Thursday, March 27, 2008

Now I Know!

The Frustration and Agony Of Wanting Out!

Usually, it is said by a match commentator about a player who is either due to be transferred to another team or a player that knows that there is an agent from another team watching him (to see if the player is good enough to buy).

I always thought it was an overrated statement.
I mean what does the potentiality of moving to another team have anything to do with playing football?!!
The player is due to move elsewhere, so why would that affect his performance on the field and make him play worse than usual?!

Strangely enough, I’ve been waiting for a job move for 9 months now, and I have to say things now have a different view.

My mind is set on knowing the new move. The "when"s and "where"s are on my mind all the time.
Not only that, now everything negative around me seems to be magnified.
I got disconnected from where I am now, either as a place or as what I do here.

All this grew on me over time. The frustration, irritation, boredom, and not being interested in anything around me here, i feel it all FULL BLAST!.
It just got to me, and it is a feeling one can not fight easily.

After all these years of following Football and listening to that famous comment, only now can I say: “Now I Know!”… it is soooo true!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Word From The Past: How Nations Fall...

At the Might Of The Bani Ummaya Dynasty

It was said that after the fall of the Bani Ummaya dynasty, one of the heads of the dynasty said the following:
We got occupied with our lusts and pleasures, and we didn't get occupied with necessities.
We became unjust to our people, so they lost hope in our fairness and wished us to be gone.
We overburdened our people with taxes, so they abandoned us when we needed them.
We put our trust only in our Ministers, so they used that for their own benefit instead of the people's benefit. They did things behind our backs, and made sure we knew nothing of it.
We became mean to our soldiers, so we lost their obedience. And then, our enemies turned them against us.
When it was time to go against our enemies, we lacked the means because we had no supporters.

Without any doubt, us not knowing what was happening in our own country.... was the main reason why our rule has demolished!.
I personally think this is applicable at all times :\
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Form Of The "So Called" Egyptian Intellectual Elite Hypocrisy!

For a while now and i have been irritated by how people cherry-pick what to criticize, and turn their head around on other issues.

I came across an Article in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper which touches base with one of the things that irritate me (recently belzaat).

That thing is Hypocrisy and Double standards of the "so called" intellectual elite.

Everyone got so heated up about the actress Hanan Turk and her beauty parlor, yet non of the so called "Intellectual Elite" or "Free Minds" (or whatever they call themselves) said: "Bim" (anything) when the two events mentioned in the middle of the article happened!

What can we call that? hmm?!

Since my fingers are hurting me because of the previous post's debate (thanks Shaima :P), i'll just place the Arabic and English (Google translated) links for the article (kasola ba2a!):

Arabic (recommended):

English (Google) Translated:

"Sa7e7, fy naas keteer 3andohom 7'eyar wee fa2oos!".

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Monday, March 17, 2008

An Islamic Economic Rule Proven Over The Years

An Interesting finding....

In Islam, one of the things that are prohibited is Riba .

The general meaning of Riba is:

"The literal meaning of interest or Al-RIBA as it is used in the Arabic language means to excess or increase.
In the Islamic terminology interest means effortless profit or that profit which comes free from compensation or that extra earning obtained that is free of exchange.

"Riba` is a loan with the condition that the borrower will return to the lender more than and better than the quantity borrowed

Nowadays, some muslims might argue that bank interests (i.e. saving accounts) are not prohibited (especially in some cases where people have no other option to live on), which is understandable in some specific (no other option) cases.

Putting that aside, here's the interesting finding...

An economic methodology and finding:

The lower the interest rates Banks give, the more flourishing the economy will get. Because, everyone instead of saving money in banks, they'll invest in the market.

Hence in the USA, interest rates are extremely low.

Equation: Little (or no) interest = better economy.

In other words, 1400 years ago a ruling came out (as part of Islam) that prohibited interest rates (from loans for instance), and only recently economists found out that it is actually better for the economy to have little (or even no) interest rates!!

