Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Canada: Trees, Toast, and Thighs...

So about 4 months have passed since I immigrated to Canada, and oh my oh my oh my… have they been eventful!

Let me start by saying that immigration is nothing like a mere move to another country to work (i.e. Egyptians whom go to the Gulf states to work…etc.).

Life as you know it is totally different out there (or here is more like it now). Things like mobile phones charges, bills, filling gas, getting insurance for you house, and many other things are not the same.

Trivial things you might think, i have to differ. Believe me, when you move to a new country and have to figure out how on earth will you and our family (if you have one) will live here… it is overwhelming.

Let me start by stating that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to (I have been to a few). God has blessed it with stunning scenery. Not to forget that you actually do experience all 4 seasons of the year.

At some point, one of my friends asked me about the first things i noticed in Canada… and I said: “Trees, Toast, and Thighs”! and I meant every word.

The Trees:

Everywhere you look around there are trees, in their beautiful colors and shapes.

And oh Lord it is even more beautiful in autumn out here. I feel that I am in a beautiful wallpaper or antique wall picture… it is amazing.


The Toast:

One of the good things out here  is the food variety (for the likes of me whom LOVE food big time).

One discovery (or even revelation) i came across was toast bread. It smells so fresh, feels so soft, and tastes so YUMMY!

Egg and cheese on Toast...yummy!
The Thighs:

Arriving in Summer here one could not but notice the amount of THIGHS all over the place! I mean this country is like the “Hot Shorts Haven” or something lol.

All over the place you’ll see beautiful, fit women (and men - not that I look at those :P) in hot shorts. It sure is something anyone WILL notice.

It seems because a lot of people here walk to get around, many of them are fit and have strong toned legs (a bit of generalizing here, but what the heck).

No Comment :D

I do not understand how they remain fit with all the food options around them. This is one challenge I think I will fail in… miserably :(

First impressions on Canada: I love it… love it…love it… can I go on?.... yeah, this is my blog so I will… love it… love it… love it.

God bless this beautiful country!!

Mood: Cheerful :)