Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Islamic Thought: Life & Death

I came across this some time ago (Amr khalid lesson) and i thought it to be an interesting way of looking at life from an islamic point of view...

As muslims, at birth (beginning of a life) it is a SUNA (a doing of the Prophet) to perform the Azan (call for prayer) in the ears of the newly born.

At death, people perform a prayer for the deceased.

These two actions at start and end of a muslim's life are like a message to us...
It is as if God is telling us a message that: " Your lives in this world are as short (compared to the after-life) as the time between doing an Azan and performing the prayer that comes just after it".

Note: In Islam, to pray... we first do an Azan (call for prayer) and then shortly after it perform the Prayer.

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embee said...

The first time I heard that, it was in the form of "Adhan without Salah & Salah without Adhan".

Kept me thinking about it for days..

Keep the good stuff coming ya Fad :)

Fadfadation said...

Thx Wembee :)