Sob7an Allah! Islam is GREAT!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Islam Forces People To Embrace It - Truth Or Fiction

A question asked by some (mostly non-Muslims):
"How come Quran says there is to be no forcing people into Islam, and at the same time the prophet says that he will fight against people till they believe in God or embrace Islam?"

There is a verse in Quran (Al Bakara verse 256) that goes:

الآية الكريمة {لا إكراه في الدين، قد تبيّن الرشد من الغي. فمن يكفر بالطاغوت ويؤمن بالله فقد استمسك بالعروة الوثقى، لا انفصام لها والله سميع عليم} [سورة البقرة، الآية 256].

What is says is that “there will be no forcing in religion”, as in no one is to be forced to embrace Islam.

At the same time there is a Hadeeth Saheeh (a narration by the prophet which was scientifically proven by research to be true) that goes:

حديث (أمرت أن أقاتل الناس حتّى يشهدوا أن لا إله إلاّ الله وأنّ محمداً رسول الله، ويقيموا الصلاة ويؤتوا الزكاة، فإذا فعلوا ذلك عصموا منّي دماءهم وأموالهم إلاّ بحقّ الإسلام، وحسابهم على الله) رواه البخاري

Meaning of: “I was ordered to fight against the people till they testify that there is no God except Allah and that Mohammad is God’s Prophet, pray, and do Zakaah….”.

Some people misuse this in two ways:

· Islam forces people to embrace it.
· Islamic Quran and Suna (sayings and doings of the Prophet) are contradictory.

Fact is, they are neither contradicting each other, nor is Islam forcing people to embrace it, how? This is how…

Almost all Islamic scholars have confirmed that Islam is not to be forced on anyone (Ibn Katheer, Al Tabari, Ibn Taymeya…etc.).

The proof is by the actions of the prophet during his life.

For example, the prophet used to release many prisoners of war. And in some cases make the other army pay release money to set them free (depending on case and people…etc.).

Even when the Muslims marched into Makkah (Mecca), after all what the people of Makkah did to muslims and the prophet over the previous 17 plus years, the prophet set them all free with his famous words: “Go… you are all free!”.

He never forced anyone in the cases above to embrace religion before he did what he did. And he never killed anyone before they said they believed in God (or embraced Islam).

Even the prophet’s followers and Islamic rulers that came after him (fast majority), all left people alone to believe and follow their own religion without forcing them into Islam.

A still live example of that is all the Churches and temples that fill the Islamic world (regardless of a few rulers who have done actions contrary to what I mentioned before).

Did you know for example that for a few years after Muslims came into Egypt, no one embraced Islam?
Do you think if Islams order to muslims was to kill anyone till they embrace ... would those (then all Christians and jews) be alive???!

Actually, Islam is so against forcing people into Islam… that some people of the Shafeee school of thought have prohibited muslim husbands from asking their non-Muslim wives (if married to a Christian or jewish wife) to embrace islam!
They have actually said: "he…has… no …right …to… so!" (he can act as an idol and show how good islam is, but never to force her to embrace it…it is her call!).

As for the Hadeeth I mentioned before (“I was ordered to fight against the people till they testify that there is no God except Allah and that Mohammad is God’s Prophet”)…

Yes, the superficial meaning for those who don’t know or research or use there minds is… Islam FORCES people to embrace it (or believe in God) or they loose their heads…etc.

There are many verses in Quran and Suna instances which prove that People of the Book (Christians, and Jews) and others are to be left alone.
It is even agreed (per Suna…etc) that women, elderly people and children are to be left alone (during and after wars)…etc.
Besides that, Islam approved that Muslim men can marry non-muslim women.

The Quran verse “there will be no forcing in religion” is the general rule, while the prophet’s hadeeth (“I was ordered to fight against the people till they testify…etc) is for certain people at certain times.

The word “Fight THE PEOPLE” does not mean ALL PEOPLE! It is talking about a specific category of people he meant.

Using the words “THE PEOPLE” to identify a certain group of people is an Arabic language thing.

