Sunday, July 17, 2011

And So, The Journey Starts...

And finally, the journey I have been waiting for has started.

I decided to blog my experience here, as I might need to say things I do not want my family or some of my friends to see or know.

Over the past couple of weeks a beautiful feeling of relief and happiness took over me. No more stupid managers, no more heat, no more waiting.
Yet, now as i am getting ready to leave my life in this part of the world to take "head on" another life, a feeling of fear started to creep in.

I feel like: "rrrr.... What exactly am I doing??"
When I think of all the "what if"s that could make things go wrong, it is overwhelming.
I decided to just jump in, and take it as it comes. It's like jumping in the ocean and swimming, hoping to make it in the right direction. The comforting part is that I know HE is watching over us, and all will go well (Ameen).

Tomorrow I head out, hoping that the west would gracefully embrace me and my family. I know I will do my best to embrace everything about it :)

"O west, here I come to you with open arms!!"

Mood: hoping for the best be'iznAllah :)