Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Department Full Of Women

Females At Work...watch out boys!

Just before i start, i would like you to know that my company doesn't have a lot of women in it in the first place. This is why this incident was ... strange... sort of.

As i was walking into xxx department with my colleague, I held a paper in my hand which we were discussing. We entered the room and as we stepped a few steps we both stopped and went silent.

We looked slowly around and found ourselves in a room full of female colleagues working happily at their desks (all 8 of them!).
We looked at each other and our eyebrows went S shaped with astonishment.

I looked towards the corner where the manager always sat, and saw him there looking at us with a grin (ammot wafham bed7ak leeh…lol).

Note: The following is not %100 accurate.

Manager: “Come come… don’t be afraid”.
Me: ”Last time I was here this was not the working environment you were in”.
Manager: “Yes, I things have changed”.
Me: “What happened to the other people?".
Manager: “It is a new strategy”.
Me: “Excuse me?”.
Manger: “ I hired women as much as I could as a strategy to repel any aggressive customers”.
He continued: “Customers tend to be much more under control and more patient when they are dealing with women. More women, less tension, less fights, and I have less to worry about!”.
Me: “YABNEL ….. ;)”

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Copy Or Not To Copy?

Smash them or leave them?
Although (for some) a silly question, i have somewhat difficulty answering it...

When someone buys an original Software CD (i.e. MS Office 2007 or even a game), the software’s legal agreement mentions that you (the buyer) have no right to distribute\copy without approval from company …etc. And if you do, then you could be legally prosecuted.”
In the US, Europe and the Middle-East, there has been a crackdown on Software Piracy (not to forget the Napster closing).
The Question...

Ethically, is it right to take an original CD from a "friend" and copy it onto your PC? what about peer to peer sharing programs (i.e. e-mule, Bicommit, Kaza, imesh...etc.)?
The question is not related to buying from someone as much as it is "borrowing" from someone.

The arguments are:

1- No, ethically you can not take it or copy from anyone by any means. The agreement on the CD is clear. No one has the right to mass copy or distribute the Software... in any way!

2- Yes, you can. It is like borrowing something from a friend, using it and then returning it to him\her again. What’s the problem if my friend wants to lend me something?
If yes, then all the peer to peer sharing programs are ok, becuase we're lending and borrowing things from each other.

Hmmm… what do you think?
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Obama: "I Will Do My Best To Help Israel"!!?!

From BBC Arabia:

Obama said that if he wins the US presidency, he will do all he can to help Israel to defend itself. He also criticized Jimmy Carter (former US president) for wanting to hold talks with Hamas (Palestinian militia group).

He also said that going back to pre-1967 war status in Jerusalem (Al Quds) is not an acceptable solution (being half for Israel and half for Palestinians\Arabs).

It was mentioned that Obama does not approve Palestinian refugees going back to their land, because he beleives that Israel has to stay a Jewish conutry.


قال باراك اوباما احد المتنافسين على ترشيح الحزب الديمقراطي لخوض الانتخابات الرئاسية الامريكية إنه في حال فوزه في الانتخابات فإنه سيبذل كل ما لديه من جهد لمساعدة اسرائيل على "الدفاع عن نفسها ضد اي خطر اقليمي قد تتعرض له."
كما انتقد اوباما الرئيس الاسبق جيمي كارتر لقراره التحدث الى حركة حماس الفلسطينية.
وردا على سؤال من الحاضرين في الكنيس عن موقفه من مستقبل مدينة القدس، قال اوباما إنه في الوقت الذي يؤيد فيه توصل طرفي النزاع الى اتفاق حول مستقبل المدينة، فإن اعادتها الى الوضع الذي كانت عليه قبل احتلالها من جانب اسرائيل في عام 1967 يعتبر "خيارا غير مقبول."
وقال النائب الديمقراطي روبرت وكسلر للصحفيين عقب اللقاء إن اوباما يرفض بشكل قاطع حق عودة اللاجئين الفلسطينيين الى ديارهم لأنه يدرك ان اسرائيل يجب ان تبقى دولة يهودية.

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/arabic/world_news/newsid_7351000/7351764.stm

Besides the fact that most Arabs would prefer Obama over Clinton (me included), but can someone tell this guy: "YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!?"

From being a candidate who wanted dialogue with all and promising taking a balanced approach to the Middle East peace process... to THIS?!!!!!!!?!!!!!

Trying to score points with the pro-Israeli lobby Mr. Obama, eh?! :\

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Egyptian State's Message To All

On the same day, in the same newspaper, in the same page... 2 different law suits with two different outcomes.

Both summarize the message our so called authorities is sending to all.

1- Seven from the Muslim Brotherhood (Islamic opposition group, the strongest opposition group in Egypt) have been sentenced to prison by a military court.

2- Hani Sorour (a parliament representative from the ruling party NDP) has been acquitted and his name cleared from the scandalous case in which his company provided infected blood bags to government run hospitals .

Hey, the ruling party and authorities can not deliver a clearer message than that boys! COME ON!!?!

  • Al Ahram Newspaper

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mofeed Fawzy: The Open, Yet Closed Minded

The Sometimes Not Very "Mofeed" Fawzy

Mofeed Fawzy is a very well known journalist and programme presenter in Egypt.
One of his most famous TV programmes was "Hadeeth Al Madena" (Talk of the City).

