Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Very Disturbing Discussion…

Someone I know and I were sitting watching “Hellboy I” movie on TV.
At the end of the movie, Hellboy and his side-kicks were trying to kill all the monsters’ eggs before they hatch and turn into more monsters. At this point, a very disturbing conversation took place between us…

Him: “Why are they killing the eggs and little creatures do you think?”
Me: “Obviously to get rid of the creatures before they grow up and kill more people…etc.”
Him: “Do you think that’s right? Do you think if you were in their place you’d do the same?”
Me: “Of course I would! The creatures are dangerous, they will grow up and kill people. What else would one do?!”.

Silence for a while, then…

Him: “Then, maybe we shouldn’t blame terrorists for killing children using suicide-bombs, and maybe even we shouldn’t blame Israelis for shooting Palestinian children in the head!”.
Me: “What?!@!!@!#@$”.
Him: “If we as humans accept the notion of "killing small beings before they grow up (assuming they will be a threat), just to protect ourselves and\or our way of life" then, maybe terrorists and Israelis are not wrong when they kill other people’s children!!!!!”.

Me: “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mood: 1 to go, and the end seems eminent...


jessyz said...

He does have a point.

Fadfadation said...

Although i don't agree with it, but yes... he sort of does have a point...a disturbing one :\

Mo-ha-med said...

I'm sorry, but no, he does not have a point. At all.

Because if you start on the premise that killing your enemy's children is the same as killing two-headed twelve-fingered napalm-spitting monsters (or something like it) because they will grow up to become a threat, then following the trail of this argument, then you will say that killing your enemy's children is the same as removing bad weeds from your garden because they will hurt your cherry tomatoes, or that killing children is the same as installing filters on industrial chimneys because they will hurt the ozone layer in the future.

Heck, you can even compare killing babies to signing a nuclear non-proliferation treaty, because both are trying to stop the 'expansion' of a 'weapon'.

And that's precisely the way the hot-headed ones think.

Thankfully, we humans aren't napalm-spitting. Nor is our net effect on the world damaging (unless you're talking environment :) and nor is destruction our main purpose or skill in life.

Also, napalm-spitting monsters probably care, hmm, little about their offspring. We do. Which is why we legislated to protect our children from murder and abuses and all that.

Because we know that some madmen will want to kill children (or civilians, it also goes there) before they become fighters, every law or convention on war has been developing the same basic and very strict rule regarding civilians in warfare: they are NOT to be harmed.

Your friend's argument does have a screwed-up logic to it. Resisting this kind of thinking is the essence of our civilisation's evolution.

(wow, that was quite a rant! :-))

K said...

First of all, breaking eggs isn't killing; at least not in most cases. And then, breaking/killing eggs is yummy. They taste good with a dash of salt and pepper on a toasted bagel. It's good for you.

Fadfadation said...


As you said: "And that's precisely the way the hot-headed ones think"

The one with me was acting as devil's advocate and trying to delvier that point.

Know you remind me of my mother: "Eat it, it's good for you".


insomniac said...


we kill eggs of roaches and eliminate weeds from gardens... we justify it by saying "we're human, we're superior...."

it only sounds wrong when it's done to us based on ethnic background or religious affiliation; this is when we start labeling things, or being labled for that matter to justify it... zionics consider palistinians parasites, the same way nazis did the same... and you know, it's mostly sad because i have a strong feeling that we'd do the same if the tables were to turn and we feel that superior! and the justification of "we're protecting ourselves" can alwaya always be used and it will never get old or be questioned, isn't this how afghanistan and iraq happened!!

btw, i think ur friend was on the other side of the argument; i had the impression he was appalled by the idea of killing the moster's eggs and was trying to prove it sounds bad if done to humans, no?

Fadfadation said...


Yes... as i was telling MOh. he was trying to get to the same conclusion the hot heads use, yet at the same time show how foul and twisted it is.

Frustrated said...

From where do you know that guy? how old and mature is he? listen to me, don't sit with him a lot, da mesh kwaies 3alashanak:) ana aslan mesh 3arfa arod 3ala kalamo as it doesn't make any sense to me!!

Fadfadation said...

lol, yes he is mentaly challenged.

He was just playing around :)