Monday, February 21, 2011

Hafez Ibrahim's Poem About Egypt

As i was browsing around, i read an article talking about the relevance of what has happened in Egypt and what was stated in a beautiful poem by Hafez Ibrahim (1872–1932) called "مصر تتحدث عن نفسها" (Egypt Speaks About Itself).

Hafez Ibrahim

The below part really struck me...

ما رمانى رام و راح سليما... من قديم عناية الله جندى

كم بغت دولة على وجار ... ثم زالت وتلك عقبى التعدى

قل لمن انكروا مفاخر قومى... مثل ما انكروا ماثر ولدى

هل وفقتم بقمة الهرم الاكبر؟... يوما فرايتم بعض جهدى ؟

While i was searching around, i found out that Um Kalthoum sang this poem. Hope you like it...

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