Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Decision to Protest in Canada…

On the 18th of November 2011 tens of thousands of protestors were demonstrating against the delay of Presidential Elections beyond April 2012 (wanting the Military to go back to their Barracks).

After the vast majority left, the Army and Police forces went in full force and attacked the protestors. The result after 3 days of clashes (till yesterday) was 33 dead and 1700 injured.

One significant video showed policemen (some in civilian clothes) dragging dead/unconscious bodies and piling them at the corner of the street in a pile of garbage.

This video (among other ones) infuriated me (and I am sure thousands if not millions of Egyptians).
I then decided to do the only symbolic thing I could do from where I am... I went and peacefully demonstrated with my family outside the Egyptian Embassy in Canada.

A Sign direct to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (being the ruling council in Egypt which for sure ordered the attack on protestors) states: “My brother is NOT to be thrown in the garbage!” (a symbolic statement indicating that all Egyptians are brothers, and treating my brother like this is unacceptable).

Mood: Praying, and Hoping for the Best

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