk 3alena kolena :)

Mohaly said...

p.s hosny abd rabou & amr zaky scored 4 goals.

i belive it is much more than winning a game

dr.zizo said...

3esam el7adary, wael gom3a & Ahmed fathy are also super stars in my opinion.

Fadfadation said...

Ops, you're right. I'll correct it now.


They played well, yes. But, for me the ones i listed played "very well".

bb_aisha said...

Zidan certainly deserves praise for the way he fought hard. And yes, Terika performed admirably.

I was thrilled Misr won-wish I could have been there for the atmosphere.

I'm embarrassed at South Africa's performance. But hopefully they'll perform better in next CAF.
How come Egypt doesn't do well in the World Cup though-they're a good team.

And kudos must go to the goalie

embee said...

I just heard last night about the offers some of the players got. I can't remember specifics now, but there were 3 offers: AC Milan, Lazzio & a third club. Offers were for 7adari, 3abd Rabbo & a 3rd one. Figures were very impressive too. I'll post whenever I get concrete numbers. But kudos for the guys!

Fadfadation said...


Egyptians now have high hopes that this time (World cup in SA 2010) we can make it!

Fadfadation said...


The only one i heard of was Arsenal wanted el 7adari.

thaer jaber said...

as long as they get the win it dosent matter who scores its all about playing as a team and winning together