Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mofeed Fawzy: The Open, Yet Closed Minded

The Sometimes Not Very "Mofeed" Fawzy

Mofeed Fawzy is a very well known journalist and programme presenter in Egypt.
One of his most famous TV programmes was "Hadeeth Al Madena" (Talk of the City).

He usually talks about interesting things that affect our society or that are the "Talk of the City".

I admire the guy's research skills (from the days of "Hadeeth Al Madena"), Although he sometimes doesn't do that good (i guess we all do that at some point).

Just yesterday i was watching "Al Qahira Al Youm" (Cairo Today) TV show and saw him with the famous Amr Adeeb (Presenter of "Al Qahira Al Youm") interviewing Max Michel (Anba Maximous) who is said to have inaugurated a new Church in Mokattam Area in Cairo.

Max Michel (A.K.A Anba Maximous)

Anba Maximous has been viciously attacked and criticized by Egyptian Orthodox Christians and accused to be many things, of them:

  • An American agent that came back to Egypt after years in the USA to inaugurate a new Orthodox Church. This in turn harms the harmony of our society (per their view).

  • Defying The Egyptian Orthodox Pope (Baba Shenouda).

  • Permitting Divorce, this contradicts the Egyptian Orthodox faith (Per their view).

  • Anba Maximous has no right to inaugurate another Orthodox Church in Egypt.

The list goes one and one...

After watching most of the interview, I have a few things to say about Mofeed Fawzy...

He was totally biased against Anba Maximous. Mofeed Fawzy of course is a Orthodox Christian and yes, he will (like) many not agree with Maximous.

But, when you (Mofeed Fawzy in this case) are a program presenter interviewing someone, you shouldn't be so biased (7a'beyha shwaya ya 3am!).

  • He accused Anba Maximous with things without proof (Words like "They say... it is said").
  • He Dodged direct questions that Anba Maximous asked back.
  • He avoided admitting some very sound responses from the Anba.

What i found ridiculous was the last point.

The Anba said that he did not start a new church to defy the Orthodox Pope (Baba Shenoda). Among the things he said ...

  • "I follow another church that is from Greece and has branches all over the world"

  • "I represent one out of 37 orthodox churches worldwide... why are you people criticizing me and accusing me of dividing the Egyptian Church?"

  • "I have nothing against the Egyptian Orthodox Church, just leave me in peace".

To tell you the truth, as a bystander and per my not much knowledge about things in churches, the man made sense in those points.

His point is simpley,: "I am not part of your group, why are you judging me and accusing me of being an agent...etc".

Another thing came to my mind,
Isn't it strange that the Egyptian Orthodox Church would accuse him of being an American agent?

In other words, it is accusing America of harming or wanting to harm the Egyptian Church? while that same America is the one that keeps squeezing the Egyptian government (whenever convenient for the Americans of course) to give more rights to Christians in Egypt?

Another thing, how come Mofeed Fawzy and his likes who want Egypt to be Secular and act as if they are very open minded, yet they do not want to give someone the right to believe in what HE WANTS? especially that the man admitted to be part of another Church.

To me, Mofeed Fawzy "kaan metarbes" yesterday!

It is not like the guy is wanting something forbidden! or is he? (nefsy afham)!

A Question i'd like to hear someone answer... logically that is.

Note: I am not with or against anyone, i just want to understand and had a valid question :\

Mood: Wondering...


Eventuality said...

I think that us Arabs, or maybe Middle Easterners in general nowadays follow one simple concept when it comes to strong beliefs; If you're not with us, you're against us.

You can see this concept manifesting itself everywhere and everyday even inside small family units. We cannot accept something that is not mainstream anymore. Which is a shame because Egypt is such a culturally diverse country, you wouuld think it's people would be more tolerant.

People claim to be open minded, but present them with an idea that flies in the face of what they believe in and they shut down and become defensive.

Fadfadation said...


reading your comment reminded me of Bush's famous quote: "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists".

Defying mainstream thoughts is ok i guess, as long as mafysh 2let 2adab (on God or religion masalan waa al3yeazo belAh).

Eventuality said...

Yes exactly, we use the same line of thought that is used to oppress us..isn't it sad?

Shimaa Gamal said...

When belief gets in, mind gets out. It is expected en el nas tetarbes fi mawdoo3 el faith. regardless how open minded they are. Something like "a natrok ma wagdna 3alih aba2ana". bas I can understand wegeht el nazar lel egyptian christians. bel zabt zay el ekhwa elly 2alo e7na baha2yeen. or masalan lama yegy 7ad ye2ool enoh motabe3 mazhab ay 7aga tanya 3'ier ma3roofa 3andena .. or even lw 7ad geh ye3bod temsal mn el 3agwa 3ashan el mossem 2arab :) rad el fe3l haykoon wa7ed. yemken rodood el fe3l el fardya hatkoon more flexibile. el openmindness hatban besoora fardeya laken el katee3 lazem ye3mel dawsha we yerfod.

Fadfadation said...


Bottom line (mentality) is (should be)...
"Everyone has the right to beleive what they want, but i too have the right to disagree with them".

There is a difference between your freedom, and your freedom going against the masses.

It is a diffecult subject besara7a, becase sometimes you say"...naah, it is his right to beleive so" and others: "Naah, he has no right to do that becuase it harms\defies the masses".

tough issue!

Anonymous said...


There was an episode few years ago of "Talk of the City" that I will never forget.
He interviewed a Christian woman who "escaped" to Kuwait after her car (apparently) hit some children who were passing the highway (without their parents of course) and killed them.
I recall that woman was labeled "the killer of children" by the newspapers, before the trial began.

Any way, Mofeed basically grilled her on the show, attacked her with questions and never gave her an opportunity to explain her explanation of what happened.

That day I lost my respect for that man, because I knew he was Christian, and that the woman was Christian... so he did the interview this way to appeal to Muslims... to make them believe that he wants the "truth" and "justice" regardless of religion. But if he was interviewing a Muslim woman, he would never had done that to her. It's a cheap game by a cheap man... and he is no more than just another one of the masses.

Fadfadation said...

A lot of people find him hideous.

For me, what really bothers me is that "come on man, try not to be so biased!".

Well, in all cases... even you and I are part of the mases (in one way or another).

mish 3eeb dayman.

K said...

Self righteousness is the disease of our time. And it applies to everyone if you know what I mean.

Queen O'Danile said...

I guess that kind of surprises me--but then again the Christian Egyptians I know are pretty touchy about their space--maybe they truly dont undertand---I mean the normal people--not this interviewer--this guy is not here to divide the church. As a Muslim I think we are supposed to tolerate all religions and try very hard to live in harmony with them, so I certainly dont see the problem. Allahu alim.

And...Hope you don't mind the plug! If you do, feel free to delete. Wish you'd join! Thanks!

Fadfadation said...


Yes, i gues you are right.

Plug em no problem :)