Monday, April 07, 2008

Cheering For Deaths!

On June the 5th 1967, the Israeli army started their offense on the Egyptian land (Sinai).

During that 6 day war, Egypt lost 15,000 soliders, thousands of casualties and thousands were POW (Prisoners Of War).

Robert McCloskey (official spokesman for the US State department) said a verbal testimony about those historical moments:

Some of us within the situation room were pleased, and were cheering every time we see the latest Egyptian army casualty figures on our monitors.

Eugene Rostow turned to us and said: "Gentlemen, please remember... we are non-biased by words, thoughts and actions".

...and then everyone in the room burst into laughter.

- The Explosion - M. Hassanein Hekal


Mood: Shocked by how irrelavent human life can sometimes be!


junoman said...

Did you ever hear of Karma? Well its coming back to haunt us now with our own body count in Iraq. Its truly even sadder that the Iraqis have lost so many lives to this senseless war.
great and interesting blog by the way

Fadfadation said...

Yes, and we know who to thank for that :\

Thanks for the comment on the blog :)

Queen O'Danile said...

That is so disgusting--but not surprising! Really most caucasians make me sick.

Fadfadation said...


It is VERY disgusting to say the least :(

Anonymous said...

Most "caucasians" make you sick? Well that's probably because you are a racist...