Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Egyptian State's Message To All

On the same day, in the same newspaper, in the same page... 2 different law suits with two different outcomes.

Both summarize the message our so called authorities is sending to all.

1- Seven from the Muslim Brotherhood (Islamic opposition group, the strongest opposition group in Egypt) have been sentenced to prison by a military court.

2- Hani Sorour (a parliament representative from the ruling party NDP) has been acquitted and his name cleared from the scandalous case in which his company provided infected blood bags to government run hospitals .

Hey, the ruling party and authorities can not deliver a clearer message than that boys! COME ON!!?!

  • Al Ahram Newspaper

Mood: 7'arbana wee 7atewla3 fee yom min el ayam :\


gjoe said...

Here is when I usually sing: w Ya3eeny Ya3eeny Ya3eeny 3alBalad

dr.zizo said...

yeb2a enta akeed akeed fe masr

Fadfadation said...

Wee 3agaby :\