Thursday, March 06, 2008

Occupation Through Capitalism In The Eyes Of A Childhood Book

Asterix & Obelix Series - My Childhood Favorite

It is strange how sometimes memories of my childhood books seem so relevant to our current life.

Looking around me to people's lifestyles, attitudes towards life and everything else happening around us in Egypt or any Arab country, I can not help but remember the comic book "Obelix & Co." which is part of my My Childhood Reading Material .

The book's main focus is on the attempts by the Gaul-occupying Romans to corrupt the one remaining village that still holds out against them by instilling capitalism.

It shows how the occupation used money and trade to corrupt the last holding village in Gaul (France).

Do you dig me?.... Weslet?

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K said...

Wow can't believe it man, I had the exactly same comic book when I was a kid

yasmin said...

Umm... do you mean "do you get me?" Because no infact I dont "dig" you. i just come here to read your blog.

Fadfadation said...


yes i had most Asterix and Obelix comics :)

Fadfadation said...


Lol…yes, that is what I meant. Hence the word “Weslet?”.

In the story, the Romans (invaders) were so desperate to invade that last standing village (that the heroes Asterix and Obelix lived in), they knew that armies were not enough (the village had magic potion, so they were unbeatable).

The Romans decided that the most efficient way is to invade the village from inside. And what better way than economy!

They lured the village into the trade system (global trade system) through a skillful roman by using Marketing concepts to convince the people of the village to be part of capitalism economic system via trade.

They started with one person, and gradually it became contagious.

The once strong, unified, and holding together society started cracking, and competing against each other to gain wealth and uniqueness.

They started fighting against each other and everything starting splitting apart (friends and families went against each other…etc.). There was less compassion in the society and more selfishness.

Everyone was so focused on trying to be rich…. Fast!, no one concentrated on what the invaders were doing to them (except a few) nor how the soceity was lossing its soul values and identity.

The rest of the society didn’t want to listen to the warnings… and so on goes the story (except at the end they do in that story).

If you read our history within the past 30-40 years, you can not miss out the resemblance!

Our society is becoming something we do not even know…lelasaf!

Although this was just a comic, but it was SO SPOT ON!

Thanks for checking my blog :)

yasmin said...

Erm.... thanks for the thorou explanaition... but i actually understood the story & you could have written a post actually with this comment.

what i mean is that with "dig" means "like" - not "get" so you shouldve used this word instead - becuz to say do you dig me = do you like me or do you fancy me? & in that case - No i just come to read your blog (& comment i guess)

Fadfadation said...


Ya seti, as Saeed Saleh once said: "Aho kolo bortokal".

Just consider that i never said the word.

Thanks for answering the question i never

Anonymous said...

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