Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Form Of The "So Called" Egyptian Intellectual Elite Hypocrisy!

For a while now and i have been irritated by how people cherry-pick what to criticize, and turn their head around on other issues.

I came across an Article in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper which touches base with one of the things that irritate me (recently belzaat).

That thing is Hypocrisy and Double standards of the "so called" intellectual elite.

Everyone got so heated up about the actress Hanan Turk and her beauty parlor, yet non of the so called "Intellectual Elite" or "Free Minds" (or whatever they call themselves) said: "Bim" (anything) when the two events mentioned in the middle of the article happened!

What can we call that? hmm?!

Since my fingers are hurting me because of the previous post's debate (thanks Shaima :P), i'll just place the Arabic and English (Google translated) links for the article (kasola ba2a!):

Arabic (recommended):

English (Google) Translated:

"Sa7e7, fy naas keteer 3andohom 7'eyar wee fa2oos!".

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Arab Lady said...

Personally I found that the propaganda against Hanan was exaggerated. She chose to come up with a small project that would serve a segment of the society by giving them privacy..wondering where the problem is …

Liked the artile & I’m sharing with him the same questions… truly we have double standard societies

Queen O'Danile said...

Sorry to say Google translations stink--but I got the drift. Liberal, intellectual elitistism doesnt agree when it comes to anything good happening for the cause of Allah or Islam. It's all about western-style "enlightenment"--an oxymoron in my opinion.

Fadfadation said...

Arab Lady,

Youc an look at it this way, but most people didn't.

"It's all about western-style "enlightenment"--"

Exactly what i'm finding :\

Embee said...

The Hanan Turk debacle is stupid really.

About the Walaa girl. As far as I can guess, the place is Sequoia, and they have a thing there against 3abayas to reduce the Arab's influx during summer. Up until two summers ago, sequoia was closed during summer. Maybe that's their way of like maintaining a grip on who enters. Not that I endorse it. Bas el nas mesh wakhda 7a22aha f kol 7etta aslan - magatsh 3ala sheeshit sequoia I guess ..

Fadfadation said...

Ya Wembee,

Maho if we all keep on saying: " magatsh 3ala ... so and so" nothing will change.

If something is wrong than we should at least "say" it is wrong.

ad3af el 2ymaan ya3ny.

And yes i think it is that place too.