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Islamic Heritage: A Story On Justice

During the rule of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (4th ruler of Islamic state after the prophet), it is said that this incident took place...

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb lost his Shield in a battle and a jew took it.
After knowing that the jew had it, the Ameer Al Mou’meneen (Prince of the Believers, as Islamic rulers were called) asked the jew to give him the shield back. The Jew refused and insisted that this shield belonged to him and not Ali Ibn Abi Taleb.

Sayedna Ali took the case to court.
As the Jew and Sayedna Ali stood in front of the judge, the judge said:” Please lay your case O Ameer Al Mou’meneen”.
Sayedna Ali said: “ No, do not call me that!”
The judge:”Why?”
Sayedna Ali: ”Because in front of the law, we are all equal. No names or statuses are to be mentioned or taken into consideration”.

The judge agreed and asked them to lay their cases.
After each one finished stating his case, the judge decided that per the Islamic law and due to lack of proof that the shield belonged to Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, then the Jew owns it.

Sayedna Ali said: “This is a fair verdict, I have no proof and by God this is what the verdict should be. I agree on any verdict that is a just judgment, even if that verdict was against me!”.

Here was the jew, taking the ruler of the Islamic state to court for something that belonged to the ruler, no one tried harming the jew, the Ameer Al Mou’meneen didn’t use his power or influence to force the jew to give him the Shield, the Ameer Al Mo’meneen disapproved any favoritism at the court even if it was by calling him by his job title, the judge ruled in favor of the jew due to lack of evidence regardless that the ruler was the one who raised the case, and after all that…the Ameer Al Mou’meneen said that this is justice even if it was against him!!!!

Overwhelmed by what he saw and heard in front of his eyes…
The Jew then said: “ Ashhado Ana Laa Ilaha Ila Allah, Waa Ashhado Ana Mohammadan Rasoolo Allah (I believe that there is no God except Allah, And I believe that Mohammad is His messenger), I have never seen or heard of anything like this!”

He then continued: ”Here O Prince Of Believers, take your shield, I swear in front of this court that it belongs to you”.

Sayedna Ali turned to him and said: “No my brother, keep it with you. For you are now my brother in Islam (since the Jew just converted to Islam), and that is something far more valuable than anything tangible in this world!”.

Note: It has to be mentioned that some sources debate this event ever taking place (Al Bokhari denied this event) . Yet, some Islamic scholars approve mentioning those stories on two conditions... First, that it is mentioned as something that "might have happened". Second, that those stories have to have a positive lesson to deliver.

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Jade said...

Erm... What do you mean by mortgaged a shield?? Isnt mortgaging something as in he gave it to him, took payment from him until the payment is due?

Am I not getting something here? Did you mean lend it to him?

Fadfadation said...

Good point :)

now i am confused

No...just kidding, my mistake... it dropped from Sayedna Ali in a battle and the Jew took it.

Sayedna Ali knowing so, went to the jew to take it back.

I'll correct it.

My bad :)

Fadfadation said...

Actaully, ya ostaza Jade i owe you a double thanks.

Because there is something very important i wanted to add to this post, yet i forgot bardo :\

I added it as a note 7'alas.

Ana mish fahem mali el yomeen dol, dema3'y mish fy rasi 7'ales... i am forget everything :\

eeeeeeeh donya :)