Monday, February 07, 2011

Egypt: The Regime’s Counterrevolution

Well, some interesting twists happened over the past few days…

On the 02Feb11, a well planned attack took place by the Pro-Mubarak thugs on pro-democracy (anti-Mubarak regime) protesters whom have been peacefully protesting for a few days in Tahrir Square in Cairo.
On that day I started getting phone calls from friends mentioning that loads of thugs on cars (and even police cars!!) are moving towards Tahrir Square. By midday the incident everyone worldwide heard of happened “ Men Riding Horses And Camels Attack Protesters”…

People might see this and just talk about the incident in isolation, but this is for sure the start of the counterrevolution by the Mubarak regime (and its Pros).

Look at the big picture:

1- Mubarak delivered a relatively emotional/patriotic speech (trying to win people over);

2- Internet service was back, many middle to high class protesters stayed home to go on the net (after about 5 days of no Internet service in the country). This of course reduced the amount of protesters on that day;

3- A smear campaign against the protesters and their supporters started on the national TV and its sisters (Satellite channels belonging to businessmen close to the ruling party or Mubarak regime). Protesters were being called agents of America, Israel, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood (and by the looks of it… they’d even through in accusations about being Disneyland agents too :S)

4- On Pro-Mubarak TV stations like EL Mehwar, they hosted a woman whom said she is part of the organizers of Egypt’s vast demonstrations. She said that they were trained by Jews in the USA to topple the regime in Egypt. Obviously, anyone with an inch of intellect would know very well this is a low life trick… for God’s Sake! don’t these people see how Israel is freaking out by the thought of loosing Mubarak (CHECK THE NEWS PEOPLE!!).

5- A few arrests started… arresting journalists and activists.

6- National TV started mentioning that agents have been found all over Egypt stirring havoc. They even mentioned that an Israeli agent (an Engineer actually) was caught in Suez city on the Red Sea.
When I heard that I was like “YASSSSSSSALAAAAAAAAAAAM!” (Oh Really!)… is it new for all the fools out there that Israelis have been moving back and forth in our country for like 30 years now?!! HELLO, PEACE TREATY, SHARED INDUSTRIAL AREAS, and all?!!!

7- Another dangerous turn was the beating and abducting of journalists. Because of the rumors spread by national media, some fools started targeting media reps from BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera…etc. Obviously, this was another way to keep them from reporting what's happening on the ground.

8- A friend of mine told me that people in Egypt started receiving anonymous SMS and phone calls, telling them to stay away from protests

9- Al Jazeera web page was hacked for a while (Friday morning), and someone put a banner “let’s bring Egypt down”. On YouTube, a so called “patriot” commented on his”finding”: “see what AL jazeera has on its web site. We are targeted.. bla bla bla ”…so lame!

It is obvious that the regime is desperate. They are throwing all their cards at the revolution… violence, fear, conspiracies, chaos…etc.

Of course, simple minded people will fall for this. But, what really is annoying me is that some supposedly “educated” Egyptians are actually falling for this intimidation!

For instance, some people whom joined the revolution at the beginning, are now saying “Enough” (stop demonstrating). And are somewhat blaming protesters!?!!!
For those, I just wanted to remind them about the 300 dead and around 5000 injured since the beginning of this revolution! these people paid their lives for our freedom, falling short from achieving this revolutions goals is unacceptable (even from a principals point of you).
And another point, Mubarak has NOT delivered YET! The demands (stated in my previous post: A Day In History: 28Jan11 - The Day Egyptians Threw The Towel) have NOT been met!

Another tactic Mubarak is playing the “piece by piece” game in hope that people will lose interest or say “enough” (as some have started doing).

Others are saying that the sight of Egyptians fighting is unacceptable, and that they will not encourage the pro-democracy protesters in Tahrir square anymore as this will lead to a “FITNA” (when right and wrong are not clear, and might cause a split in the nation that will cause fights…etc).

Note: In Islam, whenever there is a FITNA, it is better to walk away from it (since things are unclear).

For those I just want to clarify something, a “finta” is when things are blurred and you do NOT know what is right and what is wrong. 30 years of oppression and corruption, and you guys don’t know right from wrong?! COME ON!

Another thing, the people fighting are mainly peaceful protesters against thugs and plain clothed police men.
Although I respect how these people think (the ones wanting to avoid FITNA) but, their take on it is totally wrong. Besides, if we will talk about religious obligation, then they should remember that in Islam... it is a religious obligation to fight against oppression and corruption.

The overall view is interesting to say the least. It shows two sides of Egypt… on one hand, peaceful protesters whom on more than one occasion were above 1 million (without any security problems, reporters were safe, no women were harassed, singing, dancing, families…etc), all they want is democracy and their dignity reserved.

And then, on the other hand… the moment the Pro-Muabrak showed up… you get a massive ROMAN era war scene, journalists are being beaten up, smear campaigns, intimidation…etc.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the first side of Egypt.

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insomniac said...

glad to see the revolution got you to break your vow of silence :)))

sharing your post on my FB, fel e3ada efada :D

Shimaa Gamal said...

I am happy you are back :)

I will ask you what will seem to be an irrelevant question.

Which side would you have taken in Karbala2? Or even which side would you have taken in the real mowqe3at el gammal? Ali's side or 3a2esha wel Zobier's side?

Fadfadation said...

Hey's it going?

Hope all is well (friends and family) out there.

@Shaimaa: too difficult... ana lesa nazel el mal3ab min yomeen... shebeny asakhan shwaya :)

On a serious note, i think i'd stay aside in that case (i think).

Jade said...

For some reason, I had a feeling that maybe you'll be back to writing with the revolution in full bloom.
I'm back in Egypt & have experienced everything you have written about first hand.

Welcome back to the WWW & I hope you are well in Qatar?

No plans of moving back to Egypt to help rebuild it soon?

Fadfadation said...

Hey Jade, how's it going?

Yeah, this was too overwhelming...had to come back :)

I am sure it was a great experience for you... kaan nefsy 2ab2a henak...but i did what i could from here.

Going back depends on many things. Bas ISA for sure it will happen (not as late as i thought by the look of things)