Sunday, May 04, 2008

Islamic Philosophy: Material World Reluctance

Al Hassan Al Basri (was a very famous and renowned scholar\Imam in the 700s) was once asked about the secret to his reluctance towards this materialistic world.

He answered (the meaning of):

Four things…
I learned that my responsibilities are non but my own, so I occupied my time taking care of them.
I learned that what is destined for me, will never go to anyone else.
I learned that God is aware of everything, so I never allowed myself to commit a sin.
I learned that death awaits me, so I have long prepared myself to meet my Lord.

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gjoe said...

Howa feeh zay el Basry w 7ekam el Basry!

Rabbena yer7amoh!

Jade said...

It's been awefully quiet around here & you have been missed Fedfad...
I hope you are well