Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Egypt – GO VOTE!!

The Voting:

Starting last week the Egyptian government opened a site for Egyptians aboard to register themselves for the next Egyptian Parliamentary elections voting process (from their current location, i.e. Canada…etc).

To date, only around 167,000 (Egyptians Worldwide) have registered online. This is nothing compared to the 7 million Egyptians living abroad.

One might argue that most of them (eligible for voting) will just show up on the day of the elections in their country of residency, and vote.

Yet, I believe we need to encourage each other, and register NOW!!


Parties To Vote For:

Someone might come and say: “Wait a minute ya rewesh, I don’t know whom to vote for or which party to choose from!”.

Well, I came across the below site created by a German media company for the Arab Human Rights organization. Mainly, what it does it ask you 29 questions about various topics and your opinion about each one of them.
After you finish the survey, it will match your opinions with the Political parties which match your opinions (to a great extent).
Not only that, it also has a section that will give you an idea about each party, and whom are the icons within it.
Try it, it is useful…


The Coalitions:

FYI, some of the voting parties have created coalitions. I found the below image on Facebook (in Arabic) which explains the various pacts/coalitions.

Hope this was helpful.

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