Monday, April 21, 2008

Obama: "I Will Do My Best To Help Israel"!!?!

From BBC Arabia:

Obama said that if he wins the US presidency, he will do all he can to help Israel to defend itself. He also criticized Jimmy Carter (former US president) for wanting to hold talks with Hamas (Palestinian militia group).

He also said that going back to pre-1967 war status in Jerusalem (Al Quds) is not an acceptable solution (being half for Israel and half for Palestinians\Arabs).

It was mentioned that Obama does not approve Palestinian refugees going back to their land, because he beleives that Israel has to stay a Jewish conutry.


قال باراك اوباما احد المتنافسين على ترشيح الحزب الديمقراطي لخوض الانتخابات الرئاسية الامريكية إنه في حال فوزه في الانتخابات فإنه سيبذل كل ما لديه من جهد لمساعدة اسرائيل على "الدفاع عن نفسها ضد اي خطر اقليمي قد تتعرض له."
كما انتقد اوباما الرئيس الاسبق جيمي كارتر لقراره التحدث الى حركة حماس الفلسطينية.
وردا على سؤال من الحاضرين في الكنيس عن موقفه من مستقبل مدينة القدس، قال اوباما إنه في الوقت الذي يؤيد فيه توصل طرفي النزاع الى اتفاق حول مستقبل المدينة، فإن اعادتها الى الوضع الذي كانت عليه قبل احتلالها من جانب اسرائيل في عام 1967 يعتبر "خيارا غير مقبول."
وقال النائب الديمقراطي روبرت وكسلر للصحفيين عقب اللقاء إن اوباما يرفض بشكل قاطع حق عودة اللاجئين الفلسطينيين الى ديارهم لأنه يدرك ان اسرائيل يجب ان تبقى دولة يهودية.


Besides the fact that most Arabs would prefer Obama over Clinton (me included), but can someone tell this guy: "YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!?"

From being a candidate who wanted dialogue with all and promising taking a balanced approach to the Middle East peace process... to THIS?!!!!!!!?!!!!!

Trying to score points with the pro-Israeli lobby Mr. Obama, eh?! :\

Mood: I wonder who will help us for a change???? Allah Kareem!


Eventuality said...

I think we should maybe stop looking for outside help and start looking inwards. I also think it is a mistake to think that U.S policy can change with the change of presidents. U.S foreign policy only witnesses minor changes over time, but the big issues will remain unchanged.

dr.zizo said...

Man we don't deserve any help.

Look for how they mistreat & Humiliate ِِArabs every where up to insulting us in their congress & their media in front of the world and dispite all this, the Gulf rulers give them all our money and resources and when Bush visited the Gulf area few months ago, they treated him as if he was Salah eldin,and gave him medals in the same time his army was killing our brothers in Iraq!!!
And the same goes for the Palestine, Egypt, Jordon.....etc

We Really deserve this and more.

(Sorry for this harsh point of view)

yasmin said...

u know, u used to be an interesting read, but everytime i come here now, u just dont stop ranting.
ranting about the state of islam, the arab world, israel, and it is just a circle that never ends, same thing, different day. sane subject, like u are the official spokesperson of the political world, but only always in one direction.
very depressing i must say! & actually quite boring. u are always surprised about something, a lot of question marks and "!!!!!!" do u ever see anything good with the world? even if there is nothing good for u to see, would u lighten up!

just a little? :p

Fadfadation said...


"I also think it is a mistake to think that U.S policy can change with the change of presidents"

You are right, and i think that is one of the most respectable things of the US Policy (putting the moralities aside).

Not like in Egypt, a new minister (for example) comes and brushes aside all the plans of the previous minister.

No continuity whatsoever.... lol

Fadfadation said...

Dr. Z,

Walahi ya basha kol leel wee leeh Nahar :)

Not in our time by the looks of it

Fadfadation said...


Ranting is what blogs are mainly for if you think of it.

It seems you forgot that Egypt has 74 million Presidents and Football Coaches... i am just one of them, so politics is what i talk about...when i want to :P

And yes, i use question marks and !!! a lot... everything around us makes one do so... if you think of it ya3ny.

There is always something good around us, bas el nefs ba2a

As for boring or not, consider my topics like TV, if you don't like it, change the channel :P

yasmin said...

very diplomatic answer mr. fadfadation.
it's sad though to see your nefs mesh gaya 3ala ay 7aga gheir el ranting.
you seem to be an educated kid with a decent job in the gulf and a family
what more can a man want?
it's not about ranting, as much as it is.... erm.
you know what - just never mind. yeah - might just change the channel.

Anonymous said...

I find this extremely interesting as an American Jew who lives in Jerusalem. I don't agree with almost anything you write and yet you seem like a really decent guy. Makes me think that beyond ideology, humans are all pretty much the same.

Fadfadation said...


Not agreeing with almost everything i write is understandable. We have different backgrounds and believe in different things.

I too am sure there are very good, decent jews living in Jerusalem or any other place.

For a long time, our two people lived in peace together all over the middle east, things got sour since the start of Israel.

It is a pity.

Bottom line is... we are all human.

Thank you