Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Word From The Past: How Nations Fall...

At the Might Of The Bani Ummaya Dynasty

It was said that after the fall of the Bani Ummaya dynasty, one of the heads of the dynasty said the following:
We got occupied with our lusts and pleasures, and we didn't get occupied with necessities.
We became unjust to our people, so they lost hope in our fairness and wished us to be gone.
We overburdened our people with taxes, so they abandoned us when we needed them.
We put our trust only in our Ministers, so they used that for their own benefit instead of the people's benefit. They did things behind our backs, and made sure we knew nothing of it.
We became mean to our soldiers, so we lost their obedience. And then, our enemies turned them against us.
When it was time to go against our enemies, we lacked the means because we had no supporters.

Without any doubt, us not knowing what was happening in our own country.... was the main reason why our rule has demolished!.
I personally think this is applicable at all times :\
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dr.zizo said...

This post remembered me by our miserable situation. What u mentioned is the political reason for how nation falls, When I reflect it to the Egyptian situation now , I think we are not falling politically only but also economically, socially and morally unlike bani-Ummaia, they left the nation strong economically, military, morally and socially.

yaretna 7atta 7asalna 7alethom :S

Queen O'Danile said...

That's a timely remembrance and can be applied at any time. Perhaps more so now, and in so many different nations. Words to the wise for our leaders but of course they don't pay attention to history--cuz they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Subhannah Allah.

greyscale said...

you've been tagged.

Kamal said...

Can you please state your source and the quote itself in arabic??

Thanks a million


Fadfadation said...

Dr.Zizo\Queen OD,

That's why i translated it here. It is soooooooo relavent!


I got it from Al Masry Al Youm Article, link:


Fadfadation said...


I already did that here (very similar):


haijekov said...

add my name to those who totally agree :(

Fadfadation said...

YA Haijekoviski :)

Nawart el Blog.

I hear you bro...i hear you !

Fadfadation said...


Walahi mish 3aref 2a2ool eh.

BUt maybe this is the answer (the initial one at least):