Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Department Full Of Women

Females At Work...watch out boys!

Just before i start, i would like you to know that my company doesn't have a lot of women in it in the first place. This is why this incident was ... strange... sort of.

As i was walking into xxx department with my colleague, I held a paper in my hand which we were discussing. We entered the room and as we stepped a few steps we both stopped and went silent.

We looked slowly around and found ourselves in a room full of female colleagues working happily at their desks (all 8 of them!).
We looked at each other and our eyebrows went S shaped with astonishment.

I looked towards the corner where the manager always sat, and saw him there looking at us with a grin (ammot wafham bed7ak leeh…lol).

Note: The following is not %100 accurate.

Manager: “Come come… don’t be afraid”.
Me: ”Last time I was here this was not the working environment you were in”.
Manager: “Yes, I things have changed”.
Me: “What happened to the other people?".
Manager: “It is a new strategy”.
Me: “Excuse me?”.
Manger: “ I hired women as much as I could as a strategy to repel any aggressive customers”.
He continued: “Customers tend to be much more under control and more patient when they are dealing with women. More women, less tension, less fights, and I have less to worry about!”.
Me: “YABNEL ….. ;)”

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good strategy to me- if the world was all women it would be a much more peaceful place :-p

Jade said...

I agree with the theory that customers would be more composed in front of Females - but actually, there will be a lot of bickering & bitching & gossiping within the department...

Just what was the point of saying "the following is not completely accurate?" yani eh?

Well... at least we know which department Fedfad will be hanging out in from now on... :p

& cheers to that!

Fadfadation said...


I have to say, it is true that women are more peaceful.

Actually, your comment gave me an idea for a new post...thx ;)

Fadfadation said...


Women can be very harsh on each other, especially behind their backs...lelasaf.

I meant by "not accurate" is that me being a person with "swiss cheese" memory, i am not stating exactly what was said or happened.
So, i am just stating that the dialouge is not accurate (i.e. the wordings used by the guy were not exactly those i mentioned...kdea ya3ny).

As for hanging out, la2 i won't hang out there.
I'll just make sure i use his strategy when i can :P

Jade said...

You are not reporting a news forecast where word for word you will be accountable for! I dont think the guy will sue you yani if he ever reads this & sees that you didnt write it completely accurate!

As for using the strategy whenever you can - definately - go for it - as referred by your wife & friends before as a "Brad Pitt & Jude Law" look alike - am sure all your lady subordinates (you know working "under" you) will have much more to worry about than be mean & harsh to each other! So yeah! You will have a quiet & peaceful environment... well... maybe not so much :p


K said...

Funny cause the same day I read your thread I saw that photo used on a Hillary Clinton campaign t-shirt.

I'm not leaving a witty comment this time, just this lame thought.

Oh and btw, chicks rule, and stop blocking my comments !!

Dina El Hawary (dido's) said...

lol .. this is a well known strategy at work .. a previous manager used to tell me "el banat betarroo el tense fel meetings ma3a el clients"

loved the post ..

Fadfadation said...

Ya K,

I didn't block any of your comments before?!!!!!!!!!!!

Fadfadation said...


you have to give it to your manager...he is right!

Embee said...

I think he should wait until his employees start to have cat fights, bickering, jealousy & other petty annoyances.. That's bound to make him change his mind a lil'..

Fadfadation said...


I agree with your statement except for one thing...

cat fights... that will only make him want more...lol