To prove it…f or example, the verse in Quran:

: {الذين قال لهم الناس إنّ الناس قد جمعوا لكم فاخشوهم فزادهم إيماناً، وقالوا حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل} [سورة آل عمران، الآية 173].

Meaning of the verse: “Those who were told by the people, THE PEOPLE have gathered against you, so beware and fear them”.

The word “THE PEOPLE” in this example is obviously talking about “a certain group of people whom have gathered to harm someone”. It does not mean “ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH”!

Bottom line is, the word “THE PEOPLE” talks about a certain group…not ALL PEOPLE!

The hadeeth (“I was ordered to fight against the people till they testify…etc), the Prophet said “TO FIGHT” (Okatel), not “TO KILL” (AKTOL)!

People might ask: “Oh really Mr. wise betengana! What’s the difference?!”
Again , this is a thing in Arabic… words that might look similar are totally different in meaning.

Let me explain…
Al Sahfeee (Imam of one of the four major schools of thought in Islam) said: “It might be permitted in some cases to “FIGHT against” people, but it is prohibited to “KILL” people”.

What he was talking about was… it is permitted to fight “THOSE WHO FIGHT AGAINST US”, but not “GO OFF KILLING PEOPLE just like that! ”.

Even in Quran, it is mentioned that when at war, one can end war by the other side providing "JIZYA" (money to end war and be left alone to live in peace), make peace treaties, making truce…etc.

Finally, I ask you (regardless of what some people have done wrongfully over a history of 1428 years)…
If Quran, Suna, Arabic language and common sense mean and say all that… do you honestly think that Islam ordered us to go off killing people just like that to get them to embrace Islam?!

Do you think that this would be an order sent to the prophet who was "A Mercy To All Mankind" as God described him in Quran?

People should stop cherry picking rules to follow. They should understand the general picture and put things into perspective”.

- Fadfadation

Walaho a3lam…


  • "Faisal Mawlawi" Fatwa
  • Islamonline

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Jokes and Truth Within

"When someone jokes with you, it is not only a joke! There is truth within the lines. There is a hidden message... there is always truth in a joke!".

Although i never %100 agreed with this, but sometimes i can not stop analyzing what people joke with me about!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nostalgia And Sadness

It is strange how time flies by so quickly.
It sometimes feels like trying to hold water with your hand.

Just yesterday, my wife was showing me old photos and videos of our elder son. He was about 1 year old in the photos.

I felt this strange bitter nostalgic, sad feeling when i saw his photos. I just wanted time to go back for me to hold him close and try to cherish every moment with him.

Going into bed i realized that this is a feeling i always get when i am nostalgic.

Whenever i look at old photos of me or my family or even my deceased brother, i get overwhelmed by this sad nostalgic feeling.

I remember talking to one of my primary school friends whom i got in contact with after 18 years (thanks to Facebook), and we were discussing our old school days. We had this photo with all of us posing in our school uniforms.

I asked her what feeling did she have whenever she looked at that photo over the past 18 years. She answered: "I felt happy".
Strange thing is, my answer was:" I feel sad, i feel i want to go back to those days and be a child again.".

Thing is, the sweet sadness feeling is very intense whenever i remember the primary school days specifically.

I do not know if it is the Egyptian in me, with his love of history and nostalgia.
Or is it because in the past things seemed easier, and there was less to worry about.
Or becuase i was with my family.
Or maybe because my brother passed away back then and that affected all of us back then very much.... i do not know....

All i know is, i miss anything that has to do with the past. It is a lovely, yet bitterly sad feeling.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Occupation Through Capitalism In The Eyes Of A Childhood Book

Asterix & Obelix Series - My Childhood Favorite

It is strange how sometimes memories of my childhood books seem so relevant to our current life.

Looking around me to people's lifestyles, attitudes towards life and everything else happening around us in Egypt or any Arab country, I can not help but remember the comic book "Obelix & Co." which is part of my My Childhood Reading Material .

