Sunday, June 05, 2011

“Egyptian Public Opinion” Survey

As i was reading the news on "The Washington Post" site today, I found an interesting survey about “Egyptian Public Opinion” done by the International Republican Institute (IRI) - Dated Arp11.

Here are the most interesting highlights…

  • Unemployment and Security are the top concerns on their minds
  • Health and Education areas are the most important to invest in
  • After Al Jazeera (Qatari channel), Al Hayat TV (Egyptian private channel) is the second source of news for participants
  • 80% view their financial future positively (after the revolution)
  • 94% approve Hosni Mubarak’s resignation
  • 77% approve the current Government’s (Essam Sharaf’s Government) performance
  • 76% still want the Parliament Elections to take place in September 2011
  • 95% will vote in the next Parliament Elections
  • 68% would rather vote for new parties
  • 64% had joined the revolution’s demonstrations for economic reasons
  • 19% had joined the revolution’s demonstrations for political reasons
  • 67% would rather Egypt be closer to USA than to Iran
Source: The Washington Post

Mood: Optimistic :)