Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Egypt: A Few Thoughts

A few thoughts that crossed my mind since the toppling of Mubarak's regime...

فعلا... مصر بلد المتناقدات...
أحلي ناس في مصر عملوا أطهر ثورة في التاريخ المعاصر و بقت مثل يحتذى به و يقلد من سلم و فداء و نكت و حماية...
و أسوأ ناس في مصر عملوا أحقر أعمال من بعد الثورة و بقت فوضى من سرقة و بلطجة و إثارة فتن و مظاهرات فئوية...
والأن هي صراع الإرادات.. ترى لمن تكون الغلبة؟ ...الإجابة عندك أنت

For the first time in a while, Mubarak stated a threat that he actually kept... "either stability (him remaining) or chaos". His minions are delivering their master's threat very well... Allah yethabet Ahl Masr!

Robert Fisk: “Muslims have not lost their faith. Under the stones and coshes of Mubarak's police killers, they counter-attacked, shouting "Allah akbar" for this was indeed for them a "jihad" – not a religious war but a struggle for justice. "God is Great" and a demand for justice are entirely consistent. For the struggle against injustice is the very spirit of the Koran”.

Al Qaradawi (From Tahrir Square):"The victory of this revolution belongs to all... Muslims and Christians", "We are all believers, we are all Egyptians".

دا إحنا حنشوف أحلا غسيل aya qu’est ce qu’il y a حيتنشر الأيام و السنين إلي جاية! :)

With the Revolution bringing down Mubarak, we owe gratitude (in order) to the protesters whom paid their lives for our freedom, the protesters whom repelled the police/thugs, the protesters whom joined later on, the protester supporters in Egypt, and the Army. Not to forget the Egyptians in diaspora… “You guys did some serious Pro-Revolution PR abroad”… SALUTE!

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