He usually talks about interesting things that affect our society or that are the "Talk of the City".

I admire the guy's research skills (from the days of "Hadeeth Al Madena"), Although he sometimes doesn't do that good (i guess we all do that at some point).

Just yesterday i was watching "Al Qahira Al Youm" (Cairo Today) TV show and saw him with the famous Amr Adeeb (Presenter of "Al Qahira Al Youm") interviewing Max Michel (Anba Maximous) who is said to have inaugurated a new Church in Mokattam Area in Cairo.

Max Michel (A.K.A Anba Maximous)

Anba Maximous has been viciously attacked and criticized by Egyptian Orthodox Christians and accused to be many things, of them:

  • An American agent that came back to Egypt after years in the USA to inaugurate a new Orthodox Church. This in turn harms the harmony of our society (per their view).

  • Defying The Egyptian Orthodox Pope (Baba Shenouda).

  • Permitting Divorce, this contradicts the Egyptian Orthodox faith (Per their view).

  • Anba Maximous has no right to inaugurate another Orthodox Church in Egypt.

The list goes one and one...

After watching most of the interview, I have a few things to say about Mofeed Fawzy...

He was totally biased against Anba Maximous. Mofeed Fawzy of course is a Orthodox Christian and yes, he will (like) many not agree with Maximous.

But, when you (Mofeed Fawzy in this case) are a program presenter interviewing someone, you shouldn't be so biased (7a'beyha shwaya ya 3am!).

  • He accused Anba Maximous with things without proof (Words like "They say... it is said").
  • He Dodged direct questions that Anba Maximous asked back.
  • He avoided admitting some very sound responses from the Anba.

What i found ridiculous was the last point.

The Anba said that he did not start a new church to defy the Orthodox Pope (Baba Shenoda). Among the things he said ...

  • "I follow another church that is from Greece and has branches all over the world"

  • "I represent one out of 37 orthodox churches worldwide... why are you people criticizing me and accusing me of dividing the Egyptian Church?"

  • "I have nothing against the Egyptian Orthodox Church, just leave me in peace".

To tell you the truth, as a bystander and per my not much knowledge about things in churches, the man made sense in those points.

His point is simpley,: "I am not part of your group, why are you judging me and accusing me of being an agent...etc".

Another thing came to my mind,
Isn't it strange that the Egyptian Orthodox Church would accuse him of being an American agent?

In other words, it is accusing America of harming or wanting to harm the Egyptian Church? while that same America is the one that keeps squeezing the Egyptian government (whenever convenient for the Americans of course) to give more rights to Christians in Egypt?

Another thing, how come Mofeed Fawzy and his likes who want Egypt to be Secular and act as if they are very open minded, yet they do not want to give someone the right to believe in what HE WANTS? especially that the man admitted to be part of another Church.

To me, Mofeed Fawzy "kaan metarbes" yesterday!

It is not like the guy is wanting something forbidden! or is he? (nefsy afham)!

A Question i'd like to hear someone answer... logically that is.

Note: I am not with or against anyone, i just want to understand and had a valid question :\

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lions For Lambs: A Movie To Listen To!

Lions For Lambs starring my (and not to forget, my parents') favorite Robert Redford. Also, starring Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep.

3 different occurrences with 3 sets of actor groups, an interwoven dialogue and you have this movie!

It is about seeing America's Political decisions and americans actions towards it (specifically Iraq, yet with more in between the lines) from different angles.

It is obvious what the outcome is... loss of life, need for change of path, and people doing something to change how America is proceeding.
This is one of those movies where you will have a mix of reviews, just check this:

From my point of view, this is a admirable movie to watch (that needs uninterrupted attention because it is built on intellectual dialogue).

Not to forget, I LOVE ROBERT REDFORD :)

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Illustrating Blogging...

Whenever asked to illustrate what blogging reminds me of, this is the first answer that pops up in my head...

"Blogging is like living on the ground floor with your unprotected windows wide open. Anyone can come in spit on you, and leave just because they feel like doing so!".

Note: No one specific in mind. This is about the minority that like to insult or undermine bloggers just for the sake of it.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Cheering For Deaths!

On June the 5th 1967, the Israeli army started their offense on the Egyptian land (Sinai).

During that 6 day war, Egypt lost 15,000 soliders, thousands of casualties and thousands were POW (Prisoners Of War).

Robert McCloskey (official spokesman for the US State department) said a verbal testimony about those historical moments:

Some of us within the situation room were pleased, and were cheering every time we see the latest Egyptian army casualty figures on our monitors.

Eugene Rostow turned to us and said: "Gentlemen, please remember... we are non-biased by words, thoughts and actions".

...and then everyone in the room burst into laughter.

- The Explosion - M. Hassanein Hekal


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Famous Figures Quotes

I always seem to be attracted to great military or political leaders...anyways, here goes:

It is wrong to disturb your enemy while he is making a mistake” Napoleon Bonaparte (France)

War is a series of catastrophes that end up in a victory” Georges Clemenceau

"The price of greatness is responsibility." - Winston Churchill (Britain)

No one can guarantee success in war, except deserve it.” Winston Churchill (Britain)

It is crazy to mourn the people who died at war. Instead, we should thank God that such men ever lived.” General Patton (USA)

He who fears conquer, is for sure to have a defeat” Napoleon Bonaparte (France)

Only the dead have seen the end of War” Plato

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