The book's main focus is on the attempts by the Gaul-occupying Romans to corrupt the one remaining village that still holds out against them by instilling capitalism.

It shows how the occupation used money and trade to corrupt the last holding village in Gaul (France).

Do you dig me?.... Weslet?

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Only In Egypt #3

To lighten things up a bit...

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Gaza Burning - An Israeli Standard Story!

Palestinian Children dead after Israel's Attack on Gaza

Once again, Israel sends its tanks, planes, rockets and everything they have towards Gaza to burn the hell out of the Palestinians!

Of course, the same old argument is "defending Israelis"....

Why yes, for every rocket that is shot on an Israeli town (regardless of the fact that lets say %5 hit targets) Israelis will send out a large attack to kill civilians and anything in their way.

In other words, if one group of Palestinians shoot at Israel, Israel will make all Palestinians pay for it.

Very civilized, ethical...or... mmm.. you name it yourself!

Oh, and while Israel is at it, there is nothing wrong with even shooting kids while they are playing FOOTBALL!!!!! (check the news:!!

Till now 100 Palestinians were killed (60 of them were women and children, THERE WAS A 6 MONTH baby!) since last Wednesday, besides scores of wounded (news:!

Even after the US urged Israel to stop the attacks, they still go at it full blast! (news:

It is shocking how when Israel crush a whole people... it is ok.

Yet, when a Palestinian even "sneezes" in an Israeli's face... the Palestinian is a terrorist!

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Islamic Heritage: A Story On Justice

During the rule of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (4th ruler of Islamic state after the prophet), it is said that this incident took place...

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb lost his Shield in a battle and a jew took it.
After knowing that the jew had it, the Ameer Al Mou’meneen (Prince of the Believers, as Islamic rulers were called) asked the jew to give him the shield back. The Jew refused and insisted that this shield belonged to him and not Ali Ibn Abi Taleb.

Sayedna Ali took the case to court.
As the Jew and Sayedna Ali stood in front of the judge, the judge said:” Please lay your case O Ameer Al Mou’meneen”.
Sayedna Ali said: “ No, do not call me that!”
The judge:”Why?”
Sayedna Ali: ”Because in front of the law, we are all equal. No names or statuses are to be mentioned or taken into consideration”.

The judge agreed and asked them to lay their cases.
After each one finished stating his case, the judge decided that per the Islamic law and due to lack of proof that the shield belonged to Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, then the Jew owns it.

Sayedna Ali said: “This is a fair verdict, I have no proof and by God this is what the verdict should be. I agree on any verdict that is a just judgment, even if that verdict was against me!”.

Here was the jew, taking the ruler of the Islamic state to court for something that belonged to the ruler, no one tried harming the jew, the Ameer Al Mou’meneen didn’t use his power or influence to force the jew to give him the Shield, the Ameer Al Mo’meneen disapproved any favoritism at the court even if it was by calling him by his job title, the judge ruled in favor of the jew due to lack of evidence regardless that the ruler was the one who raised the case, and after all that…the Ameer Al Mou’meneen said that this is justice even if it was against him!!!!

Overwhelmed by what he saw and heard in front of his eyes…
The Jew then said: “ Ashhado Ana Laa Ilaha Ila Allah, Waa Ashhado Ana Mohammadan Rasoolo Allah (I believe that there is no God except Allah, And I believe that Mohammad is His messenger), I have never seen or heard of anything like this!”

He then continued: ”Here O Prince Of Believers, take your shield, I swear in front of this court that it belongs to you”.

Sayedna Ali turned to him and said: “No my brother, keep it with you. For you are now my brother in Islam (since the Jew just converted to Islam), and that is something far more valuable than anything tangible in this world!”.

Note: It has to be mentioned that some sources debate this event ever taking place (Al Bokhari denied this event) . Yet, some Islamic scholars approve mentioning those stories on two conditions... First, that it is mentioned as something that "might have happened". Second, that those stories have to have a positive lesson to deliver.

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