Monday, March 03, 2008

Gaza Burning - An Israeli Standard Story!

Palestinian Children dead after Israel's Attack on Gaza

Once again, Israel sends its tanks, planes, rockets and everything they have towards Gaza to burn the hell out of the Palestinians!

Of course, the same old argument is "defending Israelis"....

Why yes, for every rocket that is shot on an Israeli town (regardless of the fact that lets say %5 hit targets) Israelis will send out a large attack to kill civilians and anything in their way.

In other words, if one group of Palestinians shoot at Israel, Israel will make all Palestinians pay for it.

Very civilized, ethical...or... mmm.. you name it yourself!

Oh, and while Israel is at it, there is nothing wrong with even shooting kids while they are playing FOOTBALL!!!!! (check the news:!!

Till now 100 Palestinians were killed (60 of them were women and children, THERE WAS A 6 MONTH baby!) since last Wednesday, besides scores of wounded (news:!

Even after the US urged Israel to stop the attacks, they still go at it full blast! (news:

It is shocking how when Israel crush a whole people... it is ok.

Yet, when a Palestinian even "sneezes" in an Israeli's face... the Palestinian is a terrorist!

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dr.zizo said...

If we gonna blame someone , we gonna blame ourselves and our rulers for this miserable humiliating status we reached and not working to change, on the contrary we are worsening more and more :(((

Fadfadation said...

3andak